Another HIV Positive


The big buzz is a new HIV Positive.  Word is it is another male performer who has done crossover work.  I don’t have a confirmation on him yet but a dozen girls are quarantined as first generation exposures.  The second generation exposures are said to be way high. the guy is said to have worked for ALL the major studios.

Initial rumors had the guy testing positive in Miami but it doesn’t mean he was Miami based (he could be though) as usual nobody is coming forward.

The right thing to do, specially in this day and age of de-centralized shooting, is to come forward.  If you aren’t willing to do that you shouldn’t be in porn. Period.

No word on where he was testing but the silence surrounding this reeks of the old AIM protocol.

I will post more as I learn it.

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Another HIV Positive

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  1. This may be why see increase female porn stars do more web came shows from there home becuase there not enough work for them becuase thing like this. Infact cost web shows risen about asking price what get pay for doing porn shoot. If this true it well be one last nails coffen that well close porn seen in California. Really stupid part smart people run porn seen out in California are frist be live in denyle about these thing effect have in porn there put owen nail in there owen coffen them selfs.

  2. When are these dumb asses going to stop using crossover performers?

    Nothing against what someone does in their personal life, let your freak flag fly, but it simply should not be allowed in the business unless it’s a condom only scene. No exceptions. Otherwise, you’re just begging for it.

    On the other hand, if the girls are dumb enough to let a crossover performer bareback them, then there isn’t much you can really do.

    I hope no other tests come back positive, but maybe a dozen or so positive performers is what it will finally take to knock some sense into people.

  3. It’s so sad to say, but just as many of us have warned since AHF’s attacks began in 2009, Michael Weinstein’s agenda has led to both the destruction of AIM Healthcare, AND the driving of more and more adult production out of state — where health and safety protocols either do not exist or are ignored by the unscrupulous.

    Initial reports/rumors at this time are that this new case (and all its supposed potential exposures) occurred in Florida. Does it not strike anyone as odd that, although the 2009 case (which took place in Nevada) and the 2010 Derrick Burts case (Florida) were not California-based productions, AHF’s response has been to demand mandatory condoms in California, along with a Los Angeles-based ballot initiative?

    Even if enacted, these measures would have done NOTHING to prevent these cases of HIV exposures within the adult industry.

    If anything, AHF’s relentless attacks on the California adult production industry will lead to MORE risk for performers, because someone, somewhere will always be willing to take risks that California workers would be prevented from taking.

    These are the people who DESTROYED the health clinic for adult industry performers, helped drive adult production out of state, and, in the process, fractured adult industry health and safety protocols designed to prevent and mitigate such incidents. Why? So that condom Nazi Michael Weinstein could assert that now that the industry’s protocols have been compromised, “the responsible thing for the industry to do” is require condom use on all adult film sets.

    The problem isn’t porn, and the problem isn’t porn in California — the problem is fanatics like Michael Weinstein.

  4. People should be protected from injury when they go to work. Period. The industry is violating the law now and has been. Whether it is in CA, FL or 48 other states, it is not OK. No one is trying to put anyone out of business, or drive anyone anywhere. Porn is a legally protected activity here in CA….not so much in FL. Simply comply with existing law, use reasonable precautions. Then it ends. This is a job. Using a condom is the best prevention. Testing is not prevention, it is surveillance. STIs are serious and should be treated as such. AIM was not doing its job, not reporting appropriately to authorities and shut itself down….they didn’t even pay their lawyers, so it can’t be blamed on anything other than their actions. As for Michael Weinstein, AHF treats and cares for 180,000 people in 26 countries, regardless of their ability to pay. AHF cares for over a third of all patients in LA County on Ryan White and conducts over a third of the HIV testing here as well. Good work every day to save lives and try to keep one more person from being HIV infected. Not a bad thing to do, if that is fanaticism, sign me up. Oh wait, I am signed up and work for AHF….in the public health division.

    No one needed to be infected. It is a real shame.

  5. Hey, Whitney Engeran of AHF (what happened to the “Cordova” part of “Engeran-Cordova,” BTW?) did I touch a nerve?

    Testing is NOT merely surveillance, as you well know — testing also acts as a barrier which prevents infected people from entering the talent pool in the first place.

    Hey, since I have your attention, why didn’t you guys mention at your last LA press conference that your boy Derrick “RentBoy” Burts was recently (THIS MONTH) in JAILED in California? Or that he was arrested in March of last year as well?

    Do you want to make the announcement of the reasons for his jailing, or should I? Maybe you want to talk to his bail bondsman?

    May I remind you that Derrick Burts *claims* he was infected on a CONDOM shoot. So, naturally, that’s a great system to propose for the entire industry, because it worked so well in his case.

    Oh, and what’s the failure rate on condoms again, Whitney?

    You write: “As for Michael Weinstein, AHF treats and cares for 180,000 people in 26 countries” —

    Yep, and you and Weinstein have PROFITED off of every damn one of them.

    You close with, “No one needed to be infected. It is a real shame.” WE DON’T KNOW THAT ANYONE WAS INFECTED ON SET, SCHMUCK. All we have heard is that someone who has shot scenes has now tested positive for HIV. We do NOT have any evidence that anything as transmitted to any other performer. We do not have ANY evidence that this person got it on set. Are you hoping that there was an on-set transmission? Of course you are.

    Save the rhetoric for your girl Molly at the LA Times. She’s buying, we’re not.

  6. Calling testing a “barrier” is a stretch indeed.

    I am and always have been condom optional….I leave it to the performers. That said would I work in the LA talent pool with no condom? not just no but HELL no, no way…too many escorting females, too many crossover males and testing protocols that would pass an HIV positive person on anti-virals and way too many chances for multiple exposures between tests.

    I shoot in a VERY closed loop, I’m way more comfy with that than I am with LA based talent. This bullshit about “I’d rather do an LA performer than some random person in a bar is stupid, it is a FACT that STDS are WAY more common within the LA Talent pool than they are in the standard population, specially here in Atlanta.

    HIV gets all the attention but in reality its only the most visible of a LOT of STDs that do long term damage or kill you, most of which we don’t even test for…

  7. Mike says: “Calling testing a ‘barrier’ is a stretch indeed.” Really, Mike? Then what would you call something which bars or prevents entry (in this case, to the talent pool)? Would you prefer calling it a “gauntlet”? Keeping the talent pool free of HIV is job one. Testing after that constitutes surveillance. AIM’s method and protocols were designed to do just that and came as close as the statistical margin of error that any method or combination of methods would allow in real-world conditions.

    Oh, and Whitney Engeran of AHF, “the largest GLOBAL AIDS organization”, are you back from Thailand yet? There’s a new HIV crisis there:

    Or, are you on your way to the UK? The BBC reported over the weekend that HIV cases are on the rise in Devon and Cornwall.

    Nahh, what am I thinking? You’re fighting porn. Because that’s a *REAL* public health crisis. And you can get lots and lots of juicy press off of porn, right Whitney?

    And how’s jailbird Derrick Burts doing? When’s his next court date again…? I heard that his lawyer, Brian Chase, works with you at AHF. Maybe he can fill you in.

  8. Derrick Burts was in jail, huh? Wonder what the reason was (I will do a search after making this comment). That can’t be good for AHF’s “non-sexual pimping of his situation” plans regarding him. I guess they will have to try and convince Marc Wallice to appear in their commercials now.

  9. March 2010 and Aug 2011 (that I know of so far). The dates are significant. The first was way before he became “Patient Zeta”, the second was shortly before AHF’s “F.A.I.R.” Los Angeles ballot initiative press conference. Funny that Michael Weinstein, and Burts’ attorney (AHF counsel Brian Chase) didn’t mention it, huh?

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