We All Need To get On The Same Page

Dear Mike,

I wanted to send you this email personally because I think you really need to understand how bad the gay side of porn is and how kink.com contributes to this. Right now I currently work for a rideshare company in San Francisco (Lyft, Uber, Sidecar, etc.) and during one of my recent rides I actually picked up an adult male performer. Now I hear all sorts of things giving rides to people in San Francisco, but this guy really took the cake. I had the opportunity to ask him questions about the Gay side of porn and what he told me nearly made me sick. Here are the highlights of our conversation:

1) Told me that in gay porn they do not test for STD’s and the way someone finds out who has STD’s is when they catch them from a partner. The person who caught the STD calls the director and the director blacklists the performer.

2) Kink.com does not require testing for their gay side of porn. This scared me the most, because I know numerous performers that do both gay and straight porn, and this makes it much easier for an STD to reach the straight side.

3) This male performer told me that in San Francisco there is a syrum being distributed to those considered in the “high risk community,” This guy explained to me that this syrum makes it impossible for him to get HIV, even if he had sex with HIV+ men.

All three of the following pieces were all grabbed during our conversation in the car. Could this guy be making this story up? Sure but when you drive someone from San Francisco to Hayward, you get a lot of talking done. And this is what I found out about Gay Porn and Kink.com in San Francisco.

With this latest HIV+ It does not surprise me one bit, and I am sending you this email to say that all performers in Straight Porn need to take a stand and say NO to performing with any Male Talent that participates in the Gay side of the industry. I am willing to bet that 99.9% this female performer contracted HIV from sleeping with a guy who performs in both sides of the industry.
All the best,

I got this email a while back and have been waiting to post it and it seems now is a good time. A couple of gay websites have made comments recently as well.  Even The FSC acknowledges now that there is no division in the two industries so why aren’t we both operating under the same protocols?  Don’t start whining about gay bashing and all of that that isn’t what this is about, it is about minimizing risk.  HIV is not a gay disease, nobody is saying it is but to say that it doesn’t pose a higher risk with anal sex is sticking your head in the sand.

As jilted pointed out in his comments, the industry is NOT the same industry that it was when AIM established testing protocols some 20 years ago, indeed we now test for more and we test more often but testing is not a preventative measure any more than a pregnancy test is a preventative birth control measure. Its way past time that as an industry we got toether some real professionals to come up with a real plan….and I dont mean a bunch of flunkies banging each other at BDSM clubs  and pretending they have the performers best interests in mind.



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We All Need To get On The Same Page

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  1. Btw the Serum being used is known as Truvada. If you do the research like I did, it is a great thing for hopefully one day finding a cure or prevention for HIV, but at the same time the gay male pornstars should not be used as guinea pigs for this drug.

  2. They’re not “guinea pigs” – the drug’s gone through over 10 years of trials. It is … just about time. And it’s not a “serum,” it’s a pill. And there are alternatives, largely less legal, that come from many countries. Most anti-virals that work to kill the virus also kill the transmission. The challenge is in the testing – it often takes too long to verify an infection – and in timely treating.

  3. There is nothing about gay bashing here. Its about the health and safety for all the performers in the new “BI” porn industry. If you can’t and don’t give a fuck about yourself and go out bug chasing and get yourself infected and bring it into the new porn industry and spread it around and expose and infect, you are just contributing to destroying what’s left of the shitty ass porn industry.


  4. Case in point — John Johnson doing bareback straight porn while at the same time still filming gay porn (albeit with condoms, but still) as Ace Rockwood. Not sure why he’s getting casted for straight porn when all his gay porn is out there for all to see and still actively doing gay porn.

  5. “Off Label” use is “experimental”

    No other disease or condition has had as much off label and experimental use as HIV. I don’t ascribe to the notion that gays are being sought out and used as Guinea Pigs but absolutely recognize gay (MSM) as most motivated to consider or try off label use of HIV drugs for prevention and treatment.

    In 1979 it was still uncommon for cancer patients to ask that they be given experimental treatments for the data and hope it might give science down the road….it was unheard of for docs to suggest patients offer their final weeks and days enduring the medically unknown. Five years later the “first do no harm” of the Hippocratic Oath took on new meaning with docs routinely offering AIDS patients the option of potentially and often known to be harmful treatments with the hope their suffering (harm) might ease the expected harm of contagion not present with then known cancers.

    Ten years later it was becoming increasingly unethical for docs to ask HIV/AIDs patients to use untested drugs outside of a study. Ten years after that they had a handle on treatment and started thinking in terms of prevention. Today prevention and treatment are well studied but not commonly practiced.

    Removing the stigma and getting to basics…Breast cancer isn’t exclusive to women but as the primary affected group that’s where trials, studies and off label use is initiated. HIV isn’t exclusive to gay (MSM) but as the primary affected group… Both groups include large numbers of motivated individuals willing to push the odds for a greater good and neither is targeted as guinea pigs.

  6. There’s a lot of gay bashing by indirect reference. “Off label” use goes back to the beginning of the HIV epidemic, before it was obvious that anybody could get or give HIV. And it is still rampant in the designation of “npep” – Non-professional Post Exposure Prophylaxis – as if doctors and nurses are chemically or physically different from other fuckers.

    As MikeSouth implied at the beginning of this thread, there is a pile of stuff online at NIH, AIDSmeds, the CDC, IAPAC (International Association of Providers of AIDS Care), and many, many other credible websites – start with the obvious http://bit.ly/107e1AK – and just go further. And it’s not all “off label” or “experimental,” particularly if you look in Canada, the UK and Europe.

  7. @ Dickhead

    Your moniker is aptly chosen for a closed one track mind.

    On behalf of too many hands held as a prelude to too many funerals for the folks whose lives bought the dream you’re living …I resent the fuck out you using the woe is me… my group is marginalized because some assholes bashed us card as a platform for your agenda.

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