Well it’s certainly a target rich environment. Oprah’s on, pregnant man yesterday, bawling over some such worth cause today. But I don’t want to burn out to soon. I’ve been going to sleep with the I Pod lately. Johnny Cash’ last album, song called “Hurt”, beautiful, haunting.


Time to deconstruct it. We call this number



I dressed myself today

To see how it would feel

My wife’s panties and her bra

The bra it was chenille

I focused on the pain

Those folks they are such ogre’s

In stockings and a wig

Went shopping at the Kroger

( Chorus )

What have we become?

My neighbor Fred

All the women in our lives

Filed suit in the end

And you could have it all

My empire of skirts

This one really fits

Those pantyhose man they hurt

I wear his garter belt

When we go to the club

Full of pretty thoughts

Never again they’ll call us “ Bub”

Don’t worry about the stains

Lemon juice and a vigorous scrub

Will make it disappear

I love what you did with your hair

If I could start again

I’d flee from this color green

I’d go for simple black

It doesn’t make me look fat


So I’m in the parking lot at Kroger, and a fellow, looking splendid in a housedress and pumps was loading groceries into the minivan. With the kids. I went home and had a drink.


Brian in Powder Springs



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