Cameron Bay is Positive

This comes as no surprise to anyone really the tell was the positive antibody test.  I do hate to hear about this happening to anyone and I wish her the best, her life just changed forever.

The big question now is going to be her boyfriend and of course Xander Corvus, both of whom tested today.

You should ignore Diane Dukes completely foolish comments that she didnt get it in porn, no one could know that at all at this point.



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Cameron Bay is Positive

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  1. This is extremely sad and could be the end of Porn as we know it. The worst part is, that from what I read you can contract HIV antibodies and not have them be detected for up to 3 months! Right now Xander Corvus, I am praying for him. It’s going to be interesting too see how everything unfolds, because I unfortunately I have a feeling Cameron Bay isn’t the only performer who is going to be exposed.

  2. Hopefully people in the biz will help her instead of Social security
    and good role Welfare.
    Mike Whinestein arms are waiting.

  3. It is unfortunate that the occasional HIV outbreak is part of porn. However, the people that get into the biz know that the risk is there, even if it is less than 1/10,000. We have to get over our indignation with this fact and learn to live with it. Even if we have condoms in porn (we already have testing), every few years there is going to be an HIV incident. I support condom optional, I do not support mandatory condoms. With that being said I hope no one else was infected out of this incident.

    Mdxxx, with the free to many ELISA tests the lead time is about three months. With the Aptima test used in porn the lead time is 6-10 days. ELISA is adequate for those with few partners but would never be used in the porn industry. I personally chose PCR/DNA (the prior quick-detect HIV test) in the past and choose Aptima now for my personal testing and I am not even talent in the biz. My health insurance has even paid for the test in the past. That reminds me, I need to get my semi-annual lab tests including VD testing next time I go to the doctor (I have very few sex partners so monthly testing is not necessary in my case).

  4. RE: Duke’s constant comment that there was no on-set transmission is so beyond the point.

    If Xander Corvus ends up with HIV as a result of doing a scene with Cameron Bay after she was exposed off-set, what does Duke say then? If Sydney Leathers ends up with HIV after doing a scene with Corvus as a result of doing a scene with Bay …… You get the point.

    Where the person who starts the chain contracts an STD is irrelevant. Once they contract it, they introduce it into the pool if they continue to perform.

    So far, porn has gotten lucky. At some point, statistics say the luck will run out.

  5. @BT “Real businesses are not run by pirates and outlaws. ”

    Are you fucking kidding with this statement? Turn on Fox Business news. Look at the banks and wall street. Get your head out of your ass bro. This country was built by pirates and outlaws.

  6. @billy Last time I checked the banks and those on Fox weren’t shooting drugs, prostituting themselves either legally or illegally, taking loads in the arse from the homeless, giving each other diseases, etc.

    Fox News people aren’t even politicians minus the select person wanting a little more income since their political dreams failed. I’ve never turned on Fox and seen a cocaine booger in someones nose.

    If we are just going to accept the fact that this shit can happen then why not release a line of films called “Yellow Bitches” or “Hepatitis Hotties”?

  7. CPanzram What the hell are you talking about? Really? What the hell are you talking about? Have you ever been on a porn set? I don’t mean the people who report the news on Fox, you dummy. I mean the state that the country is in.

  8. CPanzram. What porn set have you been on where you have seen a cocaine booger in someones nose? Enquiring minds want to know.

  9. Who has to be on a pornset to see a coke booger? I’ve seen questionable boogers on film. We’ve all seen scenes where the cameraman accidentally caught the mirror on the bed or nightstand in the shot. (A viewer can’t specifically determine what it is, you’re right.) I’ve seen them in person. I’ve shared bathrooms with female talent doing some form of booger sugar.

    The country has always been run by “criminals”. A lot of those “crimes” aren’t actually crimes, but loopholes. Porn doesn’t even have a loophole to hide behind. It was just that no one was paying attention or wanted it to be affiliated with their name.

    Real businesses aren’t run by pirates and outlaws. I think it is time that we started to weed out the criminals and outlaws for the sake of the business.

  10. Now lets do the math. IF the industry was worth a measly 2billion dollars(and we know the industry claims MUCH more) that means they gave 0.00000125% to the infected performers. Wow, they really do care.

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