An Observation From Miami Exxxotica

I have been going to porn shows for well over twenty years now and by and large up until the last few years they were all pretty much the same.  You had video companies with girls in the booth signing autographs and posing for pictures.

Well what struck me about Miami Exxxotica (and the other shows) is how quickly the internet companies have become the largest segment and the largest exhibitors.

Take Miami Exxxotica for instance.  Aside from one booth that housed an amalgam of Porn Vally Companies Like Digital Playground, Wicked, Vivid, Adam and Eve and a few indy pornettes, there weren’t two other booths that primarily dealt in traditional DVD markets.  Everything else was internet.

The largest booths were internet companies like and

Another interesting observation was that while girls like Lindsey Lovehands stayed  very busy shooting photos with fans and passing out promo, the girls in the “pornstar” booth didn’t have near as much traffic.  Is this a sign of the times or a result of the fact that they were charging $5.00 to take a photo while everyone else, including Ron Jeremy did it for free.

Admission to the show for the average shmoe was $35.00, I don’t know about you but specially in this economy I think it’s kind of chintzy to gouge him for another five bucks per photo after he dropped 70.00 to get himself and his girlfriend in, and there were a LOT of couples.

This is a pretty fun show otherwise, but the biggest complaint I heard was over the fact that half the exhibitors had loud music going, each trying to drown out the others, so what you ended up with was just a lot of fucking annoying noise, that needs to be addressed…One sound system playing to the whole floor and maybe with a DJ who highlights exhibitors and special events would be a better idea.

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An Observation From Miami Exxxotica

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