Diane Duke Blows Off Meet With HIV Positive Talent Twice and Refuses To Answer Why

People often accuse me of not giving The FSC a chance but that simply isn’t true.  I sent this email to Diane Duke last week, as always she chose not to respond even though I offered to run her response unedited as long as she didn’t lie.  I guess if she can’t lie then she has nothing to say.

A lot of people read this and wondered why Diane would no call/no show on this important meeting, apparently she thinks that highly of herself, well rest assured Diane outside your little circle of ass kissing sycophants like Kernes and Douglas, nobody else does.

This must be like shooting fish in a barrel for AHF….

According to Cameron Bay:

“In August 2013 I found out I was HIV positive. I was dealing with Mark at this time regarding the entire situation and was very overwhelmed. He had advised me to put out a press release divulging my status. He told me to put out the press release because there were other releases in the works regarding my status coming out although I just had found out a few hours before. I decided to listen to him. A few weeks later I get a call from Mark that AHF wanted to help me out and give me medical attention. He then introduced me to Mark McGrath of AHF via email.

At this point I was still 100% wanting to protect the business. I had contacted Mark to see if I could attend the AVN show. He said he would get me tickets to attend AVN at first. Then he contacted me again and said that the FSC did not believe it was the right choice for me to attend because the industry was not ready for it.

He then set up meetings with Diane Duke and I at the begging of 2014. She was supposed to meet me in Arizona and do lunch and she stood me up, (no calls or emails). I then flew to Los Angeles and she was supposed to meet me, and again she no showed, no call and no emails.

I spoke to Mark and he could not believe that she stood me up again. At this point I was so frustrated because I wanted to attempt to help the business and got no help in return so I turned to AHF ( Mark introduced me to them ) they had been there for me the entire time. I feel that the industry turned its back on me and I was distraught over the circumstances and felt if they did this to me they will do it to anyone. “

I resisted the urge to editorialize on this and I would like to give you the opportunity to respond.  I will run your response unedited and I will not editorialize on it provided you simply tell the truth…I do not like being mislead or flat out lied to.

Finally on or off the record…thats your choice.  i would like to know why we as an industry don’t do more to help our own.  Would it be that hard to have gotten her some job someplace that would provide her with health insurance?  Or to simply so something other than forcing these people onto AHF?

If I am having to spend my money to clean up someone elses messes I would take measures to prevent that from happening as well….You may choose to ignore this like you usually do but don’t you think it is time we made some effort to fix the multitude of problems that ail this industry?

107230cookie-checkDiane Duke Blows Off Meet With HIV Positive Talent Twice and Refuses To Answer Why

Diane Duke Blows Off Meet With HIV Positive Talent Twice and Refuses To Answer Why

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  1. Now, Mike… It’s not fair to single out Diane Duke on this one since she is funded by the powerhouses of the industry who also did absolutely nothing to try and clean up the mess and make things right with the talent. If today’s talent don’t see firsthand how LITTLE the companies that use and abuse them care for them then they truly rode the small bus to school and should be in somebody’s care instead of flashing their genitalia for all the world to see for the rest of eternity. HEY TALENT… IN TODAY’S MARKET IT IS IMPORTANT TO OWN YOUR VIDEO SOUL!!!!! Otherwise it will be sold and resold and show up on skinimax and you WON’T SEE ANOTHER DIME from it!

  2. “A few weeks later I get a call from Mark that AHF wanted to help me out and give me medical attention. He then introduced me to Mark McGrath of AHF via email.”

    Unless Mark (her agent) has been acting out of public view he isn’t trying to get the stakeholders utilizing his clients to pony up with a safety net instead it seems he is relying on and referring to AHF.

    Relying on and referring to AHF to do what they do well isn’t so much an issue for me as the out front efforts characterize AHF efforts to reduce the number of people they are treating on taxpayer dollars as simply malicious and anti-porn. These efforts include closely examining extensive fiscal records AHF publicizes while those criticizing them publicly post their refusal to provide a public fiscal record for the NPO tax benefits they receive.

  3. @ Nick

    sure its fair to single out Diane Duke, her name & signature are on years of IRS non-profit documents refusing to disclose insider dealing and public access to FSC records with the added kicker of ‘theft or embezzlement loses” while she publicly criticizes how AHF spends their money as wasteful anti-porn.

    seems i missed the memo that everyone & every organization is supposed to spend their revenue to please porn stakeholders.

  4. Mike, she may think you’re a douche but she should also realize that many people industry read your blog. PR 101 — respond, if not directly but respond.

  5. Cameron Bay must be smoking crack and or Meth.
    She did a very stupid interview with that POS jew queer
    midget Michael Whiteacre the other day and that is one
    asshole cocksucker that you don’t give anything too and
    then he turns around and cuts her throat bad mouthing her.

    Dianne Duke is what a lot of the Producers and Directors
    consider a real piece of shit and irrelevant just like those
    two queer boys that run that RetardedPornWikkiLeaks website.
    They will cause some much bullshit to happen thinking they are
    going to plant the PORNO flag in Vegas and then will
    have it turned around and shoved up their worn out assholes
    so deep, the Clark County Fire Dept will need 10 snorkel trucks
    to get it out of both of their assholes.

    Now me and a few jews got to go stalk and harass Ari Bass.
    He such a fucking pussy shit talker that loves to suck cock
    in the name of the FSC.

  6. They are nothing but a fucking SCAM outfit run a stupid bunch of
    morons and a cocksucker ambulance chaser attorney who thinks that
    everybody is going to go to Vegas and not be under radar.
    Ignorant motherfuckers. That Ari Bass CLOWN (Michael Whiteacre) is trying everything to intervewing the witnesses who are testifying August 4th in Sacramento,Ca on that stupid condom bill . That was a bad move by the FSC to have Whiteacre do that. But he’s a scumbag piece of shit and so is the FSC. Fuck them too!

  7. Geez; I wish she would blow me. Its been awhile with none of those young Thai girls around.

  8. @cindi Hell, if she is tossing salads for that much then I’ll give her 3 dollars and 2 Quualudes and half a bottle of Taake cheap Vodka.

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