Nikki Phoenix Health Update

For those of you who don’t know, porn star Nikki Phoenix is in the hospital in Las Vegas. She suffered a mild stroke last night at about 4 am.

She is expected to spend the next few days in the hospital but assures her fans via Twitter that she is okay and being well-taken care of.

Nikki Phoenix is only 30 years old so something like this was quite unexpected.


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Nikki Phoenix Health Update

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  1. I am not familiar with Nikki but I hope she got to the hospital fast enough where she could be given appropriate medication and not be severely paralyzed. The stroke medication works better if it is given within 60 minutes of the actual stroke. I certainly hope Nikki comes out OK and is able to resume her normal life soon. Thirty years ago a stroke victim being able to resume a normal life would have been just a pipe dream, thank God for modern medicine (I think the stroke medication is called TPA, it is only given in a hospital because it can cause severe internal bleeding in a rare number of cases but since it essentially reverses the stroke and restores relatively normal function if given fast enough it is worth the risk to give it to a patient).

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