TJ Cummings Attempted To Book At Least One Scene AFTER He Knew He Had Tested Positive

Sometimes in doing what I do you chase a rabbit down a hole and you wish you had never even gone there, but you know you have an obligation not to my readers this time but to the people in my industry.

Pressley Carter contacted me and provided me with some disturbing information, and she backed it up with proof.

I now know for sure that TJ Cummings tested positive on December 3, 2013 at TTS, at which time he was marked unavailable in PASS you can see this in the screenshot below

He contacted Pressley on December 5th at 4PM PST and suggested that they do a webcam show together on Sat Dec 7th, Pressley indicated that she was booked to shoot that day but Sunday would work

TJ agreed on Sunday.

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This is CLEARLY after TJ Cummings would at least know that he had tested positive for SOMETHING, and I find it hard to believe that 48 hours after the test he didn’t know what, but he had to know that he wasn’t supposed to be shooting, he was even marked unavailable in PASS

When Pressley found out that he booked a shoot with her after knowing he had tested HIV positive (or at the very least positive for something.) she went off on TJ (and rightly so) TJ wouldn’t respond to her.

This kind of behavior is absolutely unacceptable and it shows a total disregard for her life

As you will likely notice this info brings up other problems that will be addressed in another post.

T J Cummings PASS Status
T J Cummings PASS Status


88780cookie-checkTJ Cummings Attempted To Book At Least One Scene AFTER He Knew He Had Tested Positive

TJ Cummings Attempted To Book At Least One Scene AFTER He Knew He Had Tested Positive

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74 Responses

  1. What colossal lack of regard for others lives’. Not to mention an entire industry. This guy is a piece of shit. No sympathy for him from me.

  2. Hey hey! Wait just a fucking second. As far as I can tell, all these texts prove is that he set up a shoot with her sometime before Thursday the 5th. I looked at all the screenshots provided on her twitter. He DID NOT respond to her texts on Thursday the 5th. If he tested at CET on Tuesday the 3rd, he would have received his first negative test the following afternoon or evening (Wednesday the 4th). I explore her to scroll up a bit and show us a screencap that proves when he actually last SPOKE to her…not when SHE last texted him. Otherwise, she’s just being an incendiary little bitch and complicating an already horrible situation. Let’s see it!

  3. I agree with Brooklyn, there’s no proof here at all except what time of day she took the screen grab, not when he was actually texting with her. Mike don’t you know how iPhone works? Pretty reckless of you to publish this as fact!

  4. So the entire day yesterday everyone just completely ignored TJ Cummings and focused all their anger towards Porno Dan. Wow, this industry really is something else. Yes, Porno Dan is probably no Saint. He might even be a Sinner. But he who is without sin, throw that first stone!

    Did Porno Dan or AVN Award Winning Director hire TJ Cummings for a movie recently?

    Hmmmm…yet we wanna bash Porno Dan who has followed the law, uses condoms and has a small group of friends, who I’m sure follow all the rules and are tested all the time.

    TJ Cummings is the real scumbag in this situation and the fact that people actually sympathize with him makes me sick. This guy was Gay for Pay, and that part of the story is swept under the rug. Porn stars just like Brooklyn sleep with Cross-Overs all the time and have NO problem with it. To me, they are the ones ruining the industry.

    Allowing the Danny Wylde, Ryan Driller, Christian XXX, and the many other cross-overs who have brought disease and filth into an industry that already has enough on their plate as it is.

    So how about TJ Cummings becomes a big boy, steps in front of the camera and explain to us if he thinks he got it through the Adult Industry or Gay Escorting.

    It’s a pretty simple answer, but of course we won’t get it. Because TJ Cummings is a diseased scum bag bastard who put 100’s of girls at risk with his selfish acts!

  5. K well first of all, I’ve been retired for almost a year now, but even when active, I’d say the statement “sleeps with all kinds of crossovers” is a bit of a stretch. I used to be adamantly against working with crossover talent until I realized that 75% of the male talent pool has done some sort of gay shit at some point. I gave up. I’m not arguing that the gay side is where this shit usually comes from. I’m arguing that this chick is likely painting an inaccurate picture here. So fuck you & speak for yourself.

  6. Damn apple software…doesn’t log each msg, if as this indicates he tried to book a scene knowing he would create industry disease exposure incidents… Makes his name fair game. It isn’t his personal health information that is being outed, it’s his piss poor choice to disrespect others.

    Still stand by stance that industry doesn’t need to know the name to blame for merely testing positive to one the risks that could happen to anyone on any given day. No one needs a name to know presence of disease requires action, testing and eliminating the risk. When someone willfully tries to work knowing they are prohibited due to communicable disease tested and eliminated, that behavior needs to be outed.

    Sorry your life sucks, doesn’t give you the right to inflict your misery on others.

  7. I fear this is the direction the site is going…kill em dead fast and find out the facts later all while quietly moving on to the next target. What happened to the super hero gonorrhea? You know…the one that flicks bugars on kryptonite while rotting out every known porn star’s crotch? I don’t see any proof of anything, not that there couldn’t be, but this isn’t it.

  8. Uhh, did I miss the date somewhere?
    The actual dates of these messages *might* help???

    Off topic: Is that purple thing up there supposed to be an eggplant? Fucking weird…

  9. Sorry but I find it hard to believe that 75% of male pornstars are gay. If that is true, than the Porn Industry is more fake than WWE Wrestling.

    And as for her painting an accurate picture or not, that is up for Mike to decide. This is his blog, he’s screwed up before when he identified Xander in the 50 man gangbang shoot and that Sofia Delgado posted on escort websites with a fake picture that looked nothing like her.

    My main point is that regardless of this text, Porno Dan is not the one you should be going after. If he wants to shoot today and go against Duke and the FSC then IMHO that’s his 1st amendment right. Based on tweets from co-workers I would assume if he shot today it might be career suicide, so I think rather than make a statement Dan has to decide whether the juice is worth the squeeze.

    I personally dont think it is.

  10. “Sorry but I find it hard to believe that 75% of male pornstars are gay. If that is true, than the Porn Industry is more fake than WWE Wrestling.”

    You’re just figuring this out?? AT LEAST 75% of male performers can’t keep their dick hard unless it’s in a male OR female asshole. And, if it’s not currently in someone’s asshole then their eating asshole and jerking themselves off.

    There’s a reason anal sex is so popular these days… Think about it.
    And then about how many female porn stars get fucked up the ass and compare that number to even a few years ago…

  11. @mdxxx
    Producers and licensed agents book and take a cut of performers escort gigs….escorting is part of the Adult Industry.

    The industry refuses to acknowledge performers as employees which means they accept and condone IC status…further it’s impossible to separate gay/straight when they are both part of the adult industry…lastly performers are encouraged to DO but not speak about escorting to make the paycheck they seek as a part of the adult industry.

    The industry leaders who choose to treat performers as IC aren’t paying unemployment insurance, employer portion of SS or withholding state and federal taxes…they pass that onto the IC along with the ability to enforce employment conditions. This throws any idea of non-compete out the window, not only allowing IC performers to compete but encouraging them as IC to find a way to cut out the middle man.

    That said IF this guy tried to book a scene or escort BB knowing his status he is prime example of why and how disease gets spread in the Adult Industry.

  12. This doesn’t sound like someone who just learned he’s positive. You know, it’s possible to go in and get tested, but not to know the results of that test. Why do we rush to blame the performer, and find all the ways he or she is evil and deserving of punishment? This is something I’d expect from Jesse Helms or Pat Robertson, not the adult industry.

  13. Yes, good point. What ever became of the Super Gonorrhea story, Mike? I expect a followup or a retraction of the story.

  14. @Mikestable,
    WTF do you mean that this is something you dont expect from the adult industry? Where have you been? This is EXACTLY what the porn industry does everytime someone comes up HIV positive. Remember Derrik BUrts, Lara Roxx, Cameron and Rod. THe character assasination is just par for the course.

    If the timeline plays out and this guy did try to book a scene after he knew then all sympathy goes out the window.

    But all this talk about him being cross-over, and a gay escort, so what. He is no different than a majority of performers, yet the industry, agents and producers, continue to book and hire these guys, knowing full well what they do. This whole, we should ban cross overs, and performers should have the choice to use condoms, what a load of crap. Performers have NO choice, and producers and agents continue to book these guys, so when all is said and done, “What do you fucking expect to happen?

  15. @d0125,
    Wouldnt it make a great Chirstmas present for the FSC to have not only HIV but super gonnorhea on their holiday platter? Didnt the FSC already make a press release staing unequivocaly that the super gonnorhea did not exist in the porn community? Perhpas that platter full of HIV and gonnorhea will have a heaping helping of crow on it too.

  16. When a story like this comes at you you have to do the best you can to determine the facts, something people in the biz (and police) call the “ring of truth” there is anecdotal evidence that I did not include that also comes into play here. I spoke personally to parties involved that would speak to me.

    It is regrettable that IOS doesnt date stamp these things like android does but given the context of the other irrelevant texts it is pretty evident that this conversation did happen on thursday, and for the record TJ has not disputed it and he has had every opportunity to do so.

    Now if you can test positive and be marked “unavailable” in PASS and NOT know about it for 48 hours or more then there is a serious flaw in the testing system regarding notification, I am not buying that he had no idea he had tested positive at least for SOMETHING.

    I dont wish to bash TJ or anyone else but to let this go unreported is an ethical breach for me. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt until the have shown that I shouldn’t.

    While this is relevant to me there are equally troubling things that the testing data presents….those are coming.

  17. I don’t know…anecdotal evidence…otherwise known as a dubious support of a claim due to a lack of any acceptable form of evidence…aside, this whole thing seems off. You honestly think he has some obligation to dispute it or you? Color me shocked but he may be preoccupied at the moment, and your post just didn’t make the top of his to-do list. Some nerve this guy TJ has. He has to dispute this about as much as this whole thing had to be posted.

  18. The date on a medical laboaratory result is the date the specimen is taken from the patient, not the day the result was released. This may seem quite trivial, but it is important to know these trivial things when “speculating’ about a persons medical results. When you dont know the trivial things, you probably dont know the major things either.

  19. It makes zero sense that one of the first things TJ would try to do after finding out he had HIV anY STD would be to try to book a shoot. He is not at all vindictive like that in the least. Mike you should probably get your retraction ready..

  20. TTS marked him unavailable on Dec. 3. That means he went in to get tested before that date. The FSC said nothing until Dec 6. Did anyone notice how all the usual industry apologists were commenting on how QUICKLY the FSC acted, when in fact a PASS faciltiy had a positive test on Dec 3. Looks like the FSC spin machine was in full force from the very start. Why the THREE DAY delay. Do you know how many first generation contacts continued workling and fucking in their private lives during these three days.

    If I was a performer and worked with a first generation contact during these three days that PASS had a positive HIV result on this guy and said nothing I would be pissed.

  21. Are there any screencaps available that show the date that TJ was texting her about doing a scene, in the same screencap view as the texts from him?
    If his blood was drawn on the 3rd, and he was texting her on the 3rd or the morning of the 4th, it’s possible that he didn’t know yet.

  22. Once again, I am going to repeat myself. Maybe if it’s in bold people will get the message:


    When you decide to do bareback anal escort dates, you know very damn well your risk for HIV and other STDs rises astronomically.

    It’s like people who feel sorry for Paul Walker for dying in a car accident. Dude bragged about driving 165 mph, and driving his fast cars. Speed Limits are there for a reason, you go over the speed limit you risk your life. You get in the car with someone who speeds or drinks and drives, you risk your life.

    Choices folks. That is what life is all about. Some people make the right choices, others don’t. IMHO the porn industry right now has just been having a terrible terrible year of bad choices, all around.

    I hope in 2014 people realize that we can do both condom and non-condom porn if people were to just screw their heads on right and stop trying to be so selfish and greedy.

    TJ Cummings is the epitome of selfishness and greed.

  23. i just noticed the second screenshot wasnt showing up…its fixed it also fixes the date pretty well I dont think the date is in doubt nobody has denied the date the only question is whether or not he knew he shuyldnt be shooting…To me thats not in question but I do have requests in on that

  24. Tricia,
    The screencap of the PASS system shows that TTS marked him unavailable on DEC 3, that means his blood had to have been taken before that, at least one or two full days. I assume that TTS marked him unavailable on the third because they had a positive result already. FSC made no announcement until three full days later.

    His blood was not drawn on the third,,,TTS had a positive result on the third, and marked him unavailable on the third.

  25. This is a bunch of gay ass bullshit. You still got guys faging around with men off camera and then coming back and working with porn girls and Faghag chicks and spreading hiv around. Who was this …? Guy’s agent? He should be charged with the cost of this shutdown and pay every Producers and production companies loss$$$.

    Get rid of the FSC assholes and clean out that board and reelect people in there who will get involve and get rid of the Crossovers and fag boyz who have to caver-jack and gay for pay to survive.

    I can’t feel sorry for this one, he knew what he was doing and needs to pay dearly and not have people donate money and kiss his faggot ass” ooohh poor baby” Fuck you TJ, you put peoples live in danger and their health too, Charity Bangs and others used to say, You should do porn if you not worrying about getting HIV. Fuck you! you need to go to, I will as a fan boy cott your pathetic ass , bitch,

    Every fan needs to Boycott that xbiz and avns and tell them to go fuck
    themselves and take call those pieces of shit with you and flush the toilet. This is wrong and will continue until you pussy ass ,shit talking asses get it in gear and get rid of those Independent cocksuckers like PornoDan and Mike Blaze in Florida and others who don’t give a fuck.

    Start sitting a protocol and , yes Organize a Adultworkers union for safety reasons and not the pay and benefits. That all will come later.

  26. I wasn’t aware of whether December 3 was the draw date or the date of results coming back.
    That’s why I asked my question.
    I didn’t intend to defend or accuse any sides, but this is a subject that’s of personal interest to me, and I wanted to know the facts.

  27. Straight side of the industry hires cross over talent and IV drug users to perform non-condom in films. Industry has ongoing HIV issue. Who would have ever seen that coming?

  28. That’s all caps, not bold.

    Wanting condoms to be truly optional is a good discussion point. Calling someone who may have just tested positive for HIV selfish and greedy, based on rumor and conjecture, is not.

  29. Tricia you make an interesting point here

    If we in the industry had to depend on AVN and XBiz for the facts here is what we would know.

    Someone last week tested positive for HIV

    I try very hard to get the facts that they refuse to release, in doing so i get blocked every step of the way (BY The FSC in particular.)

    I have to depend on like minded sources that are positioned to know and on performers and others who send me information that i have to sort out and determine what is and isnt fact. it is a tough job, and i dont have the staff that avn and xbiz do…I ask questions I contact people and sometimes I ask questions i know they cant or wont answer, its part of the job.

    I feel that performers deserve to know more at this point than someone tested positive a week ago.

    Some people even accussed me of bullying TJ into coming forward, most people with a brain didnt see it that way i was offering him an easier path than being outed. I have been doing this long enough to know that he was going to be outed and i had determined it wasnt going to be me, i would hold off and give him a chance. When it happened there was nothing more I could do.

    Imagine you are in my shoes and ask yourself how you would handle it. its ok if you choose to handle it differently I just suggest that you try to understand the dilemma from my perspective.

  30. Mike – just to clarify, I’m not saying that I believe you did anything wrong. One thing I might have done differently is use of the word ‘allegedly’ in this specific article.
    Personally, I’m disappointed that TJ is ‘demanding personal privacy’. If he has nothing to hide, he shouldn’t act like he does.
    When I got HIV, I attended an industry-wide AIM meeting and had to sit there with everyone looking at me, half of them probably wondering where I got it… and how dare I have brought it into their community. But you know what? I went to that meeting because I cared about the people I had come to think of as my family, and I wanted to be there to answer their questions face to face.
    I had nothing to hide, so I didn’t feel the need to hide.

  31. Oh i know im not implying that you said i did anything wrong and hindsight is always 20/20.

    we have had recent conversations and the fact that you have always been responsible and had the industry and the performers best interests at heart explain those conversations.

  32. Mike, you clearly have no understanding of how iPhone time/date stamps work. The date stamp is listed ABOVE the corresponding messages, not below. The only texts I see on Thursday the 5th are from her…he didn’t respond. Furthermore, any iPhone user would know how to pull up the individual time stamp for each and every message. The screencaps still prove jack shit. Are you CERTAIN that the dates he was marked “unavailable” weren’t the dates of the tests? I’m in no way on anyone’s side here…I just think you really jumped the gun on this one…as you did with the Xander/50-man gangbang & Sofia Delgado/Backpage escorting allegations. You’re throwing more fuel onto an already smoldering fire & your credibility is waning.

  33. “Pressley Carter contacted me”? Can you explain this? I saw you contact her via Twitter after she posted all of this publicly. Why act like you got a scoop and went “down a hole” when this was publicly posted info? Good info nonetheless.

  34. The only date on those texts is Thursday, presumably the December 5th. Those are only her texts though. We don’t know the gap between his last text and her December 5th text. Can someone clarify this? Am I misreading? Is there a date on the other texts?

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