Mark Speigler Challenges Cameron Reid To The Truth

An public appeal to Derrick Burts:

It is my opinion, and my opinion only, that Derrick Burts aka Derek Chambers aka Cameron Reid DID NOT contract the HIV virus while shooting a scene for a pornographic movie (gay or straight). In my pursuit of the truth in this case I am will to go so far as to pay for a mutually agreed upon expert to administer a polygraph test to Mr. Burts in order to determine his veracity in this matter.

The examiner would be instructed to only ask Mr. Burts questions relating to his filming pornographic movies – as well as questions regarding whether or not Mr. Burts engaged in escorting (gay or straight). As we all know, Mr. Burts denies ever having been employed as an escort and this will give him the opportunity settle this matter once and for all.

I just want to get to the TRUTH in this matter and, to further this quest for the truth (and in an effort to assist the public and the media in understanding Mr. Burts’ claims), I am also willing to pay Mr. Burts $1,000 in cash upon his completion of the polygraph examination – IRREGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME. Let the chips fall where they may!


Mark Spiegler

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Mark Speigler Challenges Cameron Reid To The Truth

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  1. I for one would like to see the results of this polygraph — not the “results” but I want to see his reaction to the testing environment and the questions — that would be what I used to tell whether he was lying or not (not the polygraph test itself). Unfortunately, polygraph test itself is so unreliable that it cannot be admitted in a court of law, so the results are meaningless legally, even when combined with facial and movement truth recognition (which we all have the capability to do).

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