Many Adult Industry Members Forced to Evacuate Due to Raging Woolsey Fire

The Woolsey Fire barreled into Malibu on Friday afternoon with destructive force, burning dozens of hillside homes in its march to the Pacific Ocean, consuming an estimated 35,000 acres.

Saturday morning, the blaze had doubled to 70,000 acres.

As of Sunday afternoon, the blaze has torched more than 84,000 acres and is only 10% contained.

Students at Pepperdine University have been ordered to immediately head toward their designated shelters as the wildfire approaches the beachside community of Malibu. The Ventura County Fire Department confirmed the fire has crossed the 101 Freeway and is heading south.

The wildfire blaze, fueled by dry conditions and extreme winds, has left a path of destruction and chaos through communities northwest of Los Angeles, as thousands of people evacuated their homes. Among them, many members of the adult entertainment community.

Porn Valley itself is not aflame, however the fire is currently moving into the west San Fernando Valley, a densely populated area.

Farther east, a brush fire near the Los Angeles Zoo, one of the top tourist spots in the city, prompted the zoo to close for the day.

Holly Randall tweeted Thursday:

In Westlake Village, neighbors watched as smoke rose behind a row of homes on the ridge of a hill Friday morning.

The fire has destroyed houses in Oak Park, Thousand Oaks, Bell Canyon and other Ventura County communities and shows no signs of slowing as evacuation orders and anxiety keep spreading.

The fire also destroyed the historic Western Town area at Paramount Ranch in Agoura Hills, where productions including the HBO series “Westworld” have been filmed.

Officials in Malibu warned residents at 12:30 p.m. to leave immediately as flames began burning out of control toward neighborhoods.

By mid afternoon Friday, the evacuation orders had expanded into Topanga Canyon. Officials managed the massive outflow from affected coastal areas by turning Pacific Coast Highway into a southbound evacuation route.

Adult star Charlotte Stokely tweeted today:

NOAA’s got a closer look at the fast-moving that has prompted evacuations.


Firefighters hope to make headway overnight with calmer winds expected, but another episode of high winds is anticipated Sunday.

302940cookie-checkMany Adult Industry Members Forced to Evacuate Due to Raging Woolsey Fire

Many Adult Industry Members Forced to Evacuate Due to Raging Woolsey Fire

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5 Responses

  1. Stay safe out there. Your possessions aren’t worth dying for (possibly unless you are trying to save the animals on that beach, then if it were me I would probably chance it). This is very unfortunate. I especially feel for the poor llamas and horse tied to the lifeguard stand on the Malibu beach. I hope someone got in there with a horse trailer and got them out by now and that they are OK.

  2. I’m more concerned with the humans that lost their lives, burned alive in your car is a terrible way to die.

  3. You have a point, Karma. I guess I have a soft spot for cute llamas. I also come from a generation where we were taught that if you are going to have animals you damn well better take care of them — no matter what the risk. You chose them, they didn’t choose you. You don’t even leave food animals unless there is absolutely no other choice, in that case you open the barn and the fence gates so at least they have a chance to make a run for it in case of fire. Certainly other possessions aren’t worth trying to save from a fast moving fire like this one, it would be asinine to even try.

  4. Many wildfires get blamed on morons being careless with their cigarettes, wonder if thats true?

  5. Karma, here in Michigan it is routine for someone to flick cigar or cigarette ashes out the window of a car while driving down the road. In a drought situation I am sure those ashes could ignite dead grass on the ground. I preferred the bean bag ashtray on the dash method (that worked really well with my motorhome where the dash was the size of Alexis Texas’ ass) but I was a cigar smoker and didn’t routinely smoke cigarettes — I concede that flicking my Oliva ashes out a window was (and still would be if I hadn’t quit smoking) more difficult than someone’s Parliament ashes. Either way, good point and hopefully a few porn people that smoke see it, get one of those bean bag ashtrays to plop on their dashes to deposit their ashes into rather than flicking them out the window.

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