Apparently Jennifer James Hurts When She Hears The Truth

Apparently Jennifer James Hurts When She Hears The Truth:

But she hasn’t the balls to confront me…fine…when I hear shit like this in porn I crack up:

“The movie, eXXXtra, eXXXtra was written specifically for Lockwood. So it’s not a clear matter of bringing someone else in from the bullpen. James either had to use Lockwood or junk the whole project. “

A script written for an actor who cant act… LOL you could have replaced him with Ron Jeremy and the people watching your turd wouldn’t know the difference. Sorry honey, as a director…you still aren’t one, so you fucked someone at egoist who threw you money to direct, that doesn’t make you a Director, simply a…well you know what it makes you,

Remember my advice when you are spending days in court defending yourself and your executive producer.

Looks Like Lockwood Finally Fucked With The Wrong Guy:

I’m not going to say too much cept that I knew this was coming. Adilutfyi broke the story today that Gram Ponante has contacted the police and is filing assault and battery charges against Kurt Lockwood. there is also mention of a civil suit.

Seeing the problems this is ging to cause her wannabe director Jennifer James is now trying her best to cover her ass. Had she been a real Director instead of a Kurt Lockwood bitch, she wouldn’t be in this predicament. There’s a reason more than half the studios in Porn Valley will NOT shoot Lockwood.

Her desperation on adultfyi shows in inconsistent statements to Gene as well as speculation and comments attributed to LAPD that I highly doubt LAPD made.

I think Gram is doing the right thing here, it’s high time someone clipped Lockwoods wings and Gram chose to do it legally. He has my full support.

Jennifer honey, you brought this on yourself and on egoist, the producer and everyone else, simply because you couldn’t do your job. You aren’t a director…you are a liability now.

Director Greg Lewis Writes:

Hello Mike!
I wanted to tell you that I was able to put your reminder,  about who really needs to run a Porn set, to good use today.
I was very busy shooting a 3 scene day when One of the girls came stomping in the room and told me that “she had been there since 8a.m. and If she was not going next then she had to go!” (she was booked last, we we’re just starting the 2ND scene).
I instantly said , fine If you gotta go then go- -bye!
Then I had a little weak moment,  thinking maybe I should lighten up a little, but Having Just read your post about this very problem I was  strengthened anew.
Even when one of the other girls tried to hand me her cell phone,  and make me  talk to the problem girls agent,  I yelled out “Hell no! I don’t want to talk to anyone, If she has to go then tell her to go, put the cellphone down right now and let’s shoot” I’m paying $100 per hours for this location, and I’m not wasting another minute”
“Mike south says that talent does not run the set”
(yes I used your name, just in case things got  rough,  I could blame you)
When the owner of the Production company called he agreed,
“Send her home, we’ll shoot another girl next week”
After I finished the 2ND scene, I was amazed to discover that the problem girl was waiting and ready for her scene. She was cheerful and very professional and turned in a great scene  (I was my usual good guy self in return)
I was very Impressed indeed. This beautiful 19year old girl was new,  and not used to long shoots. Made my day to see her act like an adult, I was very proud of her!
Agent did his job telling her to be nice and do the work.
And I did my job,  and lit and shot her so she looked fantastic for our real Bosses-
the poor lonely Southern trailer park fishermen,  who some nights only have a DVD for company.

Way to go dude, you proved yourself to be a professional and your talent and crew saw it, you can bet your ass every single person on that set now has enough respect for you that that shit won’t happen again.

Now imagine the issues had you shot that girl out of order pushing back the talent in the second scene, they get all pissed and soon you have the credibility of Jennifer James….see what happens when the Director actually runs the shoot…good job Greg and all us southern fishermen thank ya fer it …(thumbs UP!)

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Apparently Jennifer James Hurts When She Hears The Truth

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