HIV+ Sofia Delgado Caught in a LIE

We recently wrote about Sofia Delgado returning to porn under a new name to avoid detection.  She admitted that she was, in fact, back in porn, even after working with the Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) as an anti-porn activist.

She now performers under the name Laya Richards.

She is actively shooting content in the Las Vegas area.

She is not using an industry-approved test and is not using an industry-approved testing facility, such as TTS or CET or any on the FSC PASS list.

She is, according to those we spoke with, providing them with some sort of piece of paper that she claims is from her personal doctor or from a testing center near her house.  However, nothing she is using can be verified. Anyone can hand someone a piece of photoshopped paper and claim it’s true.

Our stance has always been and always will be HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.

If you are going to have sex with someone, they have the right to know if you are HIV+ so THEY can make an informed consent about what is right for them.

After our original story came out, she contacted us to claim she was honest and upfront about her HIV+ status with those she has been shooting content with and even invited us to question them. We did.

She lied.

The first person we spoke with asked us to please not disclose his identity to the public. According to this man, she never once revealed to him her other performer name (Sofia Delgado), nor did she tell that she used to be in porn, nor did she reveal that she was, in fact, HIV+.

Since our original article, another person has come forward.

On April 19th, Sofia Delgado specifically mentioned some people she shot with and invited us to content these people about her “transparency”.

We did just that.

We’ll let his words speak for themselves.

Like I said, never trust anyone without an industry-approved test.





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HIV+ Sofia Delgado Caught in a LIE

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5 Responses

  1. I wonder how long it is going to take for Sofia to give some poor guy AIDS and get herself arrested for attempted murder or manslaughter? AIDS is deadly serious and anyone fucking someone else without disclosing their AIDS infection should either go to prison for life or if the person actually infects someone a mandatory and public hanging in front of the courthouse in the county or parish of conviction! If the state needs someone to be the (legal) executioner for something like this, I volunteer!

  2. According to the U=U advocate Charlotte goth, “don’t do porn if you’re afraid of catching HIV”.

  3. She could also say don’t fuck if you are afraid of AIDS. Char (I think you are referring to Char Sartre because you are referring to “Charlotte Goth” but there is also a Char Cross in the business and I can imagine something like this coming from her lips) is wrong, people have the right to know if someone has AIDS — even if the person is “undetectable” in testing now. If Char wants to fuck people with AIDS, she can have at it. I don’t want to fuck someone with AIDS and think I have the right to know a partner’s true AIDS status as either negative or positive. Porn performers should have the same right. Porn performers also have the right to not fuck people that fuck people with AIDS and maybe Char needs to not be able to get work for a while because of her stance on fucking people with AIDS.

  4. BTW, she is on again and off again on her regiment meds. Yall can argue among yourself if its true or not. A handful of people who knows her knows this is absolute fact .

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