On set of “The 8th Day” (again)

“The 8th Day” is going to be the greatest porn in history. Why? It is owed to us. Blood sweat and tears is why. I’ve produced all three of these things simultaneously on this set multiple times. Pain is why. The tip of my finger is broken from yesterday. Amber worked through a dislocated ligament in her ankle. Eli had a slight incident with a saw. Time. We’ve added on five days to the original schedule. Two full days have been cancelled once we were all on set. We started filming over a month ago and this project was brought to Adam and Eve at the end of last year. The crew is doing 20 hour days– even when we’re not shooting. These last few nights have been spent in remote desert hotels so we would have more time on set in the morning. We are only halfway done.

Last night a group of us trekked down to a 7-11 at two in the morning. One of the cameramen said this is what he missed about porn. These nights. The big budgets with the elaborate sets and the late trips for packaged food and canned beer. The spirit that comes from the knowledge that the only way out is through. We’re wearing shirts with that slogan. They say it’s just porn but that’s an easy thing to lose sight of. It’s no longer just porn to us. We all have the completed project dangling from a stick in our minds. We all have our individual goals. We joke. AVN better notice. XBIZ better notice. No one forgets that it’s going to be beautiful when it’s done. It can’t not be.

An hour ago we lost the girl from today’s scene to an ambulance. We’re guessing heat stroke. It would make sense in the desert in the summer in the middle of the day. One of the crew members is replacing her as I write this. She’s a cute little blond and it’s her first boy girl scene. We all got lucky. Tyler Knight is the one person she desperately wanted to work with.

I had a moment of realization today. Amber was standing on a sand dune in the middle of the desert in a tattered army outfit and combat boots with a camo bag against a washed out blue sky. There were buzzards flying above her and she was covered in dirt. I was covered in dirt. I realized it needed nothing. It was perfect. On a broader scale I realized this has gone above and beyond everything I expected from this industry. Not just this movie. There is so much more to this industry than I knew when I signed up. I signed up for the obvious reasons but I’m emotionally invested in it now. I love being a part of it. I love the projects that become more than just sex to us. I love the pride that goes into it and the detail that very well may go unnoticed. I love the conventions and the touring and the business end of it. And I love the people. Sometimes it hurts like hell but there is nothing like watching it all come together.

22960cookie-checkOn set of “The 8th Day” (again)

On set of “The 8th Day” (again)

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