Clueless Mainstream Media

How many of you saw the story yesterday thats claming that those $200 economic booster checks are being spent specifically on adult website memberships?

I call bullshit!

Apparently its a slow week for the media and they all seem to be buying this “report” hook line and sinker.

So I did some checking on the “marketing group” thats responsibile for this press release. They have other reports back from 2006 but the domain wasnt registered until last month.

According to Kirk Mishkin, Head Research Consultant for AIMRCo, “Many of the sites we surveyed have reported 20 – 30 % growth in membership rates since mid-May when the checks were first sent out, and typically the summer is a slow period for this market.”

Hey Kirk. How about a list of those sites? A lot of people that I know are screaming that they have noticed as much as a 50% drop in revenue. Its pretty obvious to me that the list of sites that you interviewed are the ones that your working for.

Jillian Fox, spokeswoman for, one of the sites reporting figures to AIMRCo, added, “In a June 15, 2008 survey to our members, thirty two percent of respondents referenced the recent stimulus package as part of their decision to either become a new member, or renew an existing membership.”

About Kirk/AMRC from his website –

AMRC was founded in 2005 by Kirk Mishkin. Mr. Mishkin has been working in the online adult market as a marketing director, marketing analyst and business consultant since 2001. He has consulted with and helped implement numerous pay and affiliate sites, including industry leaders and

Industry leaders?

I’ve never heard of any of these sites.  I bet Mike South hasnt either.

Why is it that this industry overexaggerates numbers when it comes to actual income?

You have to give it to Kirk though…thats some fierce press release spam to sell the other reports at a low fee.

Too bad the general media continues to run this  “bard’s tale” as valid information.

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Clueless Mainstream Media

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7 Responses

  1. I think I smell a rat, LSG Owns
    London Studio Group
    212 Malking Drive
    Church Langley, Essex RM177HD
    United Kingdom

    Domain Name: AIMRCO.COM
    Created on: 17-Jun-08
    Expires on: 17-Jun-09
    Last Updated on: 20-Jun-08
    London Studio Group
    212 Malking Drive
    Church Langley, Essex RM177HD
    United Kingdom

    Domain Name: LSGCASH.COM
    Created on: 12-Feb-07
    Expires on: 12-Feb-10
    Last Updated on: 05-Jan-08

  2. It would be a hell of a lot more FUN if we could spend our stimulus check on porn. At least it would stay in the U.S.

    As it stands, I handed mine over to the Arabs.

  3. Im sure they think cool kid that copied and pasted it came up with the work.
    You know there arent any industry professionals on the east coast accordint to the self annointed porn royalty.

  4. I see Mike’s buddies from Xbiz are back from the freeloaders show in Vegas.

    Interesting that yall had to interview one of your advertisers to verify what we already reported on.

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