Happy Birthday, Mike!

Thank you for having allowed everybody to express their so many different and diverse views, in all these years. Thank you for your forthrightness, for your honesty and for your kindness. I don’t intend to experience the feeling of missing you, hence you’ll still find me in your mailbox on a regular basis, I guess, and maybe sooner than later at your doorstep for that hug that we’ve talked about so many times. In this special day, I wish you to get a call from Dave for your settlement and of course to enjoy the warm company of your beloved ones. Happy birthday, Mike. I love you.

143570cookie-checkHappy Birthday, Mike!

Happy Birthday, Mike!

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  1. Happy 60th, Mike. Two more years to Social Security eligibility. You might actually be able to fish every day at that point.

  2. Sorry Mike. Three years to Social Security, then. I just attempted to make a longer post ragging on Fake Sean but somehow it didn’t post when I pressed “Post It”. Good Luck and Happy Birthday!

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