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Guess what?
John and I test undetectable too. But we don’t run around saying that we don’t have HIV. We simply say that we’re now undetectable. But we also
have no illusions that we don’t have HIV anymore. The simple truth is that if a person is undetectable, the possibility of them transmitting the virus to another person is VERY low. And because the PCR/DNA test can detect HIV in a newly infected person much faster than the Eliza screener, it IS the preferred method. I go to one of the best Infectious Disease specialists in the nation, let alone Los Angeles. Mike South did some research? Hmmm… that sounds reliable.
Any person who has had the HIV virus for any length of time will develop enough of a viral load for it to be detectable. Although an infected person who currently has a non-detectable viral load can indeed infect someone else, the risk of transmission is MUCH less than 1 percent.
Right now, THE BEST PREVENTION the adult business has, short of condoms, is the PCR/DNA test.


So if we are to believe Trisha she knows more than the CDC or the AIDS Foundation, which is where my info came from. She apparently also knows more than Kary Mullis who said “This test [PCR] should never be used to test for HIV it is not accurate enough” but what would he know, he only won the Nobel Prize for INVENTING PCR/DNA technology. Sorry Trisha, I like the hell outta you and John but what you are suggesting is just plain wrong.

Using your logic You, John, Magic Johnson and thousands of others could enter porn today with a clean bill of health and continue to work in the industry indefinately even though you have all been diagnosed with HIV for nearly ten years or more. We in the industry know you are HIV positive but what about the guy who goes to AIM for his first test today the one who knows he is HIV Positive but has been on Protease Inhibitors for years and now erroneously believes he is no threat? If you think for one second that the PCR Test is, for any reason, more accurate than the ELISA then you are claiming to know more than the CDC and the AIDS Foundation.

To quote you “Hmmmm THAT sounds reliable”.

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From Adult DVD Talk Forum:

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