The Male Performers Name Is Now Known


I have a confirmation on it as well.  Im going to hold off on releasing it and just say you know you cant keep this a secret, own it dont let it own you. best wishes to you man.


88660cookie-checkThe Male Performers Name Is Now Known

The Male Performers Name Is Now Known

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  1. @Kelly Shibari –
    How exactly do you propose to deal with the issue?
    Ok, let’s say someone was infected with HIV through escorting…

    Now what……?

  2. The flip side of that argument that it is irresponsible to know and not tell people when there is even the slightest chance that all of the people he exposed have NOT been notified, and we know from past history that is almost certainly the case. Sometimes in this biz I have to walk a very very fine line between doing the right thing and making a mistake.

    Performers have an obligation to each other to be transparent in these situations. In the past we have had first generation exposures who never got notified that they had been exposed and didnt know until the persons name came out, that happened at least twice with Cameron bay for example.

    That makes it far from pointless and it makes it arguably cruel for the performer NOT to come forward.

  3. Well Mike, if you intend to out the guy then out him already. What’s the point of this post? Is it a teaser to drive up traffic? Some kind of pressure tactic to get a statement from him?

  4. If it were you, how would you want to be treated? If you were already cooperating with PASS and informing them of who you worked with? It would be cruel if the performer were to not work with PASS, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. If the performer wants to disclose their status it, it should be up to them — not the internet to out them. You know what these witch hunts look like, and how hateful people can be. And what if you have the name wrong? What happens to that performer?

  5. random question but if there were a lot of ‘off camera exposures’ don’t you think the public has a right to know? it’s good that the industry is notifying partners but what about any tricks he may have turned? its just as important for them to get medical treatment asap…witholding the name doesn’t help anyone.

  6. @rkat,
    The only way for ALL of the people exposed to this person to be notified depends on the infected person being honest. It is the legal duty of the DOCTOR who diagnosed the disease to make those notifications, and the doctor simply asks the infected person for a list of names, thats all he can do.
    Its almost funny how FSC can be given information, such as, all the contacts have been nofitied,,which is a HIPPA violation, but then the same FSC cries HIPPA PRIVACY when county health is involved.

    You would also be amazed how many performers cannot name everyone they have worked with in the last two months, let alone all the tricks they’ve turned. But more often than not they used condoms turning those tricks.

  7. mikestabile I couldn’t agree with you more, everyone should respect the persons privacy. But were talking about porn here. If the infected person gives the Dr the names of there last contacts why not let the Dr do his job. Really what good is it to throw the name out there, that person has gone through enough.

  8. There’s an interesting augment brewing up on twitter between Crossover performer Chirstianxxx1 and ex performer Victoria Tyler. Christianxxx1 claims to not have done a gay scene since 2003. Christianxxx1 “I have not done a single gay porn scene since 2003” Victoria says “tranny porn is gay porn. Penis=man. Breast implants and hormones don’t change that.”
    Christianxxx1 reply is “u forgot to add in your opinion bc it’s not shared by the agents, AVN, and all the companies genius”

    So the question, is Tranny porn gay? And or is Christianxxx delusional in thinking that he is doing strait scenes and not cross over scenes? is it not homosexual behavior?

  9. He has been outed…I had hoped it wouldnt come to this but too many people knew so it was bound to happen.

    It is my understanding that he is in a rather fragile condition at the moment, I have done everything I can to get him in touch with people who can help him. Its out of my hands now

  10. I have always figured it not as a chick with a dick but as a guy with tits. but in reality do we know that trannys pose the same high risk as gays? I can see it either way and Im not tranny bashing by any means. i think the bottom line is particularly that if we are going to be diverse in our acceptance of everyone condoms are the only viable answer

  11. If you can’t deal with the consequences of your actions, get out of the business right now. Not you personally, but everyone in the biz as a whole. People need to know if they were exposed, and if the only way of doing that is via outlets such as Mike’s site, then so be it. As painful as this may be for the guy who caught it, he needs to own it and cowboy up, because there are more lives at stake now than just his.

  12. Christian takes cocks in his ass. He can call it whatever he needs to in order to help him sleep at night, but there isn’t much left to argue when there is a penis thrusting in and out of your a-hole. And I’m not slamming him for that, but it is what it is. When another person’s penis is in your mouth or in your ass, you’re not shooting a straight scene.

  13. @DWB

    You didn’t consider yourself notified of potential HIV exposure without a name? Is it just first generation folks who need to test? And can you explain why this individuals sixth and fourteenth amendment rights should be tossed out the window to notify the industry that if they exercised their first amendment right to creative expression (on or off set) risking exposure every time…how the lives at stake became more important than the one who paid ultimate price without added burden of perpetual media coverage every time HIV rears it’s ugly head?

    Not trying to be a bitch…really want to understand, and will appreciate whatever response you give.

  14. @ricco

    Damn that’s good..wish I read it before I pissed away time researching HIPPA and partner notification services 🙂

  15. Christian is nothing more than a middle man pimp, a $400 mope, he works for Derrick Hey and the other escort agencies. The beef he had with Derick a while back was because he was going around Derricks back and booking his girls for escort work without paying Derrick his due. His hustle is that if girls do content with him he will then in turn get them escort gigs, they pay him 30% of what they make. Or he gets some kind of finders fee from the TLC. Most of the girls on his clip for sale site are hardcore escorts. The guy is a real scumbag.

  16. This really sucks…whoever outed the name deserves a cement dildo permanently placed in twat or shriveling dick disease for whatever justified your pea brain into kicking someone when they were down cuz you wanted to know, or wanted other people to know…fuck already knew you had a chance of disease…if you were exposed it’s too damn late now…get tested!

    Someone please explain to me why or how porn justifies heaping perpetual media onto this persons plate? They got hit with news of lifelong catastrophic illness requiring daily medication to even dream of working to make the cash to stay healthy and lost the career they counted on in the same day…then some asshole has to tell the whole fucking world…it’s their fault for doing what half the world of porn is doing but says they don’t condone? That’s fubar!

    Someone please tell me how it makes a difference if a performer posts an individual profile to service clients or their agent books them for exclusive private party? Client forking out enough to make it worth performer and agents time is prolly thinking they are more entitled to BB than the client booking off a performer site, they are paying enough after all.

    Does the fact that they both did same thing to make ends meet go away when an agent gets a cut, pays dues to FSC who isn’t doing shit except blaming the performer who’s constitutional rights just got thrown down the toilet in the name of curiosity aka industry right to know…

    Y’all aren’t boxes of rocks…you’re testing every two weeks or 30 days because there’s ALWAYS a risk and aren’t worried until you get to name the culprit to determine how they did it to themselves?

    Damn this pisses me off..probably need to get laid and feel better 🙂

  17. @billy

    Of course the licensed agent got pissed when he lost income to an unregulated and unlicensed pimp booking his talent and stealing his cut of the pie. Pissed that the guy isn’t forking out all he has to so he can even appear to be in compliance with regs.

    Do they have talent sign a standard model release for escorting gigs they set up ..ya know cuz they’re such swell guys trying to help talent make ends meet..Or some affiliate contract forcing talent to cough up the representation fee? For high profile do they have client sign contract guaranteeing them another piece of the pie for booking fees?

    Too bad neither one of them is kicking back some of that pie to cover the tests the performer/escort needs to know if one of the clients they serviced gave them lifelong gift vs cash tip to offset the big chunk of pie owed when performer didn’t post and book on their own.

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