JapChick Writes:

JapChick Writes:

Ok so who is this Houston Don loser? Isn’t he the guy I met with you when we were in Vegas a few years ago? He was short, chubby, geeky, wore glasses and I commented that he was a future stalker of america? Hope you are feeling better!

Ya that’d be him, not a real bright fellow, and Im gonna tell him the same thing I told T Bone if you really expect a response from me, ask me, not through a third party, if you cant figure out my email you are way to fucking stupid for me to help…and he prolly is.

John (Who wrote an Great Bit On Me on his site www.geeksmagazine.com ) writes:


I have a question, for years, that I never thought I would get an answer to . . . How the hell did Felecia Fox end up doing a meatholes video?  I saw twenty second preview clip once.  I know your are good friends with her and Tim and hate the misogynist porn.


Just cuz I love Tim and Fifi like family doesn’t mean she listens to me anymore than she does to anyone else LOL. She thought the whole site was retarded and had a bet that Mark Handel (Kahn Tusion) couldn’t break her. She won, she didn’t cry she laughed the whole time. Doesn’t make Kahn Tusion less of a scumbag but it speaks worlds about Fifi.

TheGoddessOfOddness Wants to know How Im Doing:

Well since ya asked…I have been off all meds now for over a week, I feel better everyday and am slowly returning to my old routine. Probably gonna makea road trip to dayton in a couple weeks.

I did have some withdrawals from the meds but they are gone now and im actually starting to feel very close to normal.

Thanks to ALL Y’ALL who are always askin and sending warm wishes and even pagan prayers 😉

You guys are da best!

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JapChick Writes:

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