Get It Straight Idiots

Get It Straight Idiots:

There is no such thing as safe asphyxiation! I don’t give a fuck what some dime store diploma doctor or lawyer says and I don’t care if the idiots doing it sign something saying you aren’t responsible ( you are an accessory if they die)

The latest dumb fuck to decide this is a good idea is Tightfit Productions who advertise some cinematic equivalent of a snuff movie on page 39 of this month’s AVN.

Would y’all please stop doing that stupid shit before someone dies from it…and AVN would you please start exercizing just a little responsibility in accepting these types of ads… No amount of money is worth the message these ads send out or the damage that will be done to this biz when (not if) one of these morons kills some 19 year old performer from Arkansas or wherever.

Speaking of AVN:

All my life I have been active outdoors, and I remember as a kid I went to a fish hatchery, where they raise trout to be released into the various lakes, streams and rivers in Northern Georgia that are acceptable habitat.

I remember thinking how weird it must be for these trout…..In the wild trout eat insects, insect larvae, minnows, worms and the like. If you asked these hatchery fish what trout eat, they would reply food pellets of course.

That’s the same feeling I get about AVN’s cover story on women watching porn. I don’t think many of the women polled have anymore clue what real women watch than those hatchery raised trout have about what wild trout eat. These women all came from a porn environment. One did indicated that she thought that the number of females who watch adult video is insignificant, that one was Meredith from Adam and Eve, and I think she was right on the money.

Face it, if the number of women watching porn is significant then why are porn sales in the tank? They should be rising…Unless a greater percentage of men have found the dreck released by this industry to be boring and have turned it off…That’s probably true even but I have yet to see any significant number of women who will go out on their own and purchase porn…..It just don’t happen no matter how much Porn Valley Wants it to.

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Get It Straight Idiots

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