David Aaron Clark on Joe Christ

David Aaron Clark Writes about Joe:

I’m crushed to hear of Joe’s passing; we had just been chatting a couple of weeks ago. He was trying to convince me to take a vacation down in the Phillipines as his guest — while Joe has always had the courage to pick up stakes & reinvent himself just about anywhere, I tend towards the much more conversative, & was therefore one of many friends he would go out of his way to prod towards living life to the fullest.
He was a gifted collagist, a brilliantly fake-stupid provocateur, an enthusiastic & resourceful filmmaker, & an honest, straight-up motherfucker who always, I mean always, told it like it was, & if you didn’t like it, oh well, thanks for playing! I always enjoyed writing about him in the SCREW days, was pleased to appear in his SEX, BLOOD & MUTILATION video, & am hoping against hope that this is just one of his droll stunts, but I fear not.

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David Aaron Clark on Joe Christ

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