Home, Home Again. I Like To Be Here When I Can

Home, Home Again. I Like To Be Here When I Can:

Oh ya, I’m back from Vegas and Adult Expo, there’s lots of thoughts running through my head about it too.

First Things First:

Kudos to Goddess She did a banging job on updating while I was gone. I got lots of fan mail about her writing. I myself laughed my ass off….Till I came home that is.

Adult Expo Some Observations From Day One:

Unlike others I had NO problem in the press room. I was pre registered, walked in, gave my name, got my badge and was done in five minutes. Gotta give Adell credit here, she is TOP NOTCH at running that press room. Jewn even showed me the Pirates 2 Teaser in there and I have to admit it is VERY impressive. If the trailer is any indication Pirates 2, in terms of CGI, will jump from The Seven Voyages of Sinbad (Pirates 1) straight to “Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest” Yep it’s that slick.

When I entered the show the very first thing I noticed was that the aisles were wider. As usual all the big video companies had booths up front, but what I noticed was once you got 4 or so rows in, things started changing…A LOT. Instead of the smattering of Gonzo and Pro Am companies you used to have in all the small booths, there were DOT Coms. Lots of em. And even though relegated to the “back of the bus” many had larger booths than the video companies. Truth is, more than half of the exhibitors where internet.

I have been on both sides of this biz, video and internet. I now make my living primarily on the internet side. I have found the internet people by and large to be more honest. The ones I have dealt with all pay their bills on time, none has ever bounced a check to me or screwed me (I’m not an affiliate for anyone save a very select few).

In the video biz, it seemed every mother fucker I dealt with was out to fuck me.

That first day attending AEE I saw the plain truth.

After talking to many people at AVN and other video companies, I came to the realization they need the internet porn people to survive.

That is evidenced by the aforementioned booths at the AEE show that were dot coms. They took up ALL the slack that AVN lost when many small video companies pulled out due to declining sales and expensive booth space.

I looked at AVNOnline and spoke at length with Farley ( a helluva nice guy) and it dawned on me why AVNOnline exists. It isn’t for AVN to make inroads into the adult web. It is for video companies to infiltrate the adult web, using the very pioneers of the adult internet to do so.

You see without the adult internet those Video Companies are going to die eventually, so to survive they must consume the adult internet.

You want proof? Look no further than the speakers for Internext. What the fuck exactly does Steve Hirsch know about adult internet, does he even know what an IP address is? I doubt it, but here he is telling the people who made the adult internet what it is, what they should be doing to make money.

Now let’s look at the track record of the video business.

Massive flooding of product resulting in oversaturating the market and driving prices and margins down to razor thin profits. A system where the people who put themselves on the line to produce the product make the least money and a distribution system that fucks over everyone.

Are these the people you want to take advice from?

The adult internet has made a pretty good market for itself, and now the jackals are circling, they want the adult internet people to believe that they need the video side, but I think we all know the truth now, we don’t.

Matter of fact I don’t think the adult internet really wants to be anywhere near them.

Sure a few people, early on may make some money promoting Vivid or whomever but in the long run, everyone but the jackals will lose from that.

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Home, Home Again. I Like To Be Here When I Can

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