Nobody Else Is Currently positive

I have heard a lot of rumors that a recent Hep c Positive performer is also HIV positive.  That is simply not correct.   As of now only Cameron bay and Rod Daily have tested positive and both have come forward.  Rumors of a third are not based in fact.


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Nobody Else Is Currently positive

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  1. But one thing is for certain. There is somebody else in this equation. It is very likely that Rod infected Cameron,given their relationship, but that leaves the question, who infected Rod?

  2. @jilted: That’s what I’ve been thinking. For all we know it could be a gloryhole encounter or someone he worked with.

    I saw something on the news today about a guy in jail because he was HIV positive and claimed to have sex with over 300 without telling them.

    I highly doubt that is a token case among the gay population. That is not a knock against the gay community, but men. Let’s face it. Men are pigs. Wait… Doesn’t the gay community have a group called pigs that do bareback? Oh yeah. They do. Nevermind then.

    There is someone else out there. It could be someone with HIV on viral meds trying to pay for them with a large wang. Then again, wasn’t that what Rod Daily was doing?

    Kink says it doesn’t test gay performers. (Or they declined to say that they do) Have they all been tested?

  3. I am FAR from being a doctor or an HIV expert so this may be a completely ridiculous question, but would it matter who tested positive first?
    Cameron released her positive results a few weeks ago and Rod has said his test came up positive just last week?

    I guess what I’m wondering is why would it be assumed that Rod gave it to Cameron? Just because he did gay porn or is there some other reason?

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