How many blind eyes can XBIZ really turn?

Porn talks a good game but what’s the truth? Just take a look at to find out, not the story they want you to believe but the REAL truth.

According to the recent story in The Daily Beast, after being accused of rape last year, James Deen received 33 XBIZ award nominations. Guess that tells you exactly how XBIZ feels about the multiple rape allegations against James Deen.

The FSC made a claim that HIV is nothing more than a chronic illness like diabetes. It then stated they support the recently proposed California law which modifies the law criminalizing those who don’t disclose their HIV status and intentionally pass HIV to another person.

On Monday, September 11, state lawmakers gave final legislative approval to the bill that would reduce from a felony to a misdemeanor the crime of knowingly exposing a sexual partner to HIV without disclosing the infection.

I was shocked and horrified that anyone would think this was a good idea. But you know what? Jessica Drake tweeted that she totally supported the law, along with the FSC.

Jessica Drake SB239 California HIV

Who is hosting the XBIZ awards this year? Jessica Drake.

Of course, Jessica Drake can support whatever she wants because it doesn’t affect her. She shoots with only a handful of approved talent and always with a condom. So yeah it’s easy for her to support a bill that only fucks other people.

This wasn’t the only time has acted in direct conflict with the wellness of the industry itself.

They have released not only one but two different official statements how the FSC and APAC stand against sexual assault.

Yet they don’t make a single mention about how the FSC didn’t, in fact, stand up and support those performers who accused James Deen of assault. They also didn’t mention that the Free Speech Coalition not only didn’t support Nikki Benz in her claims of abuse on set with Tony T, but an FSC lawyer, Karen Tynan is actually Tony T’s lawyer!

Alana Evans recently called out Karen Tynan for this and even provided proof of Karen Tynan working with the FSC.

Then again one only has to look at Karen Tynan’s own Twitter account to prove her long relationship with the FSC.

While interesting, none more so than this tweet from May 2nd where Karen Tynan specifically says she works for the FSC.

Can anyone say OOOPS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!


But this isn’t an article about the asinine things the Free Speech Coalition has done or is doing. This is about XBIZ. How many times can they turn a blind eye and directly support something or someone who is clearly hurting the adult industry?

If they want to post the bullshit the FSC spews out, why not also tell the other side?

If they want to nominate James Deen for 33 award nominations directly after he got accused of rape and sexual assault by so many women in the industry, why not make a statement and do something to help the victims of abuse?

You can’t say you support the industry and then do the exact opposite.

If you want to do what’s best for the industry then maybe try and take a stand or at the very least, if you are going to allow one side to spew out their bullshit, be fair and give some attention to the other side.


189320cookie-checkHow many blind eyes can XBIZ really turn?

How many blind eyes can XBIZ really turn?

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  1. If Jessica found out she was HIV+ you can be sure she would THEN not think its no big deal.

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