The Fourth HIV Positive Is:

A figment of radaronlines imagination.  I have good evidence now that that particular story was a plant,  It seems they misquoted Michael Weinstein as well since he hasn’t verified this fourth positive for any other “news source”

Considering Radaronline is owned by American Media….thats the National Enquirer to you  it comes as no surprise that they would be involved in bullshit.

Remember they also reported the third performer was a male and 13 actresses had been quarantined  we now know that was bullshit as well.



83470cookie-checkThe Fourth HIV Positive Is:

The Fourth HIV Positive Is:

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  1. Mike,apparently performer #4 does exist. AHF is going to be featuring him at a press conference today at 10.
    I guess the moratorium won’t be lifted on Friday now???

  2. I have a hunch this performer isn’t connected to the other three and has likely been HIV+ for some time. Just AHF taking advantage of the current situation for some free press coverage.

  3. AHF is saying performer # four was recently infected…
    Rod Daily and Cameron Bay are also going to be at the conference.

  4. I wonder if the 3rd performer was actually this male and the 4th performer was “Sofia?” They just got switched?

    Hmm.. I wonder if #4 tested out of state?

  5. It’s possible … they got switched…
    Rod daily said on twitter he never met Sofia. Maybe Sofia contracted HIV from performer #4. And where did Sofia go???

  6. Wouldn’t doubt that at all… This seems extremely politically calculated… especially right before the moratorium is supposed to be lifted.
    But, as has been stated on here before… the AHF seems to be sitting back waiting for the FSC to act and then coming out with details after the fact, therefore keeping the FSC constantly on the defense. One of the oldest and most effective political strategies out there….

  7. I agree with you. This is definitely calculated. I doubt the moratorium is going to be lifted now. Although I guess it doesn’t matter because apparently evil angel has been filming anyway.

  8. Like him or not, Michael Weinstien is a master politician. He has taken on the pharmacutical industry several times and wins every time. The porn industry is abuout as politically savy as Foghorn Leghorn, and is no match for Weinstien. Who do you really think is going to win this battle in the long run, Dianne Duke and the FSC, with an annual warchest of 500,000 dollars, of which over 25% goes directly to dianne Duke, or AHF and their mutli MILLIONS of dollars and their team of medical experts, media experts and lawyers? This is like the Dodgers playing against the Little League Champs.

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