Joe Christ Passed Away In His Sleep

I haven’t been able to find a story on it yet but I have a reliable source who has informed me that Film Auteur and Musician Joe Christ died in his sleep last night.

Joe was friends with many of porn’s more literate people, like David Aaron Clark and Ron Royster. He worked a while in Atlanta for Consumption Junction before the site was sold.

Director of such titles as “That’s Just Wrong”, “Sex, Blood and Mutilation” ( A documentary on self mutilation, Genital Torture and other scary stuff) “Acid is Groovy, Kill The Pigs”, and “Speed Freaks With Guns” Joe specialized in extreme cinema.

He was also a musician, playing in several moderately successful bands around his current hometown of Atlanta.

He was married to writer Nancy Collins.

I knew Joe a bit, he was an  eccentric but always amiable guy.

I hope this isn’t true but I fear that it is.  Joe would be 52.

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Joe Christ Passed Away In His Sleep

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