The Lies Never Stop From The FSC

The lies Never Stop From the FSC

In their most current press release They state:

“As with Cameron Bay and Rod Daily, all evidence points to private exposure to virus, which was identified before entering the performer pool by existing protocols.”

before entering the performer pool?

Are you fucking serious?  The list of first generation exposures who have worked in or currently work in porn is in the dozens.

XBiz runs this with no questions asked?  Helmy are you REALLY  this fucking sorry?  I expect this shit from AVN but you too?  You should hang your fucking head in SHAME for this travesty that YOU KNOW is a complete falsehood,

XBiz is proving itself to be as scummy and maybe scummier than AVN…I am disgusted with them.

Now you want the truth…here it comes.

Sofia Delgado was scheduled to co-operate and determine if she has the same strain of the virus that Rod and Cameron have, because the virus mutates so quickly this can be determined with a 99+% degree of accuracy.

Delgado has since chosen to disappear instead.


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The Lies Never Stop From The FSC

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47 Responses

  1. Sofia Delgado, Cameron Bay and Rod Daily are all friends from AZ. I don’t think she has not disappeared, she has just chosen to stay out of the limelight. I for one think that the FSC did a ok job handling this one.

  2. Well, I guess it comes down to three possibilities:
    1. She was paid off to keep her fucking mouth shut.
    2. She was threatened and bullied into keeping her fucking mouth shut.
    3. She is being used as a pawn by either side in this FSC vs. AHF battle. Although, I haven’t seen anything to suggest she has been in contact with the AHF?

    If she was cooperating with the FSC and knew her name would be released, then something substantial had to have happened to make her “vanish.”

    Maybe she decided to go hide out with Alex Gonz? So, she was cooperating with the FSC and then mysteriously decided to go into hiding.. wow, that doesn’t have cover up written all over it…. Are they even trying to make the cover ups look convincing at this point? Or, are they just used to not getting challenged on these issues?
    I don’t know? It still seems like everyone is just sitting back and waiting for them to bury themselves and I think that is probably the absolute best strategy at this point…

  3. Scary, looks like she was on a bondage site shoot and the same director worked with a few popular girls for the next month after it, all doing rough scenes, including after the cameron bay moratorium. I wonder if those performers have all been notified?

  4. The FSC handled this one ok? Are you serious?
    She was supposed to get tested to determine whether she had the same strain of the virus as Cameron and Rod for the sole purpose of DETERMINING WHETHER IT WAS POSSIBLY AN ON-SET TRANSMISSION. There is no other reason they would even test the strains unless they were trying to determine whether the strains were identical to say that all 3 people were irresponsible and got it off-set. So, from what I gather the FSC seems to have no answer about whether the strain is the same as Cameron or Rod, but they release a press release telling everyone it’s not an on-set transmission when they don’t even know whether her strain is the same as Cameron or Rod? Why would she need to disappear? Is it because she doesn’t want to know whether she may have the same strain as her AZ friends, Cameron and Rod?
    What would she have to lose by finding this information out? Who wouldn’t want to know this information about a disease they have contracted? I would think anyone with a brain would want every piece of information available just for treatment purposes?

    Oh well, can’t do that since she has just vanished into space….
    And, I’m just ranting at this point. This shit is un-fucking-believable.

  5. @Lacey: And we don’t even know who performer # 4 is yet..
    I wonder if a gunshot will mysteriously go off if FSC finds out who it is???
    And then that person “will disappear”… 😉

    The situation is so bizarre I can’t help but laugh anymore.
    But I agree with you…I think everyone is just sitting back and waiting.

  6. @Lacey. Your on the outside looking from where ever it is your from. Everyone IN THE BIZ knows it happened off set. Cameron and Sofia are best friends, Rod is Cameron’s boyfriend. Yes they stopped everyone from working and contained the situation. What did you or Mike do? Nothing. Thank you.

  7. I’m so fucking confused by the endless about of bullshit that I don’t even know if there is a #4 at this point? At one point there was a #4 and then, I believe, the FSC came out saying they had no information on a #4… but, I can’t even remember who said there was a #4 to begin with? I think it was the AHF?

  8. It was AHF..They said it was a guy.. I don’t think AHF is lying. Why would they do that??? And when has the FSC ever told the truth about anything??? I think there is definitely a #4 and probably a 5, 6, 7 and 8.

  9. I will be the first one to admit that anyone IN THE BIZ knows way more than I do…
    What I’m completely not understanding is HOW DO YOU KNOW IT HAPPENED OFF-SET? Everyone just keeps saying “it happened off-set,” but no one can answer what proof there is to make that statement a fact?
    So, what proof is there to determine whether it happened on-set or off-set? The only thing I can think of is trusting that the FSC has located every single 1st and 2nd gen. and they have all tested negative.
    The FSC can’t even keep track of #3?
    Also, why is it that everyone says the same fucking thing about “You’re not IN THE BIZ” so you wouldn’t know or understand anything? Is it that fucking corrupt that the ONLY people who could possibly understand “THE BIZ” are the people who are actually “IN THE BIZ?”
    The simple fact is no one ever questions “THE BIZ” because it’s so fucking ass backwards and corrupt and if someone actually questions certain aspects then we all get the same stupid fucking response “YOU KNOW NOTHING BECAUSE YOU’RE NOT IN THE BIZ…”
    Why don’t you try to tell the IRS that and see what they say…
    I never realized an entire industry that is based on sucking and fucking was THAT fucking hard to understand??? It’s definitely complicated just like every other fucking industry out there, but I can assure you people who aren’t “IN THE BIZ” may know more than you do….
    Hate to break it to you, but it’s not the fucking CIA.

  10. Lacey, as you have seen, the industry just makes statements, they never answer questions. Dianne Duke puts out her press releases, the media regurgitates them, and thats it, no questions. If you dare question them, then you are accused of hiding a secret agenda to end all of porn.

    the industry has been preaching to its own choir for so long they cant tell the truth from a jelly donut.

    The industry loves to call Michael Weinstien all kinds of names, but when anyone in the industry catches HIV they just call Michael Weinstien.

  11. Yeah, how does anyone know for sure that it happened off set??
    because FSC said so??? We know how honest they are.

    And, if according to Diane Duke, Sofia Delgado never worked with Cameron Bay and Rod Daily. Where did she get the HIV bug from??? And what makes you think whoever gave it to her isn’t around giving it to others???

    And, is this Dr Miao of cutting edge even a real doctor??
    he sounds corrupt.
    There are more questions regarding this HIV situation…then there are in regards to the Kennedy assassination. 😀 bizarre

  12. As far as I know, it didnt happen on set, because Cameron never worked with Rod, and neither of them worked with Sofia., on set. Not to say they didnt have a few three ways here or there in their personal life.
    As far as a fourth, AHF it could be as simple as someone from the gay side. AHF are sneaky. I dont see anything to wrong with the way they handled it. The only thing I would say is DO NOT GET TESTED at CNET blood pooling should be illegal. That is a whole other topic.

  13. Dr. Miaos credentials are beyond reproach. Dont blame the testing center because the INDUSTRY doesnt know how to handle the consequences of their actions. Would you blame the doctor if he told you you have cancer.

    Directly from the CET website, right on the first page. “This test is only as good as the day your blood is drawn. A person could get tested today, and get HIV tomorrow, and still have a negative test until the next time they test in 30 days.”

    What more does the guy need to say? Dont blame the messanger when you dont like the message. Leave the INDUSTRY politics out of the doctors office. It is thePORN INDUSTRY that doesnt know how to handle this, not the medical industry.

  14. see brian thats why you shouldnt listen to diane duke. The truth is that Sofia did a content shoot for her site with Rod Daily

    Now does that count as an on set exposure or no and why does it matter if it was on set or not once anyone in the talent pool is exposed

  15. Brian, please tell us what you know about blood pooling that you didnt learn from Rob Black.
    Tell us why it should be illegal Brian.

    This is the exact type of shit that is typical of the industry. People who are clueless about these types of things making these types of ignorant statements.

    And when youre done educating us on pooling brian maybe you could tell us about the wokings of the PCR thermocycler, and how the sensitivity and specificity of the pcr sample are affected by the random possibility of cross contamination. Then explain to us the legality of usng a PCR test as a diagnostic tool, and dont forget to mention the required parallel testing of the p24 antigen, and a complete western blot to diagnose an HIV patient.

  16. While I admit I found Rob’s blood pooling segment hysterical with Stagliano stirring the cauldron (It’s not AIDSY enough yet) and screaming at Karen it isn’t bad. The only bad part about it is that people were paying full price for it. I imagine the AHF does blood pooling, but they aren’t charging it as an individual testing.

    Did anyone see that Cameron started her own crowd sourcing project to pay for medical bills? Was this needed? When is the FSC going to start doing this? They could take a good cut.

  17. While none of the on set partners have contracted the virus, the fact is they were exposed to it, ON SET.

    OSHA regulation 5193 states that AFTER someone is exposed to OPIM in the workplace, it is the duty of the employer to offer testing for several diseases, including HIV and HEP C, and treatment if anyone is found to be positive.

  18. In a place of business exposure is just as bad as contracting. You are correct Jilted. Producers do not have to worry about that so they will take risks that put others in danger.

  19. Brian, claiming you know she didn’t catch it on the set because she didn’t work with Rod or Cameron is flawed logic considering that, without testing her strain, we don’t know in all certainty that she even caught it from one of them. Or, she could have caught it on the set, and gave it to Rod privately.

  20. Haven’t you been reading about Dr. Miao. The industry should feel very lucky to have him. Haven’t you read his bio? Across the street from CET is Sherman Oaks hospital, he was Chief of Staff there (you can’t get higher then that) not to mention hes a consultant for the world renoun Grossman Burn Center. He’s a infectious disease Dr specializing in HIV (what better Dr for the industry) Instead of questioning Dr Miao’s credentials why don’t you ask yourself who would start all these rumors and why. It has to be someone with knowledge of a lab, and we know its not CET, so who does that leave, perhaps TTS. Wake up do you really think Dr Miao would put anyone at risk?

  21. One issue here that I am not seeing is the question of “patient zero”, aka “the source”. Someone had to bring the infection to the table, it doesn’t just magically appear out of thin air.

    For me, this is where the “hiding” part makes me wonder – is it the same strain or not? If it is, is this the “before Rod or after Rod” version? Basically, who came to the game dirty, and gave it to everyone else?

    There is no certainty at this point, which is part of the problem, but someone hiding makes me wonder exactly WHAT they are hiding.

  22. Well, DUH, Xander Corvus already let everyone know that birds don’t shit HIV out of their asses… 😉
    But, really, we’re only talking about 3 people at this point. Could you imagine it being 20 or even 50 people? I guess this could be a very real possibility?

  23. The distance from 3 to 50 isn’t really that far, which is a real problem. For the moment we have 3 (maybe 4) cases, and each of them has X number of partners, and they in turn had Y partners. At this point the number of people involved is 3X plus Y direct and indirect contacts, which can easily be 50 people. 50 isn’t far off, really!

  24. LOL, No I ve never seen or heard the any of Robs show.
    However, I worked for an HIV clinic for years. ABout five years ago we almost went to that system, however they choose not too. The reasons why they didn’t? I am not sure, I was told it different reasons. Now I will admit I do not know all the details, and I very well mistaken, and shouldn’t have said it. It was an ignorant statement on my behave.

  25. Dirt, I said as far as I know – She didn’t. No where did I come close to saying yes I know for a fact that it wasnt on set.

    all I said as far as I know she didnt catch it on set because they hadnt worked with each other.. Even if they had the same strain they could have gotten from their personal lives.

    However apparently they did a content shoot together.

  26. jw: according to Cameron Bay, Dr Miao gave her medical records to John Stagliano, who proceeded to call her to inform Cameron of her high viral content. Stagliano knew of her results before she did. THAT’S ILLEGAL. You know, the whole Dr/patient confidentially thing. It’s against the HIPAA Law. If what Cameron said is true…then this guy should have his medical license taken away and she could probably sue him….. this was the reason Rod Daily didn’t go to CET or Talent Testing when he had his test…I believe he even tweeted about it.

    I believe he was also one of the doctors who said it was ok to lift the moratorium when he wasn’t.

    I think he sounds shady.

  27. @ Billy Watson
    Are you out for yourself or
    Out for the Talent at all. Billy
    Are you going broke too?
    In Canoga Park?

  28. Mike you really need to stop going by here say and rumors bro. “The truth is that Sofia did a content shoot for her site with Rod Daily” Sofia Delgado never had a website. Stop lying.

  29. Question for Bay. Did she use a condom with her boyfriend Rod Daily in their private life? Why is no one asking her that question? Did she use a condom with her GAY boyfriend Rod Daily? Having a relationship for two years, were condoms used? Even though he was performing in gay movies the whole time. I’m guessing that they didn’t use condoms.

  30. If it is safe to have sex without a condom on a porn set with someone who has a 25 day old test and is a crossover performer, then why is it not safe to have sex in your home under the same circumstances?

    Extremely funny when Peter Ackworth says that all his gay shoots use condoms, so their is no way anybody caught anything on his sets, but when it comes to the hetero shoots condoms can break and dont offer any protection.

  31. For what it’s worth, Cameron looked really familiar to me, minus the whole Mohawk thing. I realized I’d seen her when she was just starting out on GloryHoleSwallow, where she did two scenes. She was a really sweet kid in those videos. This is tragic.

  32. And you should to better research there Billy, she was at the XBiz sow soliciting people to shoot her in “content swaps” ya see you have to have content before you can have a site. and yes she shot with Rod and others. But this is just arguing semantics where she got it is pretty irrelevant after the fact. Itd be good to know but it isnt the over-riding question….If she got HIV or anything else and se exposed someone in porn to it thats a porn exposure no matter how you look at it.

  33. Well well well miss Kate, you sound just like Rob Black. Why in the hell would Dr Miao risk his license of 35 yrs to give out Cameron’s Bays results? Be real, I’m sure you have some kind of brain, so use it. BTW you have Cameron, Rod and Sophia but no one else has got HIV so that tells me it was passed around outside the business in there personal life.

  34. @jw
    Still too early to tell if no one else has HIV. There is talk of a 4th. Also, Xander Corvus isn’t even out of the blue nor is anyone else who worked with the three. It can take up to 3 months for a test to show positive.

  35. The HIV antibody test takes that long, the HIV RNA test is as early as 10 to 14 days. I know when I used to test at AIM they did the PCR DNA and it took 14 days and from what I hear the RNA is a earlier detection test also its FDA approved unlike the PCR test.

  36. I use CET and I always will, you couldn’t ask for a better Dr and as for the 3 ladies that work there they’ve been taking care of me for years. Now about blood pulling I asked them if they do that and they insured me there lab does not. They also told me to look at the accession number on each test, there different it goes in sequences if they pooled blood specimens, the numbers would be the same. So its just another lie that TTS is spreading. Really now who other then TTS would even know about blood pulling it had to of come from someone with knowledge of it! It also sounds like your concerned about the cost of testing, they told me the lab is the one who sets the price, basically they can’t go below what the state is willing to pay (remember CET doesn’t own the lab there a Dr’s office.) But I do know that TTS owns there own lab, you might want to ask them what they spend there money on, I mean all there specimens there getting, and they only have 2 employees in Northridge. The overhead can’t be that much. But even that’s not enough, I just read Sixto and Shy were in the UK trying to get more business.

  37. Mike…I get the feeling she’s going to sue..if she does whether it was a mistake or not, this Doctor is screwed….by the way…do you know that Rod Daily said he never met Sofia Delgado??
    He tweeted yesterday “I must have missed something because never in my life have I ever even shared space or met Delgado.” That’s interesting.

  38. JW,
    the 10-15 day window perdiod is a best case scenario. The test has been known to catch HIV as early as 10 days, but that doesnt mean it will. The “pCR” test as you call it is not a test by itself, PCR is the method of testing, just like Elisa is a method of testing, not a specific test. PCR method tests have a 95% accuracy at the 28 day mark.

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