The Latest on The HIV Positive Performer

I just got off the phone with someone directly involved…heres the latest

She was not scheduled to shoot with but the story leaked out from Kink making it appear there was more of a connection.

She has not yet gotten the confirmatory test results. According to my source all of her 1st generation and on set exposures have been notified and are retesting.

When the confirmatory test comes back I am told that they will get in front of it, that there will be transparency.

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The Latest on The HIV Positive Performer

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  1. Now the guessing games begin. I sent an email to Mike about a ride I recently had with a random gay male pornstar in San Francisco. I will leave it up to Mike whether he wants to post it or not, but pretty much I am 99.9% sure this female performer got this HIV from sleeping with someone who also performs in the gay side of porn.

    The only way Straight Porn will continue to succeed is if the female pornstars become more picky and say no to sleeping with guys that do both gay and straight films. Anyone who does both should be blacklisted immediately.

  2. @mdxx,
    One major problem, the only people who could possibly blacklist any crossover performer are the same people who are knowingly hiring them on a daily basis.

  3. Here we go again a female tests positive in the heterosexual porn world and it has to be someone who’s gay that passed it on to her…Give me a break already, let’s blame gay people for everything wrong in the world, why not we’re easy targets. Has to be the gays who are to blame for the Ebola outbreak in Africa, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

  4. @davenet

    This is exactly why the industry needs to implement a standard protocol that applies to all performers. Performers working for TIM will no longer be advertising they are either HIV+ or don’t care if they get it because those with HIV would need a suppressed viral load to be eligible. Raising the bar of eligibility to HIV- or suppressed viral load means less stigma for the increasing number of crossover performers who are held to same standards as heterosexual.

    Maybe I’m naive but can’t get on board that crossover meeting same testing criteria is more risky than straight performer having anal sex here there and everywhere.

  5. TIM as in Treasure Island Media? This was a straight performer first of all and I don’t think any performer who works for Treasure Island is stupid enough to think that their costars are all negative. Performers should be able to be open about their HIV status. And not be treated like outcasts because they are HIV+.

  6. I may be wrong – and this is porn, where the normal rules seem never to apply – but I do not believe it would be legal to exclude gay performers from participating in heterosexual scenes strictly because they are gay. You cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation.

    In fact, the industry’s argument about why condoms are not required (even though such protections would be required in any other industry) is that it doesn’t matter who performs or what is their status because the testing protocols will catch it.

    Now, porn could probably discriminate if it wishes because no performer or group of performers is likely to get their acts together and file a class action suit. But, I am certain it would be patently discriminatory on its face to have an industry policy that states that homosexual or bisexual performers cannot participate in heterosexual scenes.

  7. The TESTING did not PREVENT anyone on the qlist from being EXPOSED in the workplace.

    This is how the system works,,,,,after having multiple unprotecd sex partners for 14 days you go and get tested to see if you caught something. You dont get tested BEFORE you work, you get tested AFTER you work. The testing system is like the industry bathtub, you clean up after you get dirty, not before.

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