Breaking Story Moratorium Called for By FSC

Apparently there has been another HIV positive affiliated with Kink.
Whatever the reason for the moratorium it came either from CET or some other PASS affiliated clinic. Word is TTS had no knowledge of it until this broke.

It is confirmed that it is an HIV positive in the biz

No word yet on how many on set exposures there are, but I should get more info soon

More as this breaks

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Breaking Story Moratorium Called for By FSC

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12 Responses

  1. Wont be more than 24 hours before Dianned Duke proclaims, “No onset transmission.” Of course she will not mention how many “Onset EXPOSURES” took place.

    Prayers for anyone infected, and prayers to the performers who are now shitting bricks who were EXPOSED and will be getting tested.

  2. She has the press releases already made out in a big folder probably, just has to write the poor persons name on them.

  3. Sad but inevitable truth FSC/ PASS system adds another scarlet x. I hope this performer is given the choice to say yeah or nay before their name is out there for the whole world.

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