18 April 2008

Sometimes, you’ve just got to go and take some “mental health” time. The stresses of the daily struggle just have to be put into perspective. There are advantages and disadvantages to being self-employed; one of the high points is the ability to “get the hell outta here”. Yesterday afternoon was just one of those days.

We went to a matinée. Yep, one of life’s pleasure is going to the movies when most of the responsible world is at work, besides it’s half price before 6PM. There is a defined good feeling driving past all those offices with our fellow adults slaving away while we’re headed to an escape. What did we see? I highly recommend “Shine A Light” the Martin Scorsese documentary/film about The Rolling Stones.

I will agree with my beloved that Mick and the boys are looking a bit old, but they can ROCK & ROLL!!! The big screen and big movie sound systems are made for this. Two hours of a great escape. They don’t call ’em the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the world for nothing.

Of course when the movie let out, the late day sun was just perfect to wrap up a location photo project that I have been working on, and the theater just happened to be on the same side of town, so this was really just responsibility delayed. I worked until the sun sank slowly into the west.

20660cookie-check18 April 2008

18 April 2008

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