Patient Zero Is

What is troubling is that he tested positive and still worked, that is undisputed  what is disputed is whether he tested negative after testing positive using the same methodology.

A positive test should ALWAYS be confirmed with a Western Blot no matter if its PCR or ELISA, retesting with another test that isn’t Western Blot doesn’t mean anything.

Only the Western Blot can confirm a positive test.

The really fucked up part is the Director also reportedly knew that Tyler had tested positive, but let him work on the basis that it was believed it was a false positive.

It is being said that Tyler is being retested via Western Blot to confirm his results and that the results of that test are not back yet.

I do hope he is negative but this should be a lesson to everyone either way.

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Patient Zero Is

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  1. Mike I guess I’m dumb, but who is this guy? I googled him and couldn’t find a thing about him online. If he was working in gay porn, perhaps his gay porn name might turn up more results?

  2. Where did common sense go for Director who not doctor give go head to let Tyler work. This realy falls on director not Tyler for let him work. But if this true this not go well for porn no matter where made play right hands FSC. This well have effect once main stream media get hold this.

  3. Mike, how is what you’ve done here any different than what PWL did — ESPECIALLY in light of your anti-crossover remarks?

    You just outed (or attempted to — I don’t know if your info is correct) someone who for all any of us know is no longer performing and not on RentBoy like Derrick Burts.

    For all any of us know he is cooperating and helping formulate the list of performers and producers with whom he worked (the list had to have come from somewhere, right?).

    This man — whether he is the patient in question or not — has a RIGHT to medical privacy.

    Remember when we were appalled at PWL for what they did — which INCLUDED outing Derrick Burts as Patient Zeta.

    You can gussy it up any way you like, and rationalize it — yer real good at that — but it’s still irresponsible.

    Who does this help?

  4. It might help porn stars work with this person who may or may not have Hiv. May keep dease from spread if people work with person go check make sure not exposed Hiv. May prevent what happen with frist report case hiv which Marc Wallice went work have hiv gave other it before remove from porn when truth accept about him about him. What irresponsible this guy was allowed work after know he might have hiv allowed from last porn safty measure in porn director work who turn out care more about get his shot than health safty of porn set. What irresponsible was this allowed happen at all. What irresponsible not leting people who work with this person know that might want go get self check see if they have Hiv. That irresponsible that fact all other stuff window dressing take from fact but not gone do much when main stream press get hold story. All spining in world not gone help this story.

  5. IF a director did what Mike wrote above — which has NOT been shown — he should be sued by everyone and run out of town on a rail. That’s IF the story is accurate.

  6. It seems you can’t trust either test results or producers! I’ll place my trust in the latex condom, at least I know where I stand, its one thing I can control!!!!

  7. All the other shit aside. . . once again the “system” worked! Patient Zero was found out and performers that worked with him/her were given notice and are being quarantined.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s through the FSC’s A-Piss system or TTS or whatever. The system obviously still workedl, even while everyone involved in these new systems they want in place (like FSC and AHF) are still fighting over the scraps of money they think they will make from testing adult performers or selling them condoms.

    If a producer is willing to sacrifice the safety of their performers by letting someone that may be positive work, then that’s another matter and that doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the system. That’s another topic and should be addressed by everyone in the industry that is involved with that producer. However, it does not mean the system is not working, only that some asshole doesn’t want to work within that system.

  8. Because, of course, condoms never leak or break or slip off. They’re fool proof!!

    You know what, given the choice of having condom-less sex with someone who can show me a current test then and there, and condom sex with someone who has NO test and who might well be HIV+, I’ll take the former.

    If you don’t have a current test from a respectable lab, I wouldn’t fuck you with three condoms.

  9. @BlackAndBlueMedia — Agreed, that if a producer flaunts his/her responsibility he/she is at fault. The same goes for producers who will accept tests from shady labs that have no protocols in place for medical follow-up, or exposure incident protocols. And the same goes for those labs; they are entrusted with the health of the people who test there and they KNOW that the patient, the producers, and the fellow performers will be relying upon those tests.

  10. Michael you are sooo wrong about condoms! The world health organization considers condoms the most effective way to prevent sexually transmitted infections. What does a test prove? Its a piece of paper that apparently producers are willing to DISREGARD.
    As a woman, I know I have control when I insist on condoms!

  11. The W.H.O.? Really?

    Yes, in the third world where there are often no nearby hospitals or testing facilities, condoms are better than nothing. However, we’re talking about adult production.

    I’ve been on hundreds of adult production sets, only a handful of which were condom sets, and I’ve personally seen condoms fail three times. Three times out of maybe ten sets. Now of course that’s my anecdotal experience, but you won’t be convincing me any time soon of the viability of condoms as an effective defense against STIs.

    Condom use can REDUCE the risk of chlamydia, much like for gonorrhea. Herpes and HPV only require skin-to-skin contact so if the skin is not covered by a condom, transmission is possible.

    Here’s a quote from Nina Hartey, who’s done well over a thousand scenes since 1984:

    “Due to the nature of porn sex as opposed to civilian sex, condoms make our job harder and put us at greater risk. While it seems counter-intuitive to say that using condoms on camera increases our risk, it remains true. First, porn sex lasts 40 to 60 minutes. In real life intercourse usually lasts under 10 minutes. Even with the use of lube eventually there is ‘condom wear’ or ‘condom burn’ for the woman. This can create micro abrasions in the vagina or anal canal, exposing her to potential pathogens. Intact skin is the best first line of defense. Even frequent changes of condom don’t change this fact. If the guy is exceptionally well-endowed the problem only gets worse. Since condoms decrease sensation in the man, both partners must work harder to maintain his erection, adding yet another layer of difficulty to an already difficult day…. The primary reason civilians need condoms is to prevent HIV and pregnancy. In porn we don’t [usually] ejaculate internally, so those concerns are mitigated. Most women are on birth control and HIV is killed upon exposure to oxygen. The much-maligned ‘pop shot’ actually has saved many, many lives, as it turns out. Condoms don’t protect against chlamydia, herpes, HPV (genital warts) or MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus).”

    Best of luck to you, Tammy, with that whole “control” thing. I hope it works out for you.

  12. The guy was test found have Hiv than director who should not let make porn movie used him know that fact beleave that he knew better than some hiv test. So test did not fail condom would not matter in this cae becuase had Hiv all ready would safe guard nothing. But what fail was system to safe guard other porn stars on set becuase as soon director made decision ingor test it took way any safe guard that test provide. If porn director gone ingor safty measure provide buy hiv test than test did nothing provide safty that should have. Looks like got negligent conduct make porn movie. If true in story get used word court term you well see alot of in this caes.

  13. @tammyfoxxx – And what happens when the condom breaks or slips off, which happens up to 12% of the time?

  14. Michael W., I have to agree that testing is safer than condoms. No piece of rubber is going to survive an hour of intense sex, I support the right to use condoms but they just weren’t made for that activity. I also hate the outside pop shot just as much as the rest of you but since finding out that Tricia Deveraux was likely infected with HIV by an anal internal pop I believe that outside pop shots are safer and warranted. It is easier to wipe up sperm off of skin with a baby wipe than to treat HIV from internal pop shots (and dufuses that ignore positive test results).

    I certainly hope Tyler is actually negative for HIV but still he was irresponsible for working with a prelim positive result and the director was assinine for allowing it to happen (with Mike South’s reputation for being spot on with his reports, I unfortunately believe this Brazzers incident actually happened)!

  15. @mharris127 – We usually use condoms for production with shemales and on average go through 2 – 6 per scene. They break, slip off, talent needs a break so a new one is needed when they start again, and so on. But the point is, at least one will break, and there are several factors that can cause it to break. Lack of lube being one of them. All it takes is a little dryness and a hard stroke or two, and you’re barebacking.

    Everything has risks. Some more than others. There is no perfect solution. All you can do is educate the performers the best you can and let them, who are all adults, make make their own decision. They then have to live with that decision, possibly for the rest of their life. If they don’t want to take the risk, don’t step foot into the hardcore side of the business. No group is going to save you, and very few people are going to look out for your best interest. It’s that simple.

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