Lets Talk About This Coming Forward About HIV

It’s all over the news who it will be and if its true his history with porn chicks is well known  but in all honesty I could care less about all that…Here’s what I do want to know though.

Lets suppose he comes forward and says hey…I had it but I don’t any more, here’s the proof..I have months worth of Aptima PCR/DNA tests that show me as “Non Reactive”  I don’t have HIV, by the adult industry’s own testing method I am clean, I could be a porn star if I wanted.  Or maybe he says  I don’t have it and never did, and cites the same reason.  Plenty of people with HIV who have been getting the treatments test negative on these viral load tests, it’s nothing new  I first wrote about it years ago, my surprise is that it never got anyones attention…denial I think its called…

According to Diane Duke and The FSC this is the Holy Grail of HIV tests…he is clean no matter what his ELISA test may say…after all ELISA is such an inferior test right?

And to tell the truth I don’t know…maybe if your viral load is that low you are essentially cured and can’t transmit it…I wouldn’t bet MY life on it but every single day hundreds of porn people do.

I think that is the big question surrounding all of this…

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Lets Talk About This Coming Forward About HIV

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  1. @mikesouth every job has it’s risks. A construction worker goes to work knowing something could fall and kill him at any moment. Taxidriver knows another driver could crash into his car and put him in the hospital. There are risks associated with all lines of work, and unfortunately I feel the adult industry testing is the best it is ever going to be, unless the industry itself hired private doctors to conduct the tests. But that will never ever happen.

    I think both Kacey Jordan and Brett Rossi are HIV+ right now. Both of them had unprotected sex with Charlie, and now after thinking about it, I think he paid off Kacey Jordan years ago when he gave her that 30K. Seriously who pays 30K for one night with a hooker? Doesn’t work that way. She caught something, lawyered up and he bought her out for 30K. Thats my theory and I’m sticking to it.

    All in all, Charlie Sheen is a scumbag, and we will probably never know the countless number of girls in this industry he gave the bug too. When a girl just disappears off the face of the map and has been linked to Chuck Sheen, you can just put 2 and 2 together at this point!

  2. Mike, have you contemplated how many active performers may be producing tests giving them the “all clear’ due to their medication programs; and continuing to perform knowing they have HIV buried deep inside them somewhere?

    There are rumors of a few males here and there and wondering your thoughts on that one? Think of a guy like Wallice…. you think he would have kept performing if there were medications at the time that could have kept him passing tests indefinitely? Of course!

    Perhaps porn should institute testing that will look for particular medications in your system (Yeah, I know.. won’t happen! but one can dream).

    And yes, Charlie could very well justify not telling his sexual partners because his test papers are giving him that type of result. You still have HIV though and that excuse won’t wash (at least I hope not).

  3. mdxxx

    yes, construction risks. However, if there is a 30,000 volt fence and they don’t label it as such (not disclosing it), and someone gets fried there will be hell to pay.

    Yes, everyone who had bareback sex with Charlie was taking risks. That still doesn’t excuse him for not saying anything.

    Your theory with those two ladies makes a lot of sense and certainly many dots can connect towards that line of thinking. It may connect with several more people as well. It would be hard to research, however there is probably an interesting list of people who stopped escorting after their run with Charlie and one can guess as to why. The rumored dollars that Charlie was paying B and C and D list porn girls and escorts were through the roof over and over again. More than Dubai shovels on girls to be something as vile as porta potty’s. It always was a major red flag as to what was really going on.

    Quite a mess, isn’t it.

  4. @joeschmoe you have HIV that’s a scarlet letter that cannot be erased in my opinion. If I were ever given the power to do so, I would take every human being on the planet that had HIV, put them on some island somewhere and just nuke the shit out of it. Sorry if my thinking is a bit extreme and harsh, but I feel there will NEVER be a full cure for the disease and it spreads like wildfire due to people not wearing condoms ESPECIALLY in the HOMOSEXUAL community.

    Like I said in a previous post, Charlie is not like you me or Mike. He has millions upon millions to shovel in front of these womens faces to hush them up. He will use every dime he has if it means not spending a minute in the slammer.

  5. So I am looking forward to the interview, hopefully Charlie doesn’t appear a little unhinged as usual, but hey, at least he’s alive. What little I know about Truvada is based on Rich Juzwiak’s article on Gawker, but I know for me personally that anyone every diagnosed with AIDS or HIV is always going to be a deal breaker. That being said, in regards to the porn industry I kind of feel like they ought to give you a bottle of valtrex and truvada when you join the biz, but hey supposedly thats why they make the big bucks (/sarcasm) so that they can pay for healthcare out of pocket. Hmmm. Doesn’t seem quite right, does it?

  6. @mdxxx

    If we execute everyone with a fatal disease, something else comes up. That is the nature of evolution on our planet. Diseases and viruses come and go throughout history. We find cures for many, can’t find cures for other. I don’t know if you are being serious but that kind of policy solves nothing.

    HIV is also not “spreading like wildfire” in the US or Canada anymore. We have enough education here that the number of new cases is pretty low. It is spreading like wildfire in Africa for sure; and that will take decades as most of it is religious based (anti condom, fucking virgins in the ass, you name it).

    Here in North America, we have done a very good job of containing, educating, and slowing things down. The one serious incurable disease spread with sexual contact we have not educated people enough about is Hep-C… that is a whole discussion for another day.

    As for no condoms in the homosexual community…… barebacking is on the rise in a big way, and my statements about containing the disease in our country may come unglued. This really isnt a gay thing though; men are men…. straight men are playing the “I am clean” card over and over again when they pick up girls at bars , on tinder, and in online dating to get bareback sex. Men in general crave and need bareback sex. The counter point to all the medical advances is with HIV meds allowing people to live 20 years, more and more men are not worrying about catching HIV anymore.

    Really a strange circle because it is a disease attached to the most powerful force in human history, our sexuality. Nothing can stop it. History has taught us that no level of oppression (whether religious or political) can stop human sexuality. Christianity, for example, tried for 2000 years and didn’t make a dent.

  7. If your livelihood depends on remaining HIV negative it’s worthwhile to read up on the various tests, treated HIV and undectable viral loads. Meds today can drop viral loads to undectable in two months.

    As noted above, the goal of ART is to reduce your viral load, ideally to an undetectable level. If your viral load goes down after starting ART, the treatment is working.
    Having an undetectable viral load greatly lowers your chance of transmitting the virus to your sexual and drug-using partners who are HIV-negative. However, even when your viral load is undetectable, HIV can still exist in semen, vaginal and rectal fluids, breast milk, and other parts of your body. For this reason, you should continue to take steps to prevent HIV transmission. For example:
    HIV may still be found in your genital fluids (semen or vaginal fluids). The viral load test only measures the amount of HIV in your blood. Although ART also lowers viral load in genital fluids, HIV can sometimes be present in your genital fluids even when it is undetectable in your blood.
    Your viral load may go up between tests. When this happens, you may be more likely to transmit HIV to your partner(s). Your viral load may go up without you knowing it because you may not feel any different.
    Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can increase your viral load in your genital fluids. This means that if you are living with HIV and also have an STD, you may be able to transmit HIV to your partner(s) even if your viral load is undetectable.
    Researchers are studying how much you can lower your chances of transmitting HIV when your viral load is undetectable. One large multinational study indicates that ART that consistently suppresses HIV is highly effective at preventing sexual transmission of the virus in heterosexual couples where one person is HIV-infected and the other is not. In fact, that study found that ARTreduces the risk of heterosexual HIV transmission by 93% or more if viral suppression is achieved and maintained. Researchers did not observe any HIV transmission during this study when the HIV-infected partner’s virus was stably suppressed by ART. (Read more about these NIH-supported study findings released in the summer of 2015.)

  8. For the life of me, I cannot believe that we are back to arguing that every profession has risks and using construction worker analogies. A federal court has already heard all of porn’s arguments and rejected them.

    Yes, every job has risks. Terrible things can happen on a construction site. That said, by law, no worker can step onto a job site without a hard hat, steel toed shoes, eye protection, ear protection if warranted and possibly gloves. You have to have the appropriate level of protection for the risk.

    Can bad stuff still happen? Of course, and construction workers do assume that risk. But they still go to work with a certain level of safeguards built in.

    Porn wants to embrace the first part of the analogy – every job has risks – but ignore the second part – and therefore you do what’s reasonable to mitigate the risk.

    So, back to that federal court – porn has already argued about every job has risks; first amendment protects us from any prohibitions on what we film; our testing methods are so good no germ can sneak through – and the court rejected it and said protection is reasonable. Its just that no one in authority wants to enforce it.

    No one is talking about the Cameron Bay suit against Kink, but assuming that it does not settle out of court but goes forward into discovery, all of this is going to be in the spotlight again.

  9. @BT Cameron Bay is going to lose that suit so quickly, it isn’t even funny. She dated a homosexual gay porn actor named Ron Daily and I am 99.9% sure he contracted it on a gay porn set and passed it on to Cameron Bay through unprotected sex as BF/GF. My point is every job you do has risks. The reason these girls get paid sometimes up to 1000-1500 per shoot is because of these risks.

    @mikesouth I hope you are right about Brett, but something tells me she has been hiding something. Not just from you, but from anybody that hasnt been like super close to her. Not saying you aren’t right, I’m saying if you’re a true journalist and know Brett as well as you do, you should produce the first interview with her regarding this whole debacle.

    Sheen was on GMA this morning and it scares me to think over the past 4-5 years who he could have possibly infected. Bree Olson said he had sex with her unprotected and used lambskin condoms which aren’t as preventative against STDS. My guess is there is going to be a good 4-5 pornstars that come out soon and sue this guys balls off. Anyone associated with this guy, will always carry the stigma of AIDS even if they don’t actually have the disease.

  10. When an HIV+ person begins using antiretroviral therapy the meds reduce the amount of virus in the blood stream to less than 50 copies of HIV per teaspoon of blood. That is the lower limit of the viral load tests. So, when an HIV+ person says that they are “undetectable” they are saying that their treatment is working and that there is less than 50 copies of virus. (Viral load can theoretically be extraordinarily high, so less than 50 is excellent). Undetectable is actually one of the main goals of treatment (improved CD4 cell count is the other main goal)

    With an extremely low viral load it is unlikely they can transmit the virus to another person.

  11. @schlermy scientific studies suggest otherwise, as HIV still can be found in blood, semen and other bodily fluids.

    I think the scariest part to me about the whole thing is that Charlie says these girls had sex with him with a condom AFTER knowing he had HIV. Not all of them but some of them. I mean seriously, how desperate must a person be to have sex with someone who they know has HIV. I mean even if it’s undetectable or whatever, why even take the risks?

    I think out of this whole thing thats the part that worries me the most. It could be any of the girls we see on the LA Direct, OC Modeling, Ideal Image, etc. websites. Any of them could have been the one to have said yes to charlie even after they knew about his condition!

  12. @mdxxx

    Well, IF he told his partners (and I don’t buy that line), and they agreed to still have sex with him, there is no confusion as to why. He paid incredible rates to these people that were far above their normal rates or what is common in the business. People will take enormous risks if the price is right.

    Heck, people will intentionally poison themselves and shorten their lifespan by paying for a pack of cigarettes every day. It is not a stretch to think someone would be willing to risk shortening their life when being paid 10,000 for one day.

    I am in no way convinced that he told the vast majority of his partners. We won’t know unless someone comes out about it, no idea if anyone will or if they will just stay quiet.

    HIV was no “wake up call” for Charlie. He continued to party as hard as possible, fuck as many people as he could, and spend millions doing it. He is only coming forward in the media now because the rumors are getting too strong so he had his hand forced.

  13. @joeschmoe he did the interview because apparently one of the girls he had been screwing took a picture of his ANTI-HIV triple cocktail that he is using. He knew it was going to come out anyways. Like you said he had his hand forced.

    Apparently he has had over 200 sexual partners since the time he found out he had HIV and 6 have already come forward with lawsuits and more are def. coming.

    I am just shocked that this hadn’t come to light sooner than today. Like how did someone not out him over the past 4 years? He must have paid millions upon millions to a point where he now feels broken and like he has literally nothing else to lose. You can tell by the interview he is expecting plenty of sympathy to come his way a la Magic Johnson in the 90’s.

  14. Even if Kacey Jordan and Brett Rossi had sex with Charlie Sheen multiple times (without condoms), it does not mean they have HIV. They may or may not have it. Many people don’t realize how difficult it is to transmit HIV by sexual intercourse.
    CDC website
    Estimated Per-Act Probability of Acquiring HIV from an Infected Source, by Exposure Act
    Risk per 10,000 Exposures
    Receptive anal intercourse 138
    Insertive anal intercourse 11
    Receptive penile-vaginal intercourse 8
    Insertive penile-vaginal intercourse 4

  15. MDXX – Mike will back me up on this. If you think that Cameron Bay is going to lose in a heartbeat because of her relationship with Rod Daily, you have not read her lawsuit very carefully. Put another way, for months before the original Vivid suit was held in federal court in Los Angeles, I was repeatedly told I did not understand the First Amendment and that the judge would throw it out in a heartbeat. In reality, the judge ruled exactly the way I predicted he would rule. When it went to the Appeals Court, I was repeatedly told I didn’t understand how these things work and that the Appeals Court would throw it out in a heartbeat. And ….. the Appeals Court ruled exactly as I predicted they would rule. There is a record. Look it up.

    Cameron Bay may not win – if anything, I predict Kink will pay her off and it’ll never go to court. But, if she loses, it will have little to do with her relationship with Rod Daily because half of the suit has nothing to do with HIV. She can lose on HIV and still win the suit based on other conditions on the set – conditions which the owner of Kink and the male talent have talked about.

  16. Jamie

    The evil part here is him potentially not telling his partners he has HIV. His lifestyle did not change when he found out (plenty of info to show how he lived in the last 4 years). It is hard to imagine he was telling people he has HIV while snorting coke off their anus.

    You are making valid points that he may not have infected more than a few, or anyone for that matter. Suspicious disappearances of several of his partners would lead one to conclude he infected and paid off at least a few.

    Infecting people who know he has HIV is a far different case from having sex with people and not telling them. Just because they didn’t get infected or their chances were minimal, doesn’t mean he had a right to withhold that info. Bree Olson has said she didn’t know. It looks like she has come up safe in all this, however she was not aware he had HIV and that is abhorrent.

  17. @BT

    Once again spot on. Coupling the use of comparative analogies to minimize risk with discouraging performers from even asking questions is a massive deterrent to performer safety. Though it works well for the dominant stakeholder bottom line with intimidating harassment at the ready for unruly subs aka performers.

    Sometimes when I see these analogies I want to ask which industry stakeholders are known for saying give us $150 bucks every two weeks for this protective gear. Say steel-toed boots with some lovely reassurances E.g. No need to try them on …we researched and these are the best they’ll fit. Don’t waste our time telling us your foot is size six whoever told you that used flawed methodology …feet are size eight unless we say different.

  18. I am right about Brett that ones a for sure. and should she wish to be interviewed or make a statement she would contact me, she and I were close before she ever even met Charlie. She wants to put that part of her life behind her and I respect that.

  19. @BT

    Kink settling is the only way this ends quickly. Consent plays a bigger role than HIV does in that lawsuit. Seems much more likely Acworth will pull a Deupree to string this out as long as possible till people who don’t read the actual documents are willing to believe anything they’re told.

  20. @joeschmoe

    Call me silly but I’d rate disease and pregnancy as more oppressive than religion or politics if we’re going back even 100+ years. Took over twenty years of common antibiotics and widespread availability of the pill to make preachers and politicians more of deterrent than winding up in bedlam not to mention all those other nasty symptoms of untreated STD.

    Easier to avoid a preacher than needing to pee 😉

  21. I’ll say this if Charlie Sheen continued to have sex with dozens and dozens of women after his HIV diagnosis his life is OVER. He may last a couple of years but he’ll be financially ruined, imprisoned, or he’ll commit suicide.

    Oh yeah he’s also crazy as a loon.

  22. Yeah, his time is short. He had a hell of a ride though and probably enjoyed every drug crazed sex filled minute. Sometimes living shorter doing what you want is better than living longer and oppressing yourself. That is a much deeper discussion.

    I got a laugh that the some headlines say “My party days are over”…… they weren’t over when you found out you had HIV so its a bit silly to say they are over now that you have revealed it publicly. It makes it look like something he is forced to say because he won’t be getting laid much anymore.

    THe people he allegedly paid off; I highly doubt they will come forward now. They have their retirement fund and whatever parting gift Charlie sent them home with. However, anyone who had sex with him in the last 4 years that didn’t catch HIV and get paid, probably has grounds for some sort of lawsuit because he didn’t tell them, right? The man has blown through so much cash you got to wonder how much he actually has left.

  23. The numbers are important (and explains why it doesn’t spread as fast as you might thing), and it may also be in part that Charlie may not fuck like a pornstar – ie, naturally with girls who are actually wet, not lasting too long, etc. Part of the reason pornstars tend to share STDs and such is because the sex is not natural, often requires lube, often is hard deep penetration that leads to scrapes, micro-tearing, and irritation, all of which makes it easier to transmit. It’s the reason why receptive anal is so might higher a risk, as anal often involves scratches and other “injuries” around the anal area and the penis, which makes the blood to blood exchange much more likely.

    Charlie is still a true idiot for having unprotected sex with people. Moreover, he is the true indication of the problems of porn performers – it’s not that they are tested every couple of weeks, it’s who they are fucking outside of work that really screws the system up.

  24. When did ya’ll begin to suspect Charlie was truly crazy?

    For me it was about 5 years ago when I saw photo’s of Charlie’s rotting meth-mouth teeth. I thought to myself: “man, that is just going way to freaking far”.

    How about you? When did you start to think Charlie was crazy?

  25. I completely agree that there are issues bigger than HIV in the lawsuit – you’re absolutely correct and that was sort of my point.

    With regard to HIV, what folks who say: well, she was living with a gay guy – miss is that the suit leaves open the possibility that she was infected by someone who was infected on a Kink set. Presumably that’s Rod Daily, but it isn’t explicitly stated in the suit.

    I’m not implying anything in the following, just explaining the theory. If I steal a gun, or do something illegal or irresponsible to get a gun, give you the gun, and you kill someone with it, you and I are both responsible. If I hadn’t been irresponsible, you wouldn’t have gotten the gun. Or, if I’m the bartender who serves you the drink that puts you over the top and you kill someone, I’m liable too.

    That’s the theory in Bay’s suit. She more or less alleges that she was infected on the Kink set, or, in the alternative, was infected by someone who was infected on a Kink set. If that someone was Daily, and if Daily was infected on a Kink set, then Kink was the bartender who served one drink too many.

    Folks who think this will get tossed out of court in a heartbeat have not read the lawsuit.

    I’m not saying she’ll win. I’m not saying she even has a case. All I’m saying is that based on the way the lawsuit is constructed, and based on things that Peter Ackworth, Xander and others have said publicly about what happened on that set, plus the injuries we know she sustained, it’s not the open and shut case that people who speak ill of Bay think that it is.

  26. Lurk – thanks again. There’s one other point that folks who say: There’s risk and porn stars assume risk are missing.

    Yes, there is risk in every job and you assume a certain amount of risk. No question about it. But, the responsibility of an employer is to mitigate known and preventable risks – “knew or should have known” is the legal phrase. Porn cannot simply say: Hey, its risky to have unprotected sex with someone who may be infected with a sexually transmittable disease. You knew that when you got into the business. Sorry, that’s just not the way employment or workplace law works. That’s like saying to a restaurant customer: Hey, you should’ve known that you could get food poisoning because some cook may not wash his hands after going to the bathroom or didn’t wash the fecese off the lettuce. You assumed that risk.

  27. I thought he was crazy when he was dropping big bucks for average looking porn stars and calling then goddesses. For christs sake if he is gonna drop all kinds of money on porn stars then get a spectacular girl like Dani Daniels, Jillian Janson, or Lucie Wilde.

  28. Charlie Sheen should have told everyone he fucked since he acquired HIV that he has it before fucking them. He should also have told the press that he had it immediately. There is no way to hide HIV if you are a celebrity and he allegedly wasted millions of dollars trying to do so.

    If Chuckie did not tell his porn chickie (or other) fuck buddies that he had HIV before fucking them he could literally go to prison for that transgression. Many states have laws requiring HIV positive people to explicitly tell their sex partners about it before having sex with them for the first time. Here in Michigan it carries a five year prison term, since sex crimes usually carry consecutive sentences — here that would be on top of any fornication prison and CSC terms that would be applicable but at least the fornication issue is unique to Michigan (and Utah). Our CSC law has a clause that any sex crime not specifically mentioned in that statute is considered first-degree CSC (the same section that is applicable to forced rape), charged on top of the underlying crime. Therefore if Chuckie fucked anyone in MI without revealing his HIV status he is likely facing double life without parole plus ten years (fornication, the CSC one related to fornication, failure to reveal HIV status and the CSC one related to the failure to reveal). The fornication law is used to prosecute less and less with every passing year but I suspect a prosecutor would dust it off and use it to put the screws to Chuckie because of the unique situation.

    Since Chuckie travelled worldwide this could become very interesting, I don’t know how other states CSC laws are written (in regard to connecting rape charges with failure to reveal HIV) but if they are similar to Michigan’s and he fucked chickies in many states he could be in for a long, hard road (with trials and likely convictions in many states or maybe even other countries) as I do know most states have life without parole as (at least) an option for first degree CSC/rape.

  29. I don’t think Cameron has a chance in hell of winning the Kink lawsuit based on her getting HIV or on dangerous conditions. She might win the first round in California but once it hits the federal appeals court system it will likely be overturned based on politics alone. However, if she can somehow prove her allegations that Lorelei raped her (highly unlikely but I guess anything’s possible) she could end up very wealthy in the end. I think Cameron is lying about the rape allegations but do think that section of her lawsuit is what makes Peter and Lorelei the most nervous — especially if Peter “did the right thing” and didn’t destroy every bit of video evidence from that shoot (the scene was posted to the Public Disgrace site so even if he did get rid of the footage someone could have downloaded the scene and still have a copy although what footage didn’t make the finished product could easily be made to disappear completely).

    Theoretically Peter could end up paying millions to Cameron and Lorelei could be going to prison for a long time if Cameron somehow proves the rape allegation beyond a reasonable doubt. The “unsafe” environment and her getting HIV theoretically (however unlikely it is that Cameron could win her case on those grounds) could cost Peter (or more accurately his liability insurer) a few million dollars but I don’t see where it could leave him destitute or cause Kink to go out of business.

    At first glance a nuisance value settlement would be more likely (it is cheaper to pay Cameron off to drop her lawsuit than to fight it and pay attorneys a couple million dollars to do so). However, this was more than likely spurred by Michael Weinstein in an attempt to run porn out of California so he might offer to pay (more than what would be offered by Kink as a settlement) to keep the lawsuit going to the bitter end. Weinstein is likely also paying Cameron’s legal expenses to keep her lawsuit against Kink going so running out of money won’t force her to give up on it as it would the average Joe or Jane.

  30. Ok someone needs to catch me up on this whole Lorelei Lee raping Cameron Bay? Didn’t know Women could rape other women, but I guess we all learn something new every day right?

    I will repeat myself. There is literally no chance Sheen is going to jail for any of this. He is going to use the argument that he told the girls before like he is doing with Bree Olson, and the girls who he didn’t tell have already been paid off.

    It’s very morbid, but I agree that Charlie Sheen maybe has 2-3 years left of life left. He will drown himself in depression after this, and when all his money is slowly drained he will kill himself and it will be all over the news just like Robin Williams and many other comedians who seem so happy on the outside, but inside they are rotting.

    Another thing this story ensures me is it takes a very special type of girl to do Porn. Period. You can define special anyway you want to.

  31. @mikesouth I don’t know if you’ve seen the video but a couple weeks ago RADARONLINE posted a video of Brett Rossi burning pictures of Sheen and yelling all sorts of crazy things about him.

    If you know Brett you need to get the interview and find out her side of the story. If you don’t someone else will. She may not be HIV+ but he FOR SURE exposed her to the virus at some point, because I’ve seen a Woman scorned before, but nothing every like that video.

  32. @mdxxx

    Not really good to compare Robin to Charlie’s potential depression and suicide you are suggesting. Robin had a form of dementia which was pretty serious and causing hallucinations. Bit of a different situation here. I digress but wanted to bring that up.

    What do you mean “women cant rape women”? Forcing a sexual act on someone is rape, it doesn’t have to be penile penetration. If a woman grabs another woman by the throat and forces her fingers in her pussy, that is rape in the eyes of the law. Forcing her head in her pussy is at the very least sexual assault. You never hear about cases like this because women generally don’t pull that kind of shit.

    Can’t imagine he is too far from seeking bankruptcy protection. I know he made a lot of money from his TV shows, but gosh this guy must have been dumping a quarter million a month just on paying people to party and have sex with him; in addition to hush money, and his already extravagant living expenses. Can’t see him having enough left to battle multiple civil suits.

  33. @mdxxx

    Read the Cameron Bay lawsuit. It isn’t saying rape in the sense that there was a criminal offense, there are several questions about the validity of the filming consents. Off the top of my head …lots about what amounts to a dissociative state during the shoot and ability to maintain consent for activities in some deep place sub missives wind up. Allegations that the no list was not honored and lots of questions about the list like if it was on the set and if it was who was/is responsible for enforcing it when the performer is unable to and the director is also a performer.

  34. Think of it this way …assholes are like lamb skin condoms, effective at preventing pregnancy but not so good at blocking STI.

  35. Sorry, mharris, but as in past posts …. you’re shooting from the hip in an authoritative way but completely misstating how the courts work.

    This is not a federal case, it is a state case. For it to be a federal case there has to be a federal issue – there is not, since this is in effect a personal liability case – or there has to be diversity of jurisdiction – Cameron Bay lives in Ohio and Kink is located in California or something like that. That is not present here. It was filed in state court. That’s where its going to take place. The feds could care less.

    If either party prevails and the other part wants to appeal, they can do so. But in order to win an appeal, they have to prove that the judge did something that was plainly wrong under the law during the course of the trial – say, the judge improperly admitted a piece of evidence that turned the tide but should never have been seen by the jury – or that the jury decision is so dumb headed and wrong that it has to be corrected. Otherwise, appeals courts give great deference to trial judges and jury decisions. That’s the way appeals work.

    If whomever appeals goes through every possible California court and loses they could appeal to the US Supreme Court. But in order for it to get into the federal court system there has to be something constitutional at stake. “This’ll get tossed out in a heartbeat because Cameron Bay is a crazy bitch who knew what she was getting into and lived with a gay guy who we know infected her” is not a constitutional issue.

    To everyone who says this is a nuisance suit, you’re missing some uncontested points.

    Cameron Bay was injured so badly on that set that she was hospitalized.

    It was an unsafe set under the law because she was repeatedly exposed to blood when Xander kept shoving a bloody penis down her throat.

    Last, Kink’s owner has written that things happened on that set that never should have happened.

    Those are three undisputed facts – Bay has hospital records; Xander has talked about the bloody penis; Kink’s owner has written about the shoot – and on their own would be grounds for a personal injury suit.

    Now, you start layering on the other things that may or may not have happened – she may have signed a no list that was ignored during the shoot; she may have been violated in ways she did not agree to; there may have been other safety violations; she may have contracted HIV on that set; or, in the alternative, she may have been exposed to HIV from someone else who contracted HIV from a different Kink set. Again, if Rod Daily was infected on a Kink set – and I’m not saying that he was or wasn’t, just if – and he then infected Cameron Bay, there is potential liability on Kink’s part.

    Those are not nuisance allegations. Again, I am not saying that Cameron Bay will win her suit if it goes to a jury. What I’m saying is that this is not on its face a nuisance suit.

  36. @BT

    YQW Im waiting for someone to say talking about employer/employee stuff is silly cuz everyone knows Labor laws only apply to those other risky industries cuz nothing applies to porn except it’s paycheck makes porn better than waiting on tables where you might encounter pisssed off patrons who don’t like eating shit.

    Ever wonder how many Max Hardcore performers won’t eat a chip off the floor and think the five second rule is disgusting?

  37. In other news Bree Olson is hopping mad that Charlie did not tell her he is HIV+. His camp fired back that Charlie and her had already broken up when he got it so no need to tell her. For sure she would have blabbed or tried to squeeze his shoes for hush money if she was told.

  38. @karmafan goddamn you are right on. I still see her advertising her services for 5K an hour on Eros Guide. For comparisons sake Ideal Image Models own Jenna Ivory was available for $500 an hour in my city this past weekend. But I digress.

    Guaranteed in the next week we will find out some new current/former pornstars who are going to sue him or maybe some of these girls were the ones already being paid out by Sheen monthly.

    I’m interested to see which girls are the ones who put themselves at risk. Not like it probably matters to them, but any girls associated with Sheen should immediately never be hired again to do a scene!

  39. I’d like to know who was the one that took photos of his medicine cabinet on her phone and then blackmailed him for years to keep quiet. Rumor has it its Georgia Jones or Taylor Tilden.

  40. Some madam apparently has gone on record and confirmed the rumors he would pay extra for bareback sex.

    This is getting uglier each day. I find it interesting that this is one of the cases where all the nasty gossip and rumors of the past few years end up actually being true.

  41. I have probably visited over 200+ hookers in my life and I am 28 years old. Yup, process that for a second.

    My main rules are 1) Always use a Condom 2) Hide all my money besides the donation 3) Keep Quiet about the meeting.

    Charlie has broken literally all of these rules, and this is exactly why he is in the troubles he is in now. It makes zero sense to me how someone could want to have sex with someone they have never met before without a condom or an STD test. Makes zero sense to anyone that has a logical mindset.

    I havent caught an STD in all my years of existence, because I am responsible about my random sexual encounters. I am not going to screw a girl over on her donation and for that donation I expect a certain service. A+B=C, Charlie tried to subvert the system and now he is done for.

    Literally when you are around an Escort or Pornstar you have to have the mindset that regardless how nice they are too you, its all 100% about the Money. Period.

    That’s how you properly visit hookers and all that jazz without it becoming public knowledge.

  42. I get a kick about his Dad saying how brave Charlie is to come out and tell everyone his condition.That’s a parents love to say such stupid things to protect your kid. Charlie made the situation (his HIV is Karma for his behavior) and did his best to keep it quiet. Now that too many people are blackmailing him he had to come clean to save what little money he has left for lawsuits and his kids college funds. He did come forward but kicking and screaming as he was being dragged into the light.

  43. The word rape does not appear in the Cameron Bay lawsuit. What she alleges is that part of the agreement with Kink is that there would be no fisting, and, if my memory serves me correctly, four fingers were inserted in her during the shoot. Again, if memory serves me, she alleges that she told the individual to stop because there was no fisting and the individual said she was not being fisted because the thumb wasn’t inserted, and continued to do whatever she was doing.

    If this gets to court, the issue won’t be whether four fingers constitutes fisting or if a thumb has to be involved; the issue will be whether the individual should have stopped when Cameron Bay objected to what was happening to her.

    The only time “rape” has come up is from people reading the suit and saying: She’ll never win on rape. She never alleges rape.

    Now, to the second point – yes, under the law a woman can rape a woman. Remember that Jack Venice is doing time in the state of Washington for rape — he allegedly snuck into a college dorm and fingered a coed. Penetrating someone against their will with a penis, fingers or an object is rape under the law.

  44. Charlie Sheen was a drug addict in the extreme so his bad choices went beyond his sexual behavior. Even if Sheen is telling the truth about not using needle drugs, his drug behavior may have lowered his immunity so low that it was more likely that he would become HIV positive.

  45. @mharris

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re drafting a porn script or serious.

    “Theoretically Peter could end up paying millions to Cameron and Lorelei could be going to prison for a long time if Cameron somehow proves the rape allegation beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    This theory starts solid with

    “Theoretically Peter could end up paying millions to Cameron and”

    Now we venture into there’s a boogey man in the closet …dun ta dun ta dun ta dun

    “Lorelei could be going to prison for a long time”

    So could you me or anyone else charged in a criminal proceeding. Lorelei is a party to a civil suit where money is the punishment not jail.

    “if Cameron somehow proves the rape allegation beyond a reasonable doubt.”

    So your theory has some holes to patch up …. Cameron neither pursued a criminal complaint for rape nor became a prosecuting attorney in real life…either or both flaws make this plot fall flat beyond Peter paying millions which is the only plausible part the theory but of course still just theory at this point.

  46. @schlermy

    Im not sure exactly what size the sample HIV tests reference number of viral copies to but I do know it’s one mL or less. A standard US teaspoon holds just about five mL

    Agreed that from a patient and public health risk reduction standpoint less than 50 copies regardless of sample size is great. Then there is the consent aspect.

    To me the consent aspect amounts to knowing the stuffing I’m serving has pork in it and justifying not telling the guest who asks about the ingredients or I know to be Muslim or Jew with a bullshit rationalization ..it’s just a tiny tiny bit and shouldn’t cause them any problems. Look at me I eat sausage all the time and as long as I take my Crestor I’m fine 😉

  47. I agree…and made him vulnerable to equally shitty extortion.

    Once everyone gets done trying to figure out who didn’t get HIV from Sheen I hope they’ll figure out who was blackmailing him. If it was someone he gave HIV to without telling them it isn’t extortion it’s compensation for harm and it makes no sense for Sheen to classify that as extortion while telling the world he didn’t infect anyone.

  48. Charlie Sheen is just like me, He liked guys too. And , I mean the ones with breasts and big penises and big sweet loads.

  49. Mdxxx, the lawsuit has several references to Lorelei attempting to “fist” Cameron without her permission. Supposedly Cameron made clear that no “fisting” was allowed and Lorelei was caught with four fingers in Cameron’s pussy which is construed as starting the process of “fisting” her. That is considered rape at least according to Michigan law (I am reasonably sure that non-consensual sexual contact is rape in California as well). Personally, I don’t believe Cameron’s rape allegations — if it actually happened she would have called the police immediately and not waited four years to make the allegation.

  50. In my state what Lorelei is accused of doing is considered criminal sexual conduct in the first degree which is considered our rape law.

  51. Lurking, the district attorney could get hold of this lawsuit and file rape charges even if Cameron doesn’t ask him to. In fact, any prosecutor that doesn’t launch an investigation (yes, DAs have investigation teams in SF) upon finding out about the allegation is derelict in his elective duties. A victim does not have to request that the DA press charges in order for him to do so — it happens all the time in domestic violence cases, for instance. The judge in the case would be derelict in his duties if he did not refer the accusation to the DA after reviewing the lawsuit for hearing. Trust me, the DA has heard about the rape accusations and likely his investigative staff is investigating as I type (if he hasn’t completed his investigation and came to the same conclusion I have that the rape allegations are a complete lie).

  52. I was under the impression that Cameron lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. I must have forgotten that this was a state case. However, eventually the appeals process leaves the state courts and enters the federal court system. You also have to remember that most federal judges are Republican (thanks to Reagan and both Bushes) and would love to protect business owners at almost any cost. Also, the politics of this situation and the industry involved would possibly affect the judge’s actions. Theoretically something Constitutional is supposed to be at stake in appeal but we all know appeals court judges usually rule based on their personal opinions/politics and stretch the Constitution to fit their desired outcome (Bush v. Gore which essentially stopped the recount of the Florida 2000 Presidential election and gave the Presidency to George Bush Jr. is a good example of that).

  53. @mharris

    Are you trying to soften the edges on your square peg or make the round hole square? Doesn’t matter I’d still buy you a cup of coffee and that’s where I’m leaving this.

  54. @mharris

    Kink as the defendant tried unsuccessfully to move this to federal court making the same argument you just put forth about the plaintiffs residency. if Cameron tried suing them in Nevada State court, where she resides they would have won on the diversity issue citing the defendants residence and or principle place of business in California.

    I don’t know nor do I care about the judges political affiliations because they had no bearing on the ruling.

  55. Yeah he “allegedly” spent time with TS as well as porn star guys. Not sure that makes a difference to the problems associated with Charlie other than for people to make fun of him or call him a homophobic slur for chuckles. Really, if you were human and made a few porn movies, Charlie would be interested in partying with you. Doesn’t matter your gender.

    I think this is about the most minor part of the story for anyone except people who hate transgendered or gay people.

  56. Lurking is correct. The plaintiff – Cameron – gets to decide where she wants to sue. She could have sued in federal court under diversity of citizenship if she had chosen; if she’s happy in state court in California, she can sue there. Pure speculation on my part, but my guess is that Kink would like it in federal court thinking that a federal judge and federal jury will be less sympathetic on a personal injury case.

    Sorry mharris, but appeals do not necessarily leave the state courts and go to the federal courts – there has to be a federal issue. There is no federal issue here. And, if memory serves, the federal judge in Los Angeles who ruled against porn on the condom case was a Republican. So …….

    This is a civil case and not a criminal case, so no one has to prove anything “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The standard in civil court is more likely than not.

    And last …… the only person who has ever alleged rape is you. This is a civil case and not a criminal case. They are alleging and are trying to prove that this was an out of control set where concerns for the safety and welfare of talent were pushed aside to create a more outrageous video. The whole fisting allegation is another brick in the wall they are trying to build to demonstrate that this was a completely irresponsible shoot.

  57. I’m sure there are people that even question if you can rape a porn star/escort? That mentality has existed for generations.

  58. Lol thanks for that trivial pursuit fail though the Mel Gibson backlash was just as epic as his cop stop rant.

  59. I am using the definitions in Michigan law to come up with my explanation that Cameron is accusing Lorelei of rape without actually using the word. Unauthorized penetration is rape (CSC) here, plain and simple. I may need to do some research on California rape law but I can’t imagine it would be too much different.

  60. @mharris

    with respect to this case Cameron has not filed a criminal complaint. With respect to the domestic violence references to a criminal process happening without Cameron making a criminal complaint amounts to requiring some overzealous DA either clearing or pushing their caseload aside to pursue this. Chances of that are nil and none and get slimmer in California where four or even full five finger fisting is a common occurrence in adult films. If some DA or ADA went after the film in this case they’d have to ignore the first amendment or charge every director of similar content.

    In a nutshell SanFrancisco cops, prosecutors and DA have thousands of pending cases what do you have to indicate they have even considered this case for charges? It’s been two years are you planning to hold this threat of rape charges and prison over Lorelei’s head for six years or however long rape statute of limitations runs in California?

  61. The whole thing is about trying to get a payday. The mention of rape is just someone looking for money. Kink uses a safe word and if she used it they would have to stop. If she said the safe word over and over and they continued then thats a different story.

  62. So are APAC mouthpieces lobbying for or against condoms in porn? Hard to tell with the song they’re singing re Sheen.

    If the industry protocols are so great why all the concern? Big old face palm award for every FSC, APAC, AVN, x-Biz etc associated person painting Sheen as the bad guy vs touting how FSC testing protocols are the gate that keeps HIV out of the performer pool.

    So let’s see over the past year efforts to lobby against AHF and condoms said FSC testing gate and Truvada are effective barriers and now Sheen is a big bad wolf blowing down all the rules of honor and industry self regulation? That’s a problem because Sheen isn’t in the industry and his undectable viral load is less of a risk than performers walking out of strip clubs with newly infected acute HIV whether or not the client pulls a Josh Duggar.

    Kinda clears up Diane Duke’s obsession with performer personal relationships though.

  63. Agreed that filing a lawsuit is looking for a payday. Can’t agree to dismiss out of hand the consent issues that some are calling rape.

    Having read through two lawsuits against Kink, Acworth is either gonna string them out to get his fiscal ducks in a row for nice NDA settlements or try to argue prior consent is ongoing consent saying the standard performer releases and post shoot interviews absolve him of all liability.

    IMO all this talk about Cameron alledging rape is intentional deflection from the blindfolded John Doe case and the numerous consent issues raised in both lawsuits.

    “Kink uses a safe word and if she used it they would have to stop. If she said the safe word over and over and they continued then thats a different story.”

    There’s a lot of stories in those two sentences. Why does kink have a safe word policy? Do the no list and safe word work like posting Swim at Own Risk NO LIFEGUARD signs?

    Debating four/five finger fisting after the objection raises questions about attempts to coerce consent beyond the prior mutually agreed consents. After all this is KINK a professional shoot not a bullshit amateur phone on a selfie stick job where the director-performer doesn’t know what they’re doing and might get wrapped up in moment. Acworth has the foresight to do post shoot interviews, did or he didn’t he consider that someone other than the director-performer needed to be in charge of the no list which is specific to each performer?

    How many times does a performer need to say the safe word? More than once raises the question to what’s the point of having a safe word if the person in charge is too distracted to heed it?

    If they can’t take verbal cues then what happens in gagged and can’t talk situations? Or if the written agreement is penetration between tested performers and the talent finds out after the fact that the director-performer not only allowed but assisted in sticking untested dicks in the performers mouth while bound and blindfolded?

    Mark my words the blindfolded John Doe case will come up with the first attempt Kink makes to defend or deflect from the deep space sub missives go. However it is phrased or termed it is a dissociative state.
    Think ability to consent and look up prohibitions to gun ownership and licensing…diagnosis with a dissociative condition comes before convicted violent felon on most state versions and its included in Federal too.

    Seems I wasn’t kidding about lots of stories in those two sentences. Like porn for a verbose loquacious policy queen 🙂

  64. Supposedly John Thompson of GGG is in hot water for bringing in homeless guys off the street that are untested and having them have sex with the girl on one of his shoots.

  65. GGG means German Goo Girls. Its a euro porn company that focuses on cum swapping, GBs, and Bukake type porn scenes. Many of the girls they use are pretty tough looking and worn out but there are a few really good looking girls like Viktoria and Cassandra.

  66. I for one would love to see Josh Duggar’s VD medical records released to People, the National Enquirer or TMZ. I bet he has had every VD in the book except HIV by now. 🙂 I feel sorry for his poor wife and kids — the wife for the multiple VD infections she must have got from him and his kids because he will probably molest them as well.

    As for Josh Duggar being a child molester I understand why his parents didn’t turn him in to the law (what parent wants their kid to go to prison and get fucked up the ass nightly by the five bubba club while serving his sentence) but they should at least have beat some sense into him after he molested his sisters. If he had been my kid he certainly would have been taught a lesson he wouldn’t ever forget after molesting his sisters in my home.

  67. Correct me if I am wrong, but Kacey Jordan’s recent work for Tushy.com and a couple of other sites were made long after her potential infection from Charlie, right? So either she’s clean, or she’s not registering on the test. I hope it’s the former.

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