Today Rod Daily Gets His Test Back


Rod Daily, boyfriend of Cameron Bay and gay and straight performer has announced on twitter that he has retested for HIV at a private facility and will get his test results back today.

He also posted his last several tests on twitter…..What is interesting is that Rod has no tests for Hep C (That I saw….correct me if I am wrong)  and now he has chosen to go to a private clinic (not CET or TTS) for this test….hmmmm  TTS and CET would have tested him for HEP C as routine now.

Looks like he also gay escorts on rentboy.


81670cookie-checkToday Rod Daily Gets His Test Back

Today Rod Daily Gets His Test Back

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  1. And not that it’s a requirement in the industry, obviously, but he doesn’t seem like the brightest guy. His Twitter reads like that of someone with arrested development, a massive chip on his shoulder and a tenth-grade education…..

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