I seriously Want To Thank Everyone Who Has Sent Me Well Wishes: (Heres a few of em)

I seriously Want To Thank Everyone Who Has Sent Me Well Wishes: (Heres a few of em)

From Bob Verna

Don’t sweat it. I’ve been knocked out three times with the stupid gases they use in hospitals. The first time in1943 so i could join the Marine Corps to get my ass shot off. THEY USED ETHER IN THOSE PRIMITIVE DAYS, WHICH MADE YOU TOSS YOUR COOKIES. Much better nowadays –unlike pussy, no aftertaste. Hospitals aren’t so bad except for the vampires that roam the corridors day and night to take your blood. OTHER THAN THAT YOU WILL LOOK FORWARD TO GETTING HOME SO THAT  YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GET A FULL NIGHTS SLEEP .  LOTS OF LUCK!!!
The bearded old fart——good wishes— Straight Arrow Bob

Bob’s email meant a lot cuz Bob is one tough old bird. If you like good war stories and would ever like to hear the real story of Iwo Jima (yes he was there when the photo was taken) Take Bob to dinner and sit back and let him amaze you….these were the days when marines were REALLY tough.

Jeff Writes:

Good to read that the prognosis for your surgery is positive.
I’ve been in for two knee surgeries, and although yours is much more serious due to the nature and location, it all starts out the same.  You wont remember a thing, if they ask you to count backward from 100, you wont make it to 98.  You get lots of great food… ok, you get lots of food… ok, you get fed alot… and if you like jello, you’re in luck.
As for your recovery, put aside any mental image of you have of pornlettes in candystriper outfits… remember the old sitcom “Hazel”… thats more accurate.  You’re not likely to forget your first sponge bath, but not in the way you’d hoped.   And remember all those muscle-headed viagra-addicted blockheads that get cast as the male talent?  Those are your male nurses, primarily to flip your ass twice a day to prevent bedsores.   If one of them comes in to take your temperature, pray to God that you’re on your back and he’s holding a thermometer.  The hospital staff’s sole job is to make you so miserable that you want to get better and get the hell out.
… which happens to be the basis of Hillary Clinton’s revised Health Care for America plan.
– Jeff

Dick Freeman Writes:

Dear Cap’n,
Let’s hope that everything goes well with the surgery – though it’s probably a lousy idea to hire Goddess to come down there to take care of you when you’re flat on your back, JFK style. Especially if she brings one of her kids again to wean.
Dick Freeman

Devon Michaels Writes:

Babe— just read your recent post— please please please call me if you need anything— Do you have anyone there to help you?
It’s good yer not shitting and pissing yerself.  That’d suck babe.   Gimme a call sometime and seriously, let me know if you need me to come help out.   I have the hottest fucking nurse outfit— It’s black pleather with little red crosses on it, and I have a big thermometer to stick up yer butt and make sure you’re ok.
I totally almost went to school for that, so don’t worry.   I’m real good at it.
Love ya bunches.

Thank you all for your wishes and offers of help and all…people like Jeff Richard Devon and Bob are irreplaceable friends and I love you guys for that!

94870cookie-checkI seriously Want To Thank Everyone Who Has Sent Me Well Wishes: (Heres a few of em)

I seriously Want To Thank Everyone Who Has Sent Me Well Wishes: (Heres a few of em)

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