Ever Wonder Why People Hate Lawyers So Much?:

I went to ICANN to look at the public messages about the .XXX TLD. The third message was from Lawrence Walters, stating that this is a responsible step for the adult industry.

First of all Larry, you overpriced fucking sell out…YOU do not speak for the adult industry! Second I’m sure you are masturbating at the thought of all the 100 dollars bills this travesty would put into your pocket (or maybre already has…ICM Registry has proven they are not above buying anyone who is for sale)

If Larry were my attorney, I’d fire his ass. Y’all think about that.



.XXX Still Not Dead, And AVNOnline is Helping to Pimp It:

The key word here being pimp of course.

lets look at whose who in this battle:

First you Have ICMRegistry and their little used car salesman Jason Hendales, Jason’s job is to garner support for the .XXX domain for ICMRegistry so that they can try to ramrod it through ICANN. The proposed price tag for .XXX domains 75.00/yr.

Second, You have knowledgeable adult webmasters, attorneys and lobbyists like myself, J.D. Obenberger and Bill Lyon who are against this, for reasons I will spell out in a bit.

Third You have parties in the biz, who, out of ignorance or alterior motive or both would support this under the guise of….you guessed it….keeping the children safe. These include LFP, Vivid, AVN and some of the board of the Free Speech Cabal. Though AVN has been passive in it’s support, it’s editorials speak for themselves.

Take the recent issue of AVNOnline where they lay out the story noting that the Free Speech Coalition held a special meeting to discuss and vote on this. AVN reported that the members in attendance voted it in BUT the big bad wolf (Then Director of the FSC) Bill Lyon vetoed the vote and called on the board of directors to decide the issue. Now here is the FACT that changes the whole story that AVN conveniently left out.

The night of the vote ICMRegistry brought in a bunch of “Ringers”, they paid the dues for them to join the FSC so that they could vote in favor of .XXX, thus guaranteeing that the measure would pass. Bill Lyon saw through this ruse and did the right thing.

They also conveniently left out the fact that the FSC had been BRIBED to pass the measure….reportedly to the tune of 8.00 per domain sold. That’s a hefty chunk of change and was certainly enough to buy the votes of some of the FSC Board members with less integrity than Lyon. Lawrence Walters and Greg Picconelli were salivating at the idea too because passage is job security for them as you will soon see.

So when you come right down to it, it’s all about the money. ICM Registry will make millions off of this and thus will go to great lengths to sell it, even if it means selling us out.

Now some of you might be thinking that this aint such a bad idea, you are wrong, here’s why:

It doesn’t “protect the children”, kids dont get porn from responsible adult sites, they get it off of kazaa, bearshare, limewire, morpheus, IRC and others.

It does “Zone” adult into a cyber ghetto, they say that we won’t be required to use it but ask yourself this: Does your state have seatbelt laws? Remember how they sold that? They said Oh we won’t just pull you over and give you a ticket for not wearing it, we just want to enact it to protect you and your children, now “Click It Or Ticket Campaigns are rampant right? Just how long do you think it would take Ashcroft or smeone of similar narrow mindedness to pass legislation “protecting the children” by forcing adult sites to use .XXX. Picconelli and Walters say no way they can’t do that but I guarantee you these two hot shots aren’t going to represent you for free to prove it. For them .XXX is money in the bank, fuck what’s good for the industry.

How long would it take your city or state to demand that ISPs “filter out” the .XXX domain or lose permission to provide service to you? Specially if you live in, say Utah?

Starting to see the problems now? Ya I thought you might.

You see its all about the money, ICM Registry, Picconelli, Walters…these people could give a fuck because they are going to make money, even if only because adult webmasters will buy the .XXX domains to protect them from cybersquatting, at least that’s what they are counting on.

Next time you hear AVN wanting to speak for the adult webmaster community, remember this people. You gonna be at Internext? Tell them to stop trying to sell you to the highest bidder.

That’s the way I see it.

Jesse Capps From Rockconfidential Writes:

Hey Mike…

Last week you said Adella had you pegged for husband material.

I would like to respectfully submit that she is perfect wifey material! I know I’m treading on your territory here, but Adella is someone I could see myself with for the rest of my life!

It’s not like I’ve made out with her in a hot tub in Cabo or anything like that. How lucky could one man be?

She told me I was good husband material, too. What gives?

Wanna fight it out at the Tampa Show? The winner gets Adell…

It’s on, brother!



OK Jesse, admit it, A-Dell put you up to this didn’t she? Between Me, You and her we REDEFINE the term Publicity Whore…..I think the winner should get A-Dell, Carly Milne AND Jesse Jane….May the best man win…..

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Ever Wonder Why People Hate Lawyers So Much?:

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