Here’s What Booble Has To Say About The New Site


We love reading what fellow porn bloggers are up to and one of our
favorite industry members sites to view is Mike Souths. This website
takes you deep into the world of porn and one industry members way
of life. Unlike many other adult blogs floating around the dark side
of the net Mike South’s Blog actually has intelligent opinions and
discussions that will make you think. Yes I love to use my mind
while looking at beautiful girls with huge boobs and who doesn’t?
Mike South doesn’t just force feed smut into your diet but gives you
a look at all the aspects of what its like being a part of the adult
industry and its fucking interesting. A lot of people who are ready
to whip out their dicks and bust a nut to online porn never seem to
think about all the little things it takes to get the action to
their monitors. So take a moment and view porn through the eyes of
someone who lives it and you might have a different stance of the
sex biz.

Mike also runs Southern Bukkake and why the hell wouldn’t you want
to know whats going on in the mind of a man who runs a website that
features girls getting glazed with multiple loads. You can tell
Southern Bukkake is this guys baby and we love a website that is
catered too and not just thrown up over night just to be left to its
on devices. So sit back and read more at the Institute for the
Advanced Study of Insensitivity and Pornography, check out Southern
, and be happy that the world of porno is in good hands.

That pleases me very much, I met the booble guys at Internext including booble bob and I gotta tell ya theres not a nicer bunch of people on the planet…they deserve the success they are seeing. Rock On Y’all!

3220cookie-checkHere’s What Booble Has To Say About The New Site

Here’s What Booble Has To Say About The New Site

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