Madison Writes

So I’m sitting in my office(I’m a Leasing Consultant now) and a guy walks in the door to pay his rent. I hadnt seen him before at the property yet. He looks at me for like 40 seconds and just stares….I say, Hello, are you paying your rent? and he says, is your name Madison?


I said no, I’m xxxxx. And he said, “oh, so i guess you dont know Mike South. I said Yes I know Mike! WHO DOESNT. He said well, you look like this girl Madision that I frequently look at on one of his sites. I said REALLY? Well, That might be me. He said you used to work at Flamingos didnt you. I said yep…he said, that after he found out about me…he became one of my biggest fans. He said he always watches my video and that he thinks I’m soooo great. I said he’d have to ask you just how great I am. I told him nobody has ever or will ever get that good of a BJ from me!!! LOL!!! I just thought I’d share a funny story with you! I know I owe you big time…I miss you I really do! Well, now you know i’m here….get back at me sometime! LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!!!!!!!


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Madison Writes

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