The Performer That Tested Positive Is NOT Florida Based

Thats why I hold off on these things, I originally got a tip that he was Florida based as did at least one lesser site.  I held back on that to confirm, he didn’t.

Reliable sources are telling me that it IS an L.A. based performer, not a Florida one as has been reported elsewhere.  I am also told that the confirmatory test was done at CET. which also backs that up since CET has no FL facility, it closed a year ago.

He has worked in straight porn but I dont mean to imply that it is not a crossover performer  I dont have that info as yet.  I do know that it is not one of the popular male performers.


More as it breaks….

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The Performer That Tested Positive Is NOT Florida Based

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  1. It will be interesting to see who actually thinks the FSC moratorium applies to tomorrow or the following days. As unthinkable as it may sound, I am almost counting on a larger herd of people to turn to the mindset that HIV and STDs are just a cost of doing business.

  2. Well, if you think about it, the FSC has no authoritative powers. So, they can issue as many moritoriums as they like, but they can’t legally enforce anything…
    So, moritoriums are pretty much just a “suggestion.” No one has to do shit because the moritorium doesn’t really mean jack shit.

  3. PORN = Autonomous Affiliation

    We are self regulating…tax paying, law abiding citizens who bring lots of money into economy 🙂

  4. So how do you know the dude is LA based? If your correct and CET did the confirmatory test, then who did the initial test? I’d really like to know that, after all, the testing facility who did the initial test put me and the whole industry at risk by not coming forward and telling anyone about the HIV positive. I’d also like to know when was the initial test done, and why wasn’t anyone informed? I hope your reliable sources can answer my questions because I’d really like to know the reason for the cover up.

  5. AVN is reporting the stoppage was called after the first positive test. Mike do you have stats on how likely a false-positive is? If true it gives me slight hope for this person. AVN wasn’t really seeming 100% on the first test thing, but they did put it in writing and said others were reporting that.

  6. With all of this intel from Mike, It’s probably going to be only a matter of time before we find out who the HIV+ person is. With todays modern day media and facebook, twitter, etc. I just don’t see why adult performers won’t bite the bullet and sign onto a system where their healthcare is monitored by actual professional doctors and not scam doctors like the ones at CET, TTS and all the current testing services.

    Sure there are other problems outside of testing, but if there was one single data base where all this information was held, it would be a lot easier to quarantine those involved and not have to stop shooting everytime there is a scare.

    Partial responsibility goes to the actors/actresses involved. I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but I think the Adult World would be a lot better if people were responsible and actually treated the line of work as a job. Many guys and girls do escorting, which IMO is completely 100% OK so long as condoms are used and the clients are screened.

    Realistically we will never fully get rid of STDs anytime soon, and we aren’t getting rid of escorting anytime soon, so I think at this point it was to become a trust factor. Directors have to be able to trust performers, and Performers have to be selective as to which directors to work with. And performers need to realize that their job is actually requires them to not be promiscuous in their civi-lives otherwise you don’t risk just infecting yourself, but you risk infecting the entire adult population. Yah that may sound extreme, but wouldn’t you rather be safe than sorry?

    I’ll conclude by saying Agents need to completely step up their games as well. Too many girls have been getting fed to the wolves so to speak and it’s time for the REAL agents who actually work for the girls to step up take the reigns and bring Porn back to it’s glory days were girls were working 5x a week making at least 1K per shoot.

    Now it’s gotten so bad that people are going to probably start begging for stuff on twitter here soon with the Moratorium coming right around Xmas. The Adult Industry has too much $$$ in it for this kind of thing to be happening, and I hope someone other than Kazoo steps up and makes stuff actually happen to benefit this industry!

  7. is he another ATLMA bi-boy? Man, what a fucking mess that Spintcher in the ass took on with that agency. Sell it back to slick Shy and go back to shooting porn at Blazing studios with Spencer( Mr.Mucus).

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