At Least One Maybe Two Performers Have Tested Positive For HIV


There will be more as this develops, both performers are new to the biz. From what I have one is male one is female and they are a couple off camera.  There is a call for a halt on shooting until this is resolved.




80730cookie-checkAt Least One Maybe Two Performers Have Tested Positive For HIV

At Least One Maybe Two Performers Have Tested Positive For HIV

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  1. Whats new? Next male talent cocks will be falling off.
    And girls don’t want to do B/g shoots anymore because too many crossovers and male -male escorting.
    Again thank those agents!
    Stop all Productions! Sure…..

  2. Then again lets just all hope its a false positive and they are all right.
    You PEOPLE need to stop fucking around outside the Industry and bringing that shit back into Productions. Responsibilty Children.
    if you can’t do it , then fuck off and street walk and or escort but don’t come back to Porn and fuck those Production companies over and suing them into the bankruptcy.

    Lets all just say a prayer it come back negative and get the camera rolling and take of business and start cleaning house. You know what I mean by cleaning house ?

  3. Ricco: According to Mike’s post, the couple who possibly tested positive is new to the business..not sure what that has to do with agents, cross overs, or escorting. Responses like yours are part of the problem with this business. Every time anything happens, there are very few constructive voices offering actual solutions. Instead all we do is blame whoever we happen to have a vendetta against, whether it makes sense to or not.

    Also, regarding cross overs, you know that producers are aware of who does cross over work right? You know that producers still choose to use those guys right? Also, of the recent STD scares..what have they had to do with crossovers? You have the syphilis scare with Clover, a non-crossover who ended up not actually being positive, you have hepatitis scare – again a non crossover performer, and now an HIV scare with, what appears to be people who are brand new to the business. Not saying that cross over performers don’t pose a greater risk, but it has nothing to do with the current situation

  4. That’s a real shame. Thoughts and prayers go out to the performers and their families.

    The timing of this event definitely hurts the industry. Didn’t the last guy that showed up positive for HIV also have a girlfriend or wife doing scenes?

    This doesn’t have to be the end. I’m sure the gay studios felt that way at one point. Look at Treasure Island Media. I heard Paul Morris is doing quite well and that guy shows people sharing needles and doing bareback. I wonder how much is filmed overseas and if they already have HIV. I heard Chi Chi’s company is doing well too and aren’t they condom only? They are a big player.

    I’ve always wondered how much a company like Wicked is making compared to Jules Jordan, Evil/Elegant, and Hustler. Anyone have the numbers?

    If people play their cards right then all of the events of this month shouldn’t be a nail into the coffin. The answers are out there. Someone just has to figure them out. The nails will come out when another couple tests positive with mandatory condom use in place.

    Florida apparently has a huge problem with people doing Oxy and then switching to shooting heroin because it is cheaper. Drug testing could prevent a lot of HIV and Hep cases. If someone tests positive for opiates they shouldn’t be available to work or ever be able to work.

  5. Cpan, I agree with just about everything you have posted, but there is on major problem. The entire testing system of the industry is illegal. Porn companies have no right, and no legal authority to demand any pre employment testing, let alone drug screening. That would require an act of legislation by the state.

    Just look at the current AIM suit, and every single producer or agent who ever had a password is on the hook, because the entire system was illegal, all the waivers were illegal, and everytime anyone logged on to look at resuls they committed a felony.

  6. And what i the difference if they are new or seasoned veterans. yes, let the spin begin. Actually, dont most new girls get MORE work right when they enter the business?

  7. I wonder how much that Sen. Mike Gatto? got paid off for deny that bill up their in good ole’ cali? That’s going to come back and slap him and Jerry Moonbean in the face. Media is going to eat that all up.

  8. Whats that other sound coming from Sacremento. Its AB332 being bought back to life. Still time in this legislative session to revive the bill.

  9. You know how much most politicians give a fuck about porn and what’s going on in porn? They don’t. This business has long been consumed with it’s own sense of self-importance. It’s a fucking joke.

  10. @jilted. You are right. It is a violation and I can even sue my employer if he asks of my hiv status or even any cancer from breast all the way to brain tumors. (Minus certain career paths) Management is not allowed to ask for that because it could be considered discrimination. I think TB is an exception though. *Crosses fingers and prays that someone in the 50 guy creampie didn’t have TB*

    I think we can expect to see legislation stating that it is allowed in the near future. I can’t see that coming across the desk of a judge and him denying it. I think that is why Rob Black is insistent on a central testing facility. I’m sure lawyers or government officials stated that this was needed. It would be a testing facility that the government has control over and access to all of the records. That way the government would be the one telling you that you cannot legally appear in a film or even shoot the scene given the situation with Stagliano. If what he says is true about being in contact with officials then they obviously have informed him of that.

    What if the couple with HIV sued because they couldn’t get hired to perform? How would that work out in court if they proved HIV being the reason? If I was employed at Burger King I could sue… Is it that the violations the porn industry commits haven’t been tried yet?

  11. A couple of quick observations. The recent reports give the appearance that porn has, up until now, been a paragon of virtue and all of a sudden cross-overs, drug users, escorts and new kids on the block are bringing disease into the industry.

    Folks, there have always been cross-overs, drug users and escorts in porn. And, new kids on the block are what this industry is all about – bringing in that new talent that no one has ever seen before. Heck, Ed Powers created a couple of series on that premise: Fresh Off The Bus and New Ends.

    My guess is that there have always been STDs. My guess also isn’t just that they were swept under the rug. Rather, over the last decade or so you’ve had a ramp up in the number of scenes being performed, the number of talent making those scenes, and the extreme nature of the scenes. Back in the Golden Age, there were a handful of actors and actresses and you saw them in every movie. Any time you increase the number of people in the pool, you increase the number of scenes being produced and you increase the risky nature of the scenes, you’re gonna get more disease. That’s just statistics.

    You can’t discriminate against cross-overs. Guys who cross-over probably aren’t savvy enough to bring a lawsuit, but if they pass a blood test, you can’t discriminate based on their sexual preferences. That’s the law.

    You can’t keep out escorts – it seems they all escort.

    You could possibly drug test, but let’s face it: Porn attracts outlaws. Porn prides itself on being an outlaw industry. You eliminate drug users and you probably eliminate a significant share of the talent pool.

    On the other hand …. condoms in conjunction with testing probably work. Or, it works better than discriminating against cross-overs, escorts and drug use.

    If I were Steve Hirsch, I’d keep signing up the Farrah Abrahams, Myla Sinanjans and Sydney Leathers of the world. He probably pays them more than he pays his other talent, but I’ll bet he’s making more money on a handful of celebrity porn tapes than a whole bunch of mainstream porn. And there seems to be enough 20-something wanna celebrities willing to go on tape to create a business.

  12. @CPan, to make testing mandatory would require an act of legislation. OSHA does not have the authority to mandate testing. What is needed is a system similar to the State Athletic Commision, but again, that requires that the state legislature pass applicable laws. There are some occupations that require certain health standards, but all of those are clearly identified in state LAW. The California legislature has been negligent for decades in not addressing the issues in the legal sex business that exists in the state.

  13. Drug testing for things that are often mainlined is something the industry could use. Would you have your own daughter nail a guy that took a drug test and does opiates on occasion? How do you know that the previous night he didn’t load it into a vein with a needle given to him by Steven Tyler? What, make him wear a condom and all fears are squashed?

    I believe in business, but I’m also a humanitarian. I would personally slaughter every silverback gorilla and club every seal to save the life of one ex junky performer with HIV. Humans are not to be discarded. Ever.

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