New HIV Performer That Tested Positive

Word coming through is that it is a female performer and it was indeed a shoot

For the time being I am going to with hold further info and give her and her agency the chance to make a statement.

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New HIV Performer That Tested Positive

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  1. And this is how long after the Vegas “incident”? People at Kink are anything but my good friends, but i have learnt to rise my eyebrows before perfectly timed coincidences.
    Said this, i would like to make you all a question once again, if you all would be so kind to answer without prejudice: what if all the people involved in such shooting would have been rapidly tested on set before the shooting took place? 10 bucks per test…i mean: 10 BUCKS PER TEST.

  2. 5 Gold Stars for Sabrina!!!!!
    The unfortunate reality is, YES, ten bucks is too much to ask from the vast vast majority of producers. Most would not spend two red cents on performer safety, and we have years and years of evidence to back that up.
    The other sad fact is, a whole lot of performers simply just dont give a shit either.Actions speak louder than words, and when you are willing to have unprotected sex with multiple partners, and put all of your partners at risk,,,,dont turn around and try to convince someone that you are so concerned about anyone else, let alone yourself.

  3. @SabrinaDeep

    Besides the money using rapid ELISA tests means looking at antibodies which the FSC doesn’t want to happen in any way shape or form because it would upset gay production.

    If it was me out there I’d be asking for quarterly ELISA or WB to supplement much more frequent PCR testing. I’d do that because the most accurate rapid test can show negative during the most infectious acute stage of infection. Frequent PCR testing to find new/acute infections as well as find treatment failures would benefit both sides of the equation.

    Today’s news is exactly why I won’t advocate relying on ELISA or rapid testing beyond supplementing more frequent PCR testing.

    Let’s assume the person in the news today tested within the last 30 days via PCR. Relying solely on rapid ELISA testing they would still be negative for a minimum of 4-6 weeks from now and up to five months.

    The $10 test is a great supplement but there is no way it can replace the knowledge gained by today’s news via the more expensive PCR.

  4. Great post Sabrina.
    BUT, and elisa test can show positive in a much shorter time frame that a few months. In 2004, it was an ELISA test, NOT the pcr test that detected the three females who were infected. It was only because of the very talented medical technicians at Healthline Labs that Darren was even detected as early as he was. The genetic sequencing tests that were done PROVED that all the strains were identical, and it was a very rare stain, one that the Roche 1.0 test kit was NOT designed to detect. ALl three females were negative on the PCR but POSITVE on the elisa, and this was about three weeks after their onset exposure….Nobody inthe porn industry even knows that they owe a guy named Jovan, who saved the industry from what could have been an even worse tragedy than it was.

    Using rapid tests as a supplement to the pcr testing is great, but performers should not rely on producers to do it,,,they should do it themselves.

  5. @jilted

    Was assuming at least 5 days post exposure for today’s PCR test and thinking three weeks at best from then. Been a few months since I’ve reviewed testing info so will appreciate any info you have. IIRC docs told daughters friend based on combo of PCR & ELISA at 28 days post exposure they expected she would remain negative.

    Like you I think it would be great if performers added rapid tests to their set kits as an additional risk assessment tool.

  6. If you are thinking of a solution, there is none, but not having sex and certainly imposing condoms is the least effective of the available options to decrease the risk of contagious. I don’t want to have rapid tests replacing anyhting: i personally get fully (4 more tests than it’s required in porn valley) tested once a week in a lab and rapid tested at any of my shootings, any time i shoot with a partner. Look at rapid tests as a deterrent which to the contrary of mandatory condoms will help increasing performers’ professionalism. The truth is that if you are a professional porn performer you MUST NOT have risky sex between shootings and even if you fell for it and had it, you MUST NOT accept any new assignment until you have tested negative beyond the incubation window. Now, how do you teach unprofessional people this, if not through constant checks, inspections, education and as last resort sacking and business isolation? I don’t hear speaking about any of this. There is never going to be safety in this job without professionalism.

    What would teach you the best: wear a condom, in case you were sick or let’s constantly check your health status in case you have been so stupid and unprofessional to catch something bad and not giving a flying fcuk to spread it around? I bet that sooner than later someone will give the fault of testing positive to a broken condom. People don’t want rapid tests, yet, because performers want to complete an assignment and get the cash and producers don’t want to reschedule a scene and lose some money; it’s a roulette, from both sides: let’s do it, then we will see what happens and we will think about it later, eventually. Thanks God there are condoms, now, to be blamed for trouble soon.

    Think of this: you introduce rapid tests on set; before or after, someone will get caught positive before a shooting starts; performers will become more aware of the issue because a contagious has been avoided; with a bit of educational support and luck, performers will start rapid testing themselves after eventual risky activity; we might even have all that bunch of performers who do also escort investing 10 bucks on a rapid test to check their hourly partners before they get naked. Am i too optimistic? Maybe. But there is not doubt that being checked on set would be an excellent educational tool and an even better deterrent against irresponsible performers, while wearing a condom does nothing else but putting the dust under the carpet. Fucking a positive performer with a condom does not make me feel any safer than jumping off a cliff with an open umbrella.

  7. @SabrinaDeep

    Not trying to advocate a solution, like you I think the best solution would be futile without performer education and professionalism. Until performers and producers demand professionalism they will continue to be plagued by the sub-standard work ethics they promote.

    After a year of seeing performers speak out I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the way you passionately advocate performer education and the importance of protecting yourself and your brand with professionalism.

  8. Lots of rumors of gay crossover talent being involved in this positive test, if that’s true maybe the producers will smarten up and quit using crossover talent on the straight side.

  9. APTIMA, the makers of the test used by the industry, DO NOT<<<NOT<<<NOT make the claim that their test detects in ten days, as the industry, specifically,the FSC have repeated so many times. All of the statements about detectin positive at ten days are anecdotal evidence, and those stories are true,,,,,the test has detected that early,,,,,that doesnt mean it always will. THere are thousands and thousands of more antedotes of the test not detecting at the ten or fifteen day mark. Most comprehensive research shows the test to be about 95% accurate at the 28 day mark.

    *APTIMA has NEVER made the claim that the test WILL detect at ten days, and it is NOWHERE in the test kit literature. And for the industry to end their moratorium the last time this happened, based on a window of ten days was wreckless, and of course, they had to reinstate the moratoruim very shortly afterwards. Lets hope the idiots at FSC learned their lesson.

    PS,,,one of the great benefits of AIM was having everything under one roof, and at one lab,,,,,we had previous specimens for virtually every person on the 2004 quarantine, and were able to go back and test those previous specimens to pinpoint possible window, or ecliplse, periods.

    I was not anti;AIM, I was against the way the industry(producers) used what AIM was doing as THIER claim to providng services to performers, and the fact that AIM stood silent and let them do it.

  10. @jilted

    If I understand correctly you’re saying my at least five day assumption may be off the mark which helps clarify your comment re less time on rapid test.

    Seems like there is a lot of gray area between what industry approved PCR test ‘can’ do vs the documentation they produced and proved for FDA approval. Does that mean a performer testing positive today could have been in window on an 8/14 test which would toss out my assumption of a 4-6 weeks additional risk with rapid test?

  11. Anyone who continues to argue that porn doesn’t have to pay for testing or that normal rules of employee protection and workplace safety don’t apply to porn because talent are independent contractors should read the results of a case just decided in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

    The case involves FedEx, who for years has claimed that its drivers are independent contractors because they purchase their own trucks, etc. The Ninth Circuit just threw that argument out the window. FedEx will probably appeal to the Supreme Court. If it loses there, this could have profound implications for porn because FedEx’s arguments for the classification are almost identical to those of porn.

    It’s also important because the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is the court that would hear any appeal if someone were to sue porn, porn was to lose, and then appeal to a federal court. This is the same court, by the way, that is in the process of deciding the condom case.

    Now, do I expect this will happen? Not in your life because performers never look out for their own long-term interests. But porn is potentially vulnerable on many fronts, some of which have absolutely nothing to do with STDs.

  12. If you read the APAC statement it contains a few interesting points, including the statement that there is no more gay side and straight side, there is too much crossover to consider the industries seperate. Several statements in the APAC memo see to be very contradictory to their ‘no condom’ stance, but then again this is porn, and they want it both ways. But they are correct that their is no seperation of the industries as in the past.

    As far as escorting being the problem, the fact everyone knows is that escorting, by males and females in the industry is as common as herpes. I wonder how many APAC members can be found on escort sites,,,even the officers of the organization. ONLY IN PORN.

    Again, prayers for this girl, and all the people who are shitting bricks right now waiting for their test result.

  13. @Sabrina,
    Have you ever contacted the APAC organization? You should be the president of that group, but something tells me your opinions would not be welcome there.
    And you are absolutely correct, there is no ‘solution.’ Porn will never be safe, but it could be safer, unfortunately PERFORMERS have no problem putting their fellow performers at risk, very high risk, and their actions prove this, regardless of what they say.

  14. It is unfortunate that there is a good chance of another HIV positive person in both porn and the world in general (I will wait for the confirmatory testing before I say for sure that someone was infected). I hope this is a false positive result but if there is truly another HIV infection I wish him/her the best and hope no one else was infected.

  15. The adult industry has had ample opportunities to challenge OSHA citations in court, but nobody has ever done so. They all go through the OSHA appeals, they loose 100% of the time, yet not one single company has ever taken it to the COURT system. And that is for good reason, they know they would lose.

    That brings us to Kink and the Vegas complaint filed by AHF. IF, and thats a big if, the Federal OSHA in Nevada issues a citation, which they have not done yet, then Ackworth will have the opportunity to fight this in Federal COurt.

    Does anyone think Ackworth will do this. Of course he wont, He will bitch and whine, write his little letters, but no way he goes past the OSHA appeals process, simply because he knows he would lose, and set a very dangerous precedent, in FEDERAL court.

    The employee vs IC in porn was settled long ago. Its really kind of funny to see people still making this argument.

  16. @BT

    Fed-ex case ruling is a ripple effect of past rulings re IC status. This ruling is like a big boulder being tossed in a pond because it affects everything from bike messengers to pizza, pharmacy & grocery delivery etc.

    “But porn is potentially vulnerable on many fronts, some of which have absolutely nothing to do with STDs.”
    Lotsa truth in this statement!

  17. @jilted

    Going through OSHA appeals process isn’t an alternative to the courts, it’s a prerequisite. OSHA and WC work the same way. The 98 case took ten years from WC application to denial of cert by SCOTUS.

  18. @jilted

    Saw the one industry statements too. Now who is being discriminated against? Straight performers bearing the cost of testing or gays who have to wear chaffing condoms to contain their diseases?

    Doesn’t take a magnifier to see the crazy contradictions.

  19. Lol! APAC doesn’t want someone like Sabrina who advocates education and professionalism as a means to maintain healthy boundaries..they want folks who advocate pushing your boundaries on command as a means of self-expression.

    BTW anyone notice AVN includes FSC as a company and again as related topic on APAC post?

  20. Exactly,
    And every single time a porn company has exhausted their OSHA appeals, not one single company has then taken it to court. Not one single porn company has ever taken the very first steps to be heard in court, for the very reason that they have good lawyers, and good lawyers dont let their clients fight battles they know they will lose.

    Again, good news on the false positive. Now all the people on the qlist can change their shorts and get back to work.

  21. Yes, if anyone cares to push the issue. I still contend that porn exists in its own universe, apart from mainstream businesses, for two reasons.

    Talent is too dysfunctional and careers are too short to ever look out for performers to look after their own best interests. If a group of performers ever got together the way that Vivid, Kayden Kross, and the other dude got together for the lawsuit against County Of Los Angeles and sued over some of these issues, they would likely prevail. But there’s no equivalent of Vivid on the performer side that would fund such a suit.

    Meanwhile, there is the ick factor for law enforcement and regulatory agencies. No one wants to be the cum police. As long as they’re not killing one another, there’s no incentive for regulators to get involved and spend the public money. Which ultimately is not in the best interest of performers because there’s no one looking out for them.

    While every cute young thing thinks she’s going to be the next Jenna Jameson, they forget that Jenna Jameson did not make her money from having sex on screen. She made her money from a marriage to a guy who was smart enough to build a production company he could sell to Playboy before the porn world collapsed and for a brief time, Jenna was in the spotlight and wrote a book. Those revenues are gone and she’s burning through her cash. Meanwhile, name one former porn goddess who is rolling in post-career dough? Even Sasha Grey is struggling to get mainstream roles – and let’s face it, the only roles she got were related to being a porn star – and now distances herself from the industry she once said was liberating in an existential way and claims she was abused.

  22. Jilted. You are 100% correct on an action going to federal court and the fear of a precedent. Kink is a California company, I believe. A Las Vegas action is in Nevada. You’ve now got multiple jurisdictions. When that happens, the case is in federal court. So, in all likelihood, that’s where a case would be heard.

    If a porn company sues in Federal Court and loses, then that potentially sets a precedent that could be used – in this case by OSHA – against porn anywhere in the US porn chooses to set up shop. Florida. Arizona. California. Nevada. Or some environs otherwise unknown.

    It’s the reason the Vivid lawsuit against the County of Los Angeles is potentially so dangerous. If porn loses in the 9th Circuit, its next step is a full court review. If that fails, its the U.S. Supreme Court, assuming they’ll hear it. But, any finding is potentially applicable to Nevada, Arizona, Florida, or any other jurisdiction where someone wants to film porn should that locale put in a condom ban. On the other hand, if Vivid wins, they have a defense in any jurisdiction where someone wants to film porn. It’s an all or nothing strategy.

  23. @BT

    They lost the 98 case after pushing it through DIR (labor) then onto California appellate courts and were denied cert by SCOTUS.

    There were OSHA complaints filed in Florida that went nowhere. Doesn’t matter if they are fighting a citation in a State that administers OSHA or state relying on Federal admin, the process is the same. Before they can sue in any court they must follow the same process…basically…

    Complaint made, inspections, closure meeting, citation listing violations with abatement or contest date. Contest filed, hearing with ALJ whose decision is binding but can’t be used in state or federal court. Next comes DAR (Decision After Review) which is what they need to file a complaint in ANY court.

    OSHA has to handle each complaint separately although they can combine complaints into one investigation if say 20 laid off employees file retaliatory bs complaints. Even though CA & NV are in same region complaints made here or there would not be combined by OSHA. Complaints are events and linked to location of the event and handled by the OSHA office with jurisdiction.

    National/international entities deal with any number of simultaneous OSHA citations at any given time. They don’t want to combine them! Combining them means they can’t play, pending decisions/rulings game like FSC et al did with measure B & AB1576. The potential of a loss affecting all their operations to too much of a risk against the rewards of losing in Cal, being up in the air for now in NV and winning until the dust settles in Florida.

  24. Many industries have held onto UTR but none has remained unscathed. No time now to get into detailed thing now but in addition to the lack of unity you described there is ACA. Right now porn like Walmart and countless franchised operations are getting away with their employees swelling the ranks of Medicaid but this is just going to lead to overhauling IRS with a shift away from corporate back to the overwhelming personal audits back in the 70’s. For anyone who doubts this, try getting ACA or Medicaid w/o a social or getting services once social comes up bogus.

    ACA is going to fuck with IC status in ways no one ever dreamed of.

  25. I can only talk about ACA in the context of the state where I live, which is not California, but I was an independent contractor for 30 years – from September 1983 until July 2013 – and always had quality health insurance for my family. I now get health insurance through work – I took a corporate job last July – but my IC friends (lawyers, accountants, small business people) who were like me love it. Like me, they’re folks who make too much money to qualify for any of the tax subsidies and are simply comparing what they used to get for about $20,000 a year for a family to what they now get for about $18,000 a year. Significantly increased coverage and a $2,000 savings. It’s like you were driving a 2 year old Cadillac and Mercedes just came in $2,000 less for a new sedan.

    For porn performers who consider themselves IC’s, the impact should be that they can now get health insurance – have to now get health insurance – at a reasonable rate and possibly some subsidies if they make below about $80,000. Those who will gripe are the ones who had no health insurance before and don’t want to pay for it now.

    My question: Will health insurance pay for testing?

  26. @BT

    Lol we had corporate insurance from 83 to 2013 and stepped off the merry go round and opted for COBRA over ACA. Ohio didn’t create their own exchange but that didn’t really change options available to us.

    Like our private insurance ACA will cover ‘medically necessary’ testing, which is usually done during annual GYN exam for women or annual wellness exam for either sex.

    They will not cover monthly or bi-weekly testing required to mitigate occupational risks!

    Now for folks who thought Medicaid coverage of Truvada was a good thing…what are you going to do when you have to submit proof of income or lose benefits because you have no poof that what you earn UTR is below the maximum threshold?

    What happens to planned parenthood and all kinds of other community clinics with title x funding once everyone is on these Cadillac plans?

    What is going to happen when grandfathered plans (union plans) go through the rate, co pay and max out of pocket hikes 60 million plans went through over the last five years? Those 85 million grandfathered plans are the remainder that is not on Medicaid, or retirement/disability Medicare?

    To give some perspective…Hobby Lobby covers 50k and look at the backlash idealism created because folks ASSUMED the SCOTUS ruling meant the uncovered options would be denied to women working at Hobby Lobby but didn’t know that Hobby Lobby’s insurer must provide the coverage at no cost to Hobby Lobby or it’s covered employees.

    Planned parenthood was tweeting all about what a great disservice this was to women…then crickets when I tweeted back…where was PP when 84 million plans were grandfathered?

    Oops…PP knows they will have to rely on insurance co grants once title x is no longer justifiable.

  27. And now you know why No amount of Lobbying or friendship Duke had with Planned Parent hood could keep them from standing for AB 1576 in the labor committee.

    Porn & UTR will still exist but will no longer be able to cry that society is marginalizing them.

  28. I don’t know about private plans anymore but Medicare (government insurance for those over 65 or long-term disabled on Social Security Disability, yes we do pay a monthly premium for the coverage) will cover a VD test every 12 months for everyone and more often for those at risk because of their lifestyle. However, I doubt that even Medicare would cover a full VD test every 12-14 days for anyone. Once a month maybe, more realistically once every three months maximum would be my guess.

  29. “Medically necessary” is the key term and docs are pressured every way possible from insurers and regulators to ensure they aren’t billing insurance co for something someone else should be paying.

    The least of those pressures is non-payment for denied coverage, the middle of ugly is being dropped by insurer(s) and really ugly would be an indictment and prosecution for fraudulent claims. Docs aren’t marginalizing sex workers they are covering their ass.

    IV drug users may still have option of quarterly tests IF their income isn’t related to sex work, in time you can bet the insurance companies contracted to manage Medicare/Medicaid will be requiring docs to ask so they can reject claim as occupational. Bet you never knew how many routine questions your doc asks are related to meeting a quota for a bonus or compliance to provide services.

  30. Medial necessity and the lab. Doctor sends blood to lab and orders a slew of tests. Doctor also sends patients insurance billing information. Lab performs tests and sends results to the doctor, usually within on to three days. Two month later lab gets letter from insurance company, “Not paying for x,y, and z, test, they have been determined to be unnecessary. The lab now has NO alternative. Most labs are contracted with insurance companies to NOT ‘balance’ bill the patient. Another huge part of the problem for the lab is the doctors office not providing the proper diagnosis codes to cover those denied tests. And the lab either has to chase down this infor from the doctors office, or just bite the bill. Either way, the additional costs to chase the information, then rebill the insurance is a huge cost to the lab.
    An even worse scenario for a lab,,,,doctors office or clinic draws blood from patient at their own facility, collects payment on behalf of the lab, sends patients blood to lab, recieves result the next day, and then never forwards the cash payment given by the patient at the doctors office to the lab. Doctors office then declares bankruptcy, and nobody knows where the money went. Sound familiar? PS,,clinic claims that all the cash given to them by the patient was a donation to a non profit organization, when lab contract clearly states that “facility shall collect payment for laboratory services directly from patient on behalf of the laboratory. Laboratory will provide one invoice per month with individual patients listed in order they are recieved.”
    Normally I would tell people to refer to these original contracts, but wait, they were “maliciously and intentionally” destroyed. Well, at least the clinics copies were destroyed.

  31. Jilted, I would also like to see whoever stole the money from AIM (and down the line, stole from you and your company) get the five bubba treatment. From what I have seen (granted I am privy to only what you post and public information) their numbers and information just don’t add up. We in accountancy where I am from have an informal (and admittedly unprofessional) phrase where situations like this one don’t “pass the smell test”. I will take it at your word that Sharon Mitchell didn’t do it but my next question is (assuming I were in your position) if not her, who else was in enough control to have access to that amount of their cash? I do know that a woman named Brooke (I forgot her last name, sorry — I have a DVD from AIM with her name on it and her in it if you need her last name) that was in adult as a performer for a while was their bookkepper but if AIM’s internal controls were legit and she did do it (I don’t know that she did or if she was even in that position in the last two years AIM operated) standard practice is for one person to cut the checks and another to approve and sign them (although I worked in a credit union where that wasn’t the case and almost everyone had check cutting and signing abillity. As a de facto assistant manager — I was technically the banking compliance officer but with my qualifications I did a lot of the job most suited for an assistant manager — I tried to change that but we had so few people the board thought we could not pull it off — luckily we only had one person steal from us in the four years I was there and that was till cash, not a check). If not Sharon than who is that second person? If these controls weren’t in place in such an organization (which is a lot easier to delegate check signing to one or two persons and separate functions than a bank/credit union where checks for withdrawals need to be signed immediately), then Sharon and their board are just as culpable in my opinion (although maybe not legally). That time clock is ticking loudly, I urge you to stop into the LA County Sheriff’s Office and speak to one of the nice detectives and show them everything you have on this, maybe they and the Superior Court can get your money back but time is short now and getting shorter. I am sure a judge can get you a HIPPA waiver via a search warrant if that is necessary for you to do so but you need a nice detective (preferably a cute female detective) to start the process.

  32. @Jilted
    I hear you loud and clear about using a Mike South type of testing before a shoot. Mike isn’t the only shooter in porn that does that type of Walgreens type of testing. If you detected any antibodies for Hiv.
    Bye performer. You can’t be shot. Get somebody else and good luck with Hiv treatment. Only in porn right? Any that’s correct about the industry today. There is no more straight porn. Producers per agents want Bisexual and gay male talent and half of those dudes? LOL are
    already hiv+ and using anti-viral depressents . That really sucks. But that’s what they want. ITS ALL ABOUT THE GAY POWER OF TODAY. LOL…People are fucking crazy. All by the way, yes half of the APAC officers are escorts. Seen them on Pam Peaks site and they escort.
    Yes, only in porn.

  33. I will be the FIRST to tell you that my methods wouldn’t work for Porn Valley, mine work because my guys have regular jobs and they don’t shoot for anyone else. I have a very closed pool of talent so it works for me and it is orders of magnitude less likely to be infected (as a group) than porn performers in L.A.

    personally I hate condoms but I have found they have no effect on my income either way I was always and I remain condom optional. In the event I shoot a gangbang I strongly encourage the use of condoms and that’s usually what happens.

    I would no more support stopping the use of testing than I would requiring performers to use or NOT use condoms.but testing is not a preventative measure, in term of catching stds. It IS a preventative measure to prevent worse outbreaks and truth is i do expect that if all porn productions used condoms all the time and did not use testing then the std rates would be a lot lower than they are now. But id never advocate foregoing testing.

    Admittedly this is easier for me to say because I use a very small talent pool that doesnt shoot for anyone else, I have very strict requirements for becoming a male performer despite what others would have you believe. For that reason it is easy for me to have a much safer work environment. many people have made fun of it but I do in fact have an OSHA certified and trained person on my staff, that actually happened by coincidence but it doesnt change the fact. i took advantage of that as anyone with sense would and thats when I implemented instant testing in addition to traditional testing. Amoung other things I prefer my male talent to be married with permission, they have to clean, sober and drug and alcohol free I meet them personally usually or they are brought into the group by a trusted member. They must be clean and polite and upscale, if they have even the sniffles they are told do not attend. They must wash themselves immediately before the shoot, they must be able to get along with the other performers in the group and they must not shoot for anyone else.

    I am most proud of the fact that from first timers like Cherry Morgan to seasoned pros like Jada Stevens, Bailey Brooks, Felicia Fox and others I always get compliments about how nice, clean and well prepared my guys are. My shoots are fun but professional, they start on time and they finish within an hour 9 times out of 10 the girls I shoot go to dinner with us after the shoot and I have girls that come to the shoot even when they arent being paid because we have fun and that is what porn should be safe and Fun!

    In the end I really only want what is best for the industry as a whole…AND TO HAVE FUN.

  34. there is one problem with using the rapid tests on set. That is, what happens if one come up positive? Yep, everyone on that set grabs their cellphone and starts tweeting that so and so just tested HIV positive. Those tests are only as accurate as how properly the speciment was collected. Any do it yourself medical kit is subject to the proper usage by an untrained person.

  35. Might be an advantage to the risk of a positive rapid test.. might make some folks think twice before engaging in risky behavior just because they know if a rapid test shows pos there will be tweets and voice calls before they make it out the door with tail between legs.

  36. Jilted, when Deep Throat (Whiteacre’s self-selected new nickname) tried to make Mike (South) out to be the bad guy with his HIV testing (for the record Mike is absolutely not the bad guy here although I do wonder about Deep Throat with his antics of late), Mike explained that he requires BOTH a PCR panel test dated recently (I think it was within the last 14 days) AND a rapid HIV test (which is available over the counter in Georgia — it is not in every state, I know it is not available in Michigan). He also explained that when he tells his talent the results it is either negative or indeterminate, never positive to save from the embarassment you bring up. Of course an indeterminate test disqualifies talent from participating in whatever scene was planned but doesn’t necessarily embarraass the person.

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