Jesse Janes New Look From AdultDVDTalk:

Jesse Janes New Look Frtom AdultDVDTalk:

Jesse Jane’s New Look

Mike South posts: “If that isn’t the face of bulemia/anorexia I dont know what is.”

Jonno from Fleshbot posts:

So: yeah, this isn’t the most flattering photo of Jessie. But having spent a good deal of time around her in Las Vegas last week, I don’t think it’s neccesarily an accurate depiction of what she looked like, never mind an indiction of any health issues she may or may not be dealing with. I think in this particular instance it has more to due with our photographer Nikola’s style: he shoots with a strong flash and doesn’t retouch his subjects afterwards, so the end result may not be as pretty as some of the photos you’re used to seeing. (Someone once referred to him as the Diane Arbus of NYC nightlife, which gives you a pretty good idea of his style.) And let’s remember that Jessie was most definitely mugging for the camera during their shoot, bless her heart.

Adella at Digital Playground posts:

Jonno, Thank you darling. I swear I have seen like NO bad photos of Jesse this year except of course this one and all of a sudden EVERYONE is telling me to FEED JESSE. Everyone else… OMG – PLEASE send her chocolate – you can send it C/O ME… Dark Chocolate w/ Caramel is preferred and also really good red wine. We will also accept food stamps and restaurant gift certificates. I promise to feed her EVERYTHING.

Tim Case writes: Hey, can we step out of “The Spin Zone” for just a minute, here? The girl is obviously underweight, and has been for some time now. She was featuring in Columbus, Ohio a bit less than a year or so ago and looked like she was dangerously thin then, too. No one is saying what she’s going through is anyone’s fault, but the girl is obviously having issues with her weight, with food, with her self-image, or some combination of the above. And for anyone to suggest that the problem is just that one photograph is fucking LUDICROUS. Five minutes of searching on Google brought up the three links I present to you here, of three different shots of Jesse which confirm that the beautiful young lady we’ve all come to love so much is in need of some help. South knows it, Adella knows it, and Rich knows it. If there’s something that someone can do to help, then they need to do it.

BRAVO TIM, VERY WELL SAID. Why can’t we in this biz admit, at least to ourselves when one of our own needs help? I think it’s pretty damned obvious that Jesse needs help, whoever has the ability to do so please try.

94520cookie-checkJesse Janes New Look From AdultDVDTalk:

Jesse Janes New Look From AdultDVDTalk:

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