And The Fourth and Fifth HIV Positive Performers Are

I was invited to the AHF Teleconference this morning, so I called in and listened. Present were Derrick Burts, Cameron Bay, Rod Daily and the fourth performer,  Patrick Stone and Darren James, the only AHF employee of the performers

Everything here is from that press conference instead of waiting to write it up I chose to report it real time…forgive typos and such  just trying to keep you guys up to date…itll be hours before you read this elsewhere and you can bet itll be sanitized..this is the raw reporting.

Michael Weinstein pointed out

The moratorium is being lifted too soon but wouldn’t be necessary if we were using condoms.

Demonizing AHF will not succeed as a strategy

No industry has been successful at self regulation

Cameron Bay: The industry is uneducated about HIV, not taking sides just telling her story.

Rod Daily: Always condom scenes mostly gay maybe a few straight, he didn’t test at CET or TTS because he didn’t want his results leaked.  He has shot with positive people but always used condoms.  The point he is making here is that condoms do work, that he never got HIV until he did something non condom.  he didnt say if it was on set or private but he did emphasize that condoms worked.  A week after testing positive people are shooting non condom…the industrys only concern is money not health of performers.  Two week testing is all about the money for FSC.  HIV is manageable like diabetes.  AHF has gotten Cameron and Rod their meds.

Patrick Stone is fifth works for Kink  FSC knew he was positive, he was never contacted by Kink or APHSS after testing positive. He is still scheduled to shoot tomorrow for Kink  outside the moratorium even though he is HIV  positive. Though it may be a false positive…it isnt confirmed yet

Derrick Burts: got no follow up care from the industry so he went to AHF for help.  moratoriums are a joke

Darren James:  nothing has changed since he tested positive, the industry has failed and will continue to fail. Lets stop this

John Doe: performer #4, 2 weeks after a neg test he tested positive, is confirmed, been in the biz two years.  workers comp claim filed and denied for insufficient evidence.  Wont say which studio until workers comp claim is investigated

Michael Weinstein: Standard operating procedures in porn are a gross violation of the law,. You have to stop taking medical advice from pornographers.  Performers are NOT with producers.

Dr Darcy (TTS) tried to help Cameron, he put her in touch with her local county officials  Dr Miao did NOT, she found out from John  Stagliano what her viral load was.  She has filed a Workers Comp claim on kink.   At this point her story gets pretty gut wrenching, A performer on her kink shoot cut the tip of his penis and bled and continued to work non condom.  She was “touched inappropriately” on kink  shoot.  She didnt know how unsafe it was until she saw the pictures, it all happened too fast.  It seems that she thinks she was infected on that shoot but she did not come out and say that, she did say that her breast was severely damaged on that shoot.

Some industry people have been very supportive per Cameron and RodAHF has been most supportive by far.

Law in CA is that any pre employment testing must be paid by employer

This does not look good for Kink  every one of these performers in the recent outbreak have direct ties to




83580cookie-checkAnd The Fourth and Fifth HIV Positive Performers Are

And The Fourth and Fifth HIV Positive Performers Are

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161 Responses

  1. Rod Daily has shot with positive people???
    Condom or no condom…why would someone willingly shoot with a positive performer??? I wouldn’t want to take the chance.

    And Patrick Stone tested positive and the FSC knows it.and he is still scheduled to shoot tomorrow … WTF???
    And how is he shooting tomorrow. I thought the moraturium wasn’t going to be lifted until Friday??

  2. @Kate,
    this is porn Kate. The gay porn industry has never blacklisted performers with HIV. Years ago there was a definate wall between the two industryies, gay and straight. There was very little crossover. that is not the case today.

    Moratoriums are a joke. And the gay industry has never had any moratoriums. You must remember Kate, the industry, the FSC will ALWAYS lie, especially to performers. The one and only concern of the FSC is to get the cameras rolling as soon as possible, period, end of conversation. ANYTHING else they say is a lie.

    Kate, you seem surpirsed by all of this, but this is just par for the course in porn. Nothing out of the ordinary is happening here and now.

  3. These people are crazy!!! And Of course kink is the place Patrick is suppose to shoot for tomorrow even though he is HIV positive..
    And as we all know, Cameron and Rod shot for kink as well.. hmmm.

  4. “he has shot with positive people but always used condoms” then have the nerve to say “the industry only concern is money not health of performers” WTF?

    How can someone who knowingly performs with someone with HIV condom or no condom? That’s retarded. Ok so he performs with HIV positive people, then he goes home to bang his girlfriend Cameron Bay?!?!

  5. “Oh baby I railed this guy in the ass today at work. He was HIV positive, but it’s ok I wore a condom.”

  6. I’m sorry but after this statement “He has shot with positive people but always used condoms.” He should apologize to his girlfriend. How desperate and hard up for money do you have to be to shoot with someone with HIV? That’s Russian Roulette right there. These people all need to take a long look in the mirror and put the blame where it belongs first.

  7. And Cameron finding out her viral load results ..not from Doctor Miao, but from John Stagliano!!! That’s crazy. It’s illegal. Goes against the hipaa law. I smell a lawsuit coming!!

    And it looks like it has been confirmed xander cut his dick while filming with Cameron. They didn’t stop and continued to shoot. Not surprised …we have heard stories like this coming from kink before.. remember the performer who torn her asshole and continued to shoot.. fucking nuts!!!!

  8. I agree with you Billy. I blame the performers for what’s going on more then I do the producers, directors, Diane Duke etc..
    Why do they continue to shoot?? Why don’t the performers all get together and tell the FSC to fuck off??? Don’t these people know right from wrong?? Do they have a death wish??? It’s fucking crazy!!!

  9. For all producers that is a big no no, to continue when there is a cut or blood. Where did it say he had a cut on his penis? Source please

  10. @Kate, in order to understand this you have to take into account the type of people you are dealing with, and that is prostitutes. While porn is not legally considered prostitution, the people who perform in porn are prostitutes, they have sex for money. In the olden days there was a video put out by AIm called Porn 101. There was one very compelling segment with Sharon Mitcell and Nina Hartley where Sharon Mitchell says, “Dont kid yourself. You are having sex for money. There are lots of names for it, but it is what it is. A rose by any other name is still a rose.”

    Prositutes generally have very little self respect, let alone respect for anybody else. That is why performers(prostitutes) have no moral problem with putting others at risk, and neither do porn producers.

  11. @jilted –
    It seems Kate & I are continually surprised by all of this… And, I think that is a GOOD thing!
    We SHOULD be surprised and outraged along with everyone else! This is beyond fucking ridiculous.

    I swear, if Diane Duke releases a press release within the next few hours to declare that “these were off-set transmissions” I’m going to bang my fucking head against the wall.

  12. It’s in Mike’s post.. Cameron said it… look where it says Dr. Darcy.
    ” a performer on her kink shoot cut the tip of his penis and bled and continued to work non condom.”
    I’m guessing the performer was Xander since there has been a rumor going around that he cut his dick on that shoot.

  13. Lacey, I think you and Kate bring a very fresh perspective to this conversation. You seem like two average people who look at this from a third person point of view, without any bias, and you say to yourself, WTF is happening here. The porn industry is so used to preaching to their own choir that they dont even understand when someone disagrees with thier posititions.

    But the truth is, those in high places in the indsutry know exactly what is happening, and that is why they do everything possible to deflect attention from the truth.

    There is one thing the industry fears more than anything else, and that is the truth, and they will go to any lengths, even lying to their own in order to keep the truth from seeing the light of day. And they will attack anyone who who shines a light on their lies.

    now that Cameron and Rod have spoked on behalf of the AHF just wait to see how the industry goes on the attack against them, guranteed, exactly as they have done repeatedly in the past.

    And like I have said before, the industry love to call Michael Weinstine names, but when you get HIV you just call Michael Weinstien. Its not the industry that is ehlping these poeple, it is AHF. But hey, Bill Margold might give them teddy bears, and the Cameron HIV fund has raised a whopping $1600 so far, from the entire multibillion dollar industry.

    Dianne Duke is a walking, talking, breathing piece of dog shit. As you have seen, she NEVER answers questions, just puts out press releases.

    And yes, you SHOULD be shocked, and this is ridiculous, but this is porn, and porn is built on fantasy and lies. The porn industry cannot survive if they had to be truthful.

  14. If performer #4 has been in the industry for 2 years and has tested positive wouldn’t the PASS system know about his status? If you’ve been in this industry for 2 plus years you would be testing at CET or TTS no question. Sounds fishy, def not on the straight side.

  15. Lacey, you know Diane is going to say that these were off -set transmissions… Repeat after me… OUR TESTING WORKS!!! 🙂

  16. all of this is raw data from the teleconference as it happened Rods point was that even though he worked with positive performers condoms worked he didnt get HIV while using a condom. he didnt imply where he got it though. as for performer 4 and 5 according to them APHSS/PASS either did know or should have known

  17. Billy, it seems that you are ALWAYS willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the industry, when it has been proven time and time again that they(FSC) are not trustworthy.

    Billy, have you ever heard ANYTHING from the industry that “sounds fishy.” And Kink is just one example, They knowingly use HIV infected performers, so what makes you think they arent capable of any other transgressions. It just seems that Billy is drinking from a very large glass of the indsutry Kool-Aids. It just seems that no matter what you always find an exc

  18. Mike, come on man. Anyone willing to work with someone who is HIV positive is a idiot. Sorry. There is no way to spin this story in his favor. One wonders if Bay was aware that Rod was working with HIV positive performers, before having unprotected sex with him.

  19. And now that Cameron and Rod have turned to the AHF, the industry attack dogs will be in full force. Kate and Lacey, be prepared to be shocked again. As has happened every single time in the past, it will now be open season on Cameron and Rod. You will now see the true colors of the industry.

  20. I’m sure Cameron found out her viral load from John Stagliano why in the hell would a Dr tell John to call her specially since he’s a infectious disease Dr. be real. I know poor little Cameron would never lie about anything like that, specially since shes been involved in so many other lies already.

  21. Mike: didn’t Rod Daily shoot his last scene at kink without a condom??
    I think he’s going to say he contracted HIV at kink..just like Cameron implied. And remember, AHF filed a complaint against Kink as well…

  22. WTF are you talking about Billy? Blood on a set, especially when doing anal is as common as bacon and eggs for breakfast. NO producer stops a scene when a female ass bleeds.
    Another big drink from the indsutry Kool-Aide.

    it is not a ‘big no no” It is common practice.

  23. Jilted a lot of Gay companies use HIV pos performers. I thought they paired up pos with pos. No idea why someone who is neg would work with a pos performer. Seems kinda of, ummmm STUPID. My point is that ROD and CAM are looking for a scapegoat, what they need to do is look at their own actions. And yes I’m pro Industry.

  24. Jilted: The industry is already attacking Rod and Cameron.
    Have you been on their twitter pages??? It’s unbelievable the things people are saying to them.

  25. Jilted your not a producer nor do you work in porn so again you do not know what the fuck your talking about. I work in this industry, I also post on GFY, so if you do work in the industry give me a shout on GFY. If not GO FUCK YOURSELF.

  26. I’d like to see a recent full STD test result for Rob Black. He looks completely strung out on Meth. Since he is spending his days blubbering into a cheap usb microphone(with only Gene Ross listening), I’m sure his wife is out banging strangers so they have a roof over their heads. I’m pretty sure he has at least one of the Heps.

  27. Kate, of course the industry is attacking them, that is nothing new. But NOW that they have gone to ‘the dark side’ (AHF) these attacks will get much worse and more common, mark my words. And people like Billy will grasp at any straw they can to forgive the industry, and deflect attention from the routine industry pokicies that lead to this type of situation. This is nothing new, it is as predictable as the sun setting in the west.

  28. Performer # five, Patrick Stone said that kink has been shooting during the moratorium and that he contracted HIV on set..
    Yep…. kink is screwed…

  29. I feel like I am taking crazy pills. Does no one else realize how often condoms break? Condoms break all the time! For Rod Daily to say it’s okay to perform with an HIV-positive person because he was wearing a condom is just ludicrous. I am very unaware of how things work in the gay side of industry, but is it common practice for an HIV negative person to fuck an HIV-positive person with a condom? If so, that is completely fucking retarded.

  30. I don’t think she is that stupid. There is one reason that Diane, Chris et. al. allowed Peter on that board — they needed the checkbook to survive. Diane gets to keep her job and Peter can trumpet the fact that he is on the board of directors at FSC. If Diane throws Peter under the bus the FSC goes bankrupt. Even a moron like Diane Duke doesn’t bite the hand that feeds her.

  31. I would like to see a full VD and drug test result on Rob Black as well. His rambling and gaunt look tell me he is on truckloads of meth too. As for his wife Lizzie Borden I don’t think they are together anymore except for that legal inconvenience called marriage. He now has a girlfriend that just sued John Stagliano (I think her name is Kate or Katie but don’t quote me) for supposedly exposing her to his “special strain” of HIV.

  32. Billy, how can any producer hire and HIV+ to work with someone who is HIV neg? It si the PRODUCER who sets all these wheels in motion. What came first, the producer or the performer? Answer, the producer. Nothing happens without the producer setting all the wheels in motion.

  33. I just got it, Kate is the one who’s always commenting on these blogs I didn’t know she was Rob Black girlfriend it all make since now.

  34. @John

    Thank you for posting! Finally a person with merit that is commenting on this situation. The part where they didn’t tell you about working with a pos performer is not cool. Not cool at all, and the gay side not testing. That’s a whole other can of worms. Question. Do you have a agent or were the scenes you shot booked directly through you? The FSC seem to only know who’s working with who if the scenes were booked through the LATTA agents. Again thanks for posting. 🙂

  35. @Kate, now you’re seeing what the ‘industry can do no wrong’ crowd does. Accusing you of being someone else whom they consider a traitor to the industry is routine procedure for these guys like JW and Billy. Jw knows he is full of shit, but it is a tactic used to get people like yourself and Lacey to just give up.

    these guys know that their arguents in favor of the industry dont stand up to rational debate. they need to preach only to the choir, and your common sense reactions to their bullshit doesnt bode well for them, so they will continue to harrass you in the hopes that you just go away.

  36. This is a post from another board but needs to read on here as well. Great post.

    Posted by -Robbie-

    I’m almost of the opinion that the “industry” needs to do the opposite of getting a pr firm.

    I think that we should all just shut up making “statements”.

    As I said earlier…back in the 1980’s when this was a real death sentence…the biggest star in the world John Holmes contracted it.
    But the “industry” was closed back then, and it took care of things itself. And despite people predicting that everyone in the industry would now be infected because of all the people John Holmes had fucked and then all of their partners, etc. : It didn’t happen.

    I think it may just be possible that we are all talking too damn much. Too many statements and self-professed industry “leaders”.

    Maybe if we just shut up about it and let the leader of AHF hold his press conferences and carry on about it, he will eventually troll himself to exhaustion.

    The guy has a big agenda. But it takes two to tango. Everytime someone responds to him it makes him a little bit more “important” and gives the story “legs”.

    The real story here is: A couple (Cameron and Rod) contracted HIV. Their only crime? Having fun.
    In addition to just plain out partying with her bisexual boyfriend and having group sex with bisexual guys (as documented by her own social media)…she made her living escorting and stripping. Doing porn movies in addition to her 15 minutes of fame on reality t.v. allowed her to get top dollar at her “real job”.

    In order to do porn movies, she needed to be tested.
    Thank God she was and got it caught early. Now she can still live a long life and within a few months of taking the medication she will have a ZERO viral load and no trace of HIV in her system.

    The testing procedures in place for shooting porn DEFINITELY helped in catching it fast.

    The chances of her testing herself if she were just escorting or stripping were probably ZERO and she may have went on to progress to full-blown AIDS and then would have died.

    Am I missing something there?

    And is anyone blaming her boyfriend, or her, or the strip clubs she worked, or the guys she serviced as an escort?
    Only the porn industry huh?

    And how many scenes did she shoot in her entire “career”?
    And how much income does that add up to?

    Someone said she started shooting about 3 years ago right?

    I’d never heard of her…but let’s say she shot 20 scenes at $1200 each.

    So that is DEFINITELY not how she made her living over 3 years time.

    But it’s Porn’s “fault” that she is HIV postiive?

    How about it was because she went to shoot a scene… that she was able to know that she had contracted HIV because of the testing that was in place? Shooting porn and being tested is what caught the infection.

    Put the pieces together…Was anybody else on the Kink shoot HIV+?

    Has anybody else that she shot with in any scene showed up as HIV+?

    So she got it from the obvious place…her boyfriend and her personal life.

    End of story.

    She could have been working at Burger King and the outcome would still be the same:
    EXCEPT she wouldn’t know she even had it.

    And once you look at the facts…SHE is the one who put others in danger on the set. Not the other way around as she is now claiming along with AHF.

  37. What Cameron Bay did in the past is NO DIFFERENT than the vast majority of porn performers. The ‘industry’ knows what these people do, and continue to hire them without having any kind of protection against disease.

    And to insinuate that adults involved in multiple high risk sexual behaviors will not get tested unless they are in porn is patently absurd.

    @Billy, since you saw fit to print this here, can you tell us what cameron Bay did that is any different from any other performer?

    But it is nice to see Robbie admit that people on sets were put in danger. And what was done for those put in danger, nothing, they all had to pay for their own tests.

  38. I don’t have an agent anymore. I used to be represented by Fabscout which is based in Ft. Lauderdale but dropped them after realizing they were facilitating the decrease in scene rates for their models and since they represent the majority of gay performers, it impacted the whole industry. This might sound like hogwash so I will explain. Fabscout receives payment from the porn companies they book there models with, on average $500 each. Then take a % from the models check, 10-20%. If they play ball with the companies and tell the models $1500 is the best offer, they make more off sheer volume from the companies. They have no incentive to negotiate for the models since 10% of a $500 increase in model pay is only $50 to the agent. Like I said, when I started it was $3000 minimum, after signing w Fabscout my rate fell to $1500 immediately. But since it was a multiple scene deal I made more and took the bait. That’s my fault. By the time I dropped them the industry standard was $1000/scene. I found all this out because I asked the producer why I was getting paid so little and was informed that if they didn’t have to pay Fabscout $500 a model they could afford to pay the models more. I immediately fired my agent and went freelance. Unfortunately, the damage was done and once you lower your scene rate you can’t raise it and expect to continue getting work. I explained all this because few know any of this. Especially since many gay companies forbid you from telling other performers your scene rate. I’ve got emails to back that up.

  39. Poor little Cameron getting hiv at kink, I don’t think so. Correct me if I’m wrong, she goes to kink to work, and it turns out she’s the only one with hiv, no one else has it so doesn’t that mean she got it outside the business and not at kink? You know it really doesn’t matter AHF is supporting her and Rod now.

  40. Billy, do you think the producer who does not allow condoms to be used shares any blame for the ‘danger on the set?’

    I say that everyone shares the blame, producers and performers. And for producers to say that illegally requiring performers to pay for their own tests somehow absolves them from responibility is again, absurd.

  41. Kink is Condom Optional dummy. She chose to no wear one. She said so herself. Again you’ve never stepped foot on a porn set so your just talking out of your ass. Do you think any producer wants something bad to happen on set. I’m done talking to you. Your an idiot. Case closed.

  42. “Im done talking to you” I hope that is a promise and not a threat. No, producers dont WANT bad things to happen, they just dont care if they do.

    So I guess the nurse should be able to choose to wear gloves or not. Hey little Billy boy, the law does not allow you to choose if you want to follow or not.

    YOUR an idiot,,,Need i say more?

    Lacey and Kate, these two are PERFECT examples of what I have been talking about. When you cant debate the message you attack the messanger, classic keyboard warrior. Case closed.

    And I just love the, ‘youve never set foot on a set so YOUR just talking out of your ass.” This is comical.

  43. not for anything, but Rod Dailyt, gay or gay for pay or whatever, was a powerbottom and took any cock he could. That right there should have been a red flag for Cameron. And Rod worked with positive performers-just look at his scenes-so protected or not he was having riskier sex than he should have. It doesn’t make a bad situation better but puts a little reference to it. 2 people making mediocre life choices just made some even worse ones that are now affecting countless others.

  44. To speculate that it was caught on-set isn’t dangerous. Speculating that it wasn’t when there isn’t proof is.

    So, since shooting can resume I assume that patient zero was discovered. Oh wait… They weren’t? Hmmm.

    From what I’ve been reading it seems Xander was the one who cut his penis and continued shooting. Wow. Just wow. What’s the window period again?

    For all we know there is a light guy that fucks porn girls. Therefore, it will only get discovered when a talent catches it and has most likely worked with others. The thought of using other females after the fact to discover STD’s to protect others makes me uneasy. Testing before each scene would be a great way to curb this, but then there are those pesky window periods again. Hmm. Well, just shoot and if someone tests positive then stop for a week while everyone gets tested. It doesn’t make sense.

    With condoms and testing people aren’t safe. It does help out a ton though. Just because it isn’t 100% doesn’t mean it is bad. The 100% solution is to stop shooting everything. That won’t happen, but because condoms may fail at times then the 100% solution isn’t viable? Their own methods aren’t working and they bitch about one that makes things safer?

    If you wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle you can still have your brains wind up sloshing around inside the helmet if you roll it. So, helmets don’t make you safer?

    They don’t care about being safe.

    I see going down. Maybe not right away, but they are under the spotlight now. I think they pissed off people by turning the historical landmark that they purchased into a porn palace so now that they have reasons to investigate them then the government will. It will be like OJ. They’ll work extra hard to screw them and Kink was dumb enough to give them the reasons.

  45. “Kink is Condom Optional dummy. She chose to no wear one. She said so herself.”

    Lilith LaVey chose to suck a bumpy penis. She chose to. She was still able to sue. Just because someone does something fucking stupid doesn’t mean those shooting the scene where it happened are clear of all faults. Mr Marcus fucking admitted fault. That was stupid. I hope he didn’t have a lawyer tell him to do that. I’m not even sure how Bang Bros got cleared on that.

    Picture Acworth on the stand saying what you just said to a jury. He would damn himself with the statement you just made.

  46. @Lacey, these guys wouldnt know what to do with a smart woman. They dont deal with smart women, they deal with porn girls. And before anyone tries to say that any porn girls are smart, remember, they beilieve that a 20 day old test, after having unprotected sex with 20 partners is ‘valid.’

  47. Jilted you sound like your hitting on Lacey you must be a lonely virgin sitting at home waiting for action.

  48. And JW again proves the point i have been making. I guess I could stoop to his level and ask if he ever got a piece of ass that he didnt have to pay for up front. Another typical industry keyboard warrior,. JW, do you and Billy use condoms when you get together?

  49. JW – Jilted is not hitting on me. We already fucked with a 20 day old test. I’m so over him now and he has a tiny dick.
    Just playing…. haha.

  50. JW – Jilted is not hitting on me. We already fucked with a 20 day old test. I’m so over him now and he has a tiny dick. 😉
    (Just playing…. haha.)

  51. @jilted
    That’s only going to fall on deaf ears considering people will claim that these girls are “smart”. Since when were unprotected intimate encounters with someone who has had sex with over 100 people ever safe? Protected or not, 100 previous partners? No thanks. 50 is really pushing it for me and I would decline. There are a lot of attractive people in this industry and I wouldn’t let a single one of them have sex with me condom or not. Why? Because I’m smart and I care about my health. Industry or not, their numbers don’t agree with what I call safe considering it only takes one time.

    To use the ruse of them being “sexually adventurous” (As I’ve heard on here) is bogus because I’m a sexually adventurous person that will try anything safe with my long term monogamous partner. I’m smart enough to have any easy job that pays well and consistently without having sex to get paid. To call a porn girl “smart” says a lot about the person stating it. I watched the same guys calling girls like these sluts in high school and college and now they call them smart?

  52. Jilted, you kind if sound like an ignorant jerk.
    Yes, there are PLENTY of “smart” porn girls. And there are plenty of producers who DO care about the talent. Everything you’re writing makes you seem like a bigoted, short-sighted, simpleton.

  53. Jilted, you kind if sound like an ignorant jerk.
    Yes, there are PLENTY of “smart” porn girls. And there are plenty of producers who DO care about the talent. Everything you’re writing makes you seem like a bigoted, short-sighted, simpleton. What do you even do in this industry?

  54. Lacey, I didnt know you were the type to kiss and tell. Maybe we invite Kate over next time. And letting the cat out of the bag about my tiny dick probably just ruined Billy’s fantasy.

    “Was I alright, did I take you to the height of extasy? Was I alright?Did a shadow of emotion cross your face, or was it just another trick of the light?”

  55. NO smart person fucks multiple prostitutes without protection. Ignorant? And excuse my use of the word prostitute, I meant “escort.”

    I guess you could say Jessica Drake is smart, she works for a condom only company. But then this genius states publicly that peformers should have a ‘choice.’ Funny thing is, her company doesnt give her a choice, its condom or no shooting. And that is about as smart as it gets.

    You CAN NOT claim to be smart and have unprotected sex with multiple prostitutes.

  56. I find it amusing that no one ever talks about testing the behind the scenes people who toss their cock in there from time to time, and sometimes hire the girls as escorts. Directors, company owners, and so on. It’s as if such a thing never happens. But hey, all the performers are clean, so get back to work. What’s the worst that can happen?

  57. Porn insider keep say nothing wrong about how thing working in porn indusrty with way it is. Explain me why if ever thing working way should you all keep have same problem resolving STD issue in your indusrty??? Porn insider explain why you sound so stupid people out side porn indusrty when explain your indusrty does need do nothing about STD issue becuase nothing wrong with when facts clear show that wrong. Please oh wise porn indusrty insider show me where the porn indusrty policing self on this matter like FSC told Cal Osha it would could. Wise porn insider porn indusrty why are acting like thrid grade name call others for share there opion like adult??? Hey porn insider tell all how much do really know what on with these events that did read here on Mike South or Adultfyi??? Repeating what FSC says on event here does make you porn insider what took place here. So work as porn actor does make you any more porn insider than guy that filming porn movie makeup girl lighting guy five other people in porn movie???

  58. @wusshater

    Well, facts are facts my friend and IQ’s aren’t based upon opinions, but factual information.

    An increased amount of sexual partners can result in diseases that are nuisances and sometimes deadly. Fact.

    Do smart people get jobs where they can get these diseases? No.

    Do smart girls get jobs where if they are injured on the job they can’t sue? No. (I waitressed in high school and college. I’ll admit that)

    There is bigoted, but then there is telling the truth. Political correctness can kill you if you are dumb enough.

  59. @ DWB

    That does happen but not with the crew. Girls see the directors as people who will keep them working. Happens with company owners too. I could name a few.

  60. A) Rod Daily shooting with POZ guys. What. The. Fuck. Anytime you idiots screaming “homophobia” wanna pull your head outta your ass , feel free. Second, Rod always shot with rubbers? Huh…you tell me….

  61. Doctors and nurses work in a high-risk environment. Would you call them stupid? Also, our entire Armed Forces work in a high-risk environments and if they are injured they are not allowed to sue. But I won’t deny that porn is filled with undereducated people. Calling us stupid doesn’t help anything. Maybe if you used that energy to reach out and empower performers to make smarter choices a difference would be made. On top of that, because of the popularity of tube sites, the majority of studios which are small, have less money to pay performers. Resulting in them turning to escorting to make up the difference. In today’s job market even college graduates have a hard time finding a good job. Much less for a porn star who wants to get out. What alternative is there? Yes, it would’ve been a great idea to not ever do porn. But that bridge has been crossed already. Arguing over the past is futile. Look to the future and make a difference there.

  62. @jilted

    “I guess you could say Jessica Drake is smart, she works for a condom only company. But then this genius states publicly that peformers should have a ‘choice.’ Funny thing is, her company doesnt give her a choice, its condom or no shooting. And that is about as smart as it gets.”

    I co-sign on that.

    What a lot of the industry is afraid of is them being pushed out because they make a horrible product and cannot compete with a company like Wicked which they will be forced to do.

    Pony up the cash fellas and you’ll be able to compete even if you use condoms. Digital Playground’s Pirates 2 cost what, 10 million? It would have sold if they were wearing condoms in it. Why not 1 million or even 250K? If you can’t do that then you shouldn’t be making movies where people can get deadly diseases. Doing so wouldn’t be smart.

  63. @tatty

    I don’t see his penis inserted into an anus anywhere on that site let alone one without a condom. I don’t want to spend 15 minutes looking and trying to find one. Not taking a Rod Daily-side or anything on this matter (I don’t know the guy. I can’t judge him yet), but just stating that a photo of a man with a boner behind a guy doesn’t mean it was inserted in him without a condom.

  64. Via Xbiz
    FSC Responds to Allegations Made at AHF Press Conference

    CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition, in response to statements made at a press conference held by AIDS Healthcare Foundation this morning, issued this statement today:
    FSC and its program Performer Availability Screening Services (PASS) would like to respond to some misinformation conveyed in AHF’s earlier press conference.
    All performers that worked with Cameron Bay tested negative for HIV. She did not contract HIV on-set, nor did she expose any partners. The doctor working with Ms. Bay contacted her as soon as her results were in and she was sent all of her tests results, including the viral load.
    Rod Daily had tested negative in July and worked on all-condoms sets during the time in question.
    We have been given no real information of a fourth performer. If there is real evidence of a fourth performer, then the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) should have contacted the adult industry for assistance in generational identification. It is unconscionable and irresponsible for AHF to use any individual as a political pawn in a press conference, rather than work through the necessary protocols to make sure that any partners are identified and tested for the safety of all concerned.
    “We in the FSC and the adult film community work with a dedicated group of physicians on an ongoing basis to review and improve our testing protocols,” said Diane Duke, FSC CEO. “While producers and directors can control the film set environment, we can’t control what performers do in private. We need to do more to help performers understand how to protect themselves in their private lives. Therefore, PASS plans to support STI prevention education in order to provide performers the information and resources that will protect them when they are off set as well.”

  65. LOL First we have, “All performers that Cameron worked with tested negative for hiv.” Then we have, “Nor did she expose any parners”

    Every person she had contact with, on set or not, was EXPOSED.

    And how does Dianned Duke know what information the doctor gave to Cameron? Where does she get this information from.

    And Dianne also points out that Rod always used condoms.

    when Dianne says the AHF should have contacted the adult industry, does she mean that they should have contacted the FSC, really?

    It is the DOCTOR who is legally required to do the geneology, and I am looking for the statement from Dianne a few days ago where she admits that PASS is NOT doing the geneology, the doctor is.

  66. @billy
    So, Rod couldn’t have passed it to tons of people even though it was condom only? Let’s use the argument that condoms fail. That mindset is common around here. Who else could he have given it to since condoms break all of the time?

    Rod and Cameron could have caught it early and it just showed a negative. Same with so many others. There is a possibility that Xander could be positive still. Are we totally out of that window?

    With the “possibility” being said can you see where things aren’t safe?

  67. Other people make my point here better than I did Ricco I did think need to make here any more. How ever this time I had add it. Does mean gone be back here all time just means gone show up ever now and than.

  68. “The doctor working with Ms. Bay contacted her as soon as her results were in.” You mean Doctor John Stagliano???

    No one contracted HIV on-set.. blah blah blah……

    Another bullshit press release from the FSC..

  69. John magnum you like rod daily regularly put up escort ads on do you really think female talent would work with you knowing that. You essentially insulted your gay fans by saying you don’t want to do gay porn anymore. I saw the straight work you did with jake cruise, I doubt you would last that long. The only sites that were paying anywhere near $3k are Sean Cody Corbin fisher and maybe randy blue 5 years ago.

  70. You should ask johnmagnumxxx if condom breakage is a normal thing on gay sets. One would think Rod gave it to #3 Sophia. Cameron didn’t work after her kink shoot because of her tit being bruised and she was hardly working before it. You all think HIV is easy to catch like the clap, if your not doing rough anal sex or anal cream pies the chances are pretty low. That’s on set. If Xander cut his dick and Princess Donna allowed the shoot to still go on, she should be fired, no question. I’m pretty sure people are not going to hire Xander for a while to see if he is in the clear.

  71. LOL The industry constantly says that condoms can fail and dont offer protection. But then they insist that Rod used condoms and couldnt have infected anyone. The douchebag from Kink said the same thing. Talk about wanting it both ways.

    And while the porn industry will jump up and down and tell themselves that the system works, people in the real world will be laughing.

  72. I’ve only had one condom break on me on set. But I also change my condom between every take.

  73. Here issue FSC made this mess from start. Now there gone resolve issue buy tell porn stars well if if do not want STD your gone have wear condoms in your private life yet well keep fight for not wear condoms in your porn movies. For those who do not think gone happen what think there gone tell porn stars please stop escorting or please stop fucking cross over porn star he may have STD. FSC said same thing about in prove what provide after Mr Marcus event say they learn from it. Yet they are gone say same thing. So have brain useing it I chose rath not take word for thrid time round after all. How times are gone say same thing after event like this before come true?? FSC can say same thing over and over agian and again does make what there say is ture. This story far from over I do beleave when fact done whole story for ever one see well be out there on table.

  74. I believe Xander just finished shooting spiderman 2 .
    So apparently some moron was dumb enough to work with this guy without a condom.

  75. At this point why would any performer go to the Fsc for help? Rod and cameron are now able to get the meds and support they need something we know would not have happened had they towed the company line.

    The issue of hep c still looms. Read what Maggie mayhem wrote about her husbands exposure to hep c and not finding out about it until she read it on this blog.

    Fabscout and kink knew brenn wyson was hep c positive. Read his comments, he was shocked that his scene partner wasn’t told beforehand.

    Look at this asshole. He crossed over many times did untested bareback porn and went on dr. Phil’s show to confess he had over 3000 sex partners and sought them out in gay bathhouses.

    He not only worked with kink but a number of mainstream companies all while doing bareback.

  76. Can you point to an actual statement that is false? Or just that overall sentiment? I find it disturbing if true that the AHF knows of this 4th performer, but isn’t cooperating to get the people he may have worked with tested. How is this safe?

  77. Erik, who says he isnt cooperating to get the people tested? It is the LEGAL DUTY of the doctor who ordered the test to do this.

    And I will point out a 100% FALSE statement, when talking about Cameron Bays partners she said, “No other performers were exposed.” The FACT is, every person she worked with was exposed on the set. Exposue does not mean transmission, but the LAW is about occupational EXPOSURE. That statement by Dianne Duke is 100% false.

  78. @Billy

    Holy shit. What do you do in this industry? How are you involved? Your statement shows you are dangerous. Let everyone know who you are so they can know not to work for you!

    You are basing your argument on how it isn’t as easy to catch HIV as it is the clap! Wow! Think of Acworth on a stand stating what you just stated.

    If you are involved in the industry and this is what you feel then you should not be involved in the industry. You are a danger to men and women.

    Princess Donna fired? On what basis? There is nothing saying she should be fired and tried. Get it yet?

  79. @rkatkt
    And what does that mean?

    5 people are now HIV positive. You just showed you don’t care about them. This industry has proven time and time again that it doesn’t want to care about safety, but moreso money as any business should. It is just that this industry relies on profit while putting others at harm and with the current situation it cannot be denied. It is not good.

    Someone gets HIV while making money for their company?

    “Shit, let’s stop for a week or two and continue. I feel bad for her.”

    Yeah. That’s what you have.

  80. I really want to say thank you to everyone who participates here and I mean that sincerely I think everyone has made valid points and caused me to give thought to angles I wouldn’t otherwise have considered and in the end that makes me better at what I do. You guys are the best and I deeply appreciate your participation, your honesty and your insight…your thick skin too. You guys are my second biggest asset…sources of course are the biggest…some of you are both….Thank you!

  81. @johnmagnumxxx

    Doctors and nurses take classes and have to be certified by the state on cleanliness. Try again. Porn girls and guys aren’t.

    The fact that they have to go into tricking to make money shows that things in this industry have to change and the smarter ones would have gotten different jobs.

    I know of women who cam and can make over 200 a night on a great night. Some of them quit their jobs to do it and do it nightly. They are getting regular checks from Cyprus which we all know what that means…

    They aren’t sucking on a penis and not knowing where it has been. Yeah, it may take 3-5 days to make what you did doing a real scene, but that just means that your business has changed and you have to evolve with it. Let’s face it. You aren’t making enough to fight it.

    Hooking just makes you a liability in the new world or porn.

  82. I don’t have a good argument to why that wording was used. Do you know for certain with the timeline that she actually did work with people while positive? Is it possible for you to know when she contracted without her ever stating publicly when it happened or how? That would be my quibble with saying that you KNOW this is false. Sounds not great though. Certainly transmission would have been the better word.

  83. @mikesouth

    Thank you for giving us the forum to discuss these items. I admit that I have learned a lot as well in the time that I have been reading it and discussing subjects with others.

  84. @CPan – ditto! Two of the BEST things about debating issues is to challenge your own viewpoints and to gain knowledge. Most people look at debating as fighting and I guess it could be viewed that way, but you generally learn ALOT about the issues from both sides in a debate.

  85. This statement. “He has shot with positive people but always used condoms.” That’s all I needed. Anyone who is willing to do that for money on camera there’s no telling what kind of reckless behavior off camera. His Girlfriend included. If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. He should really make a public apology to his girlfriend.

    Done. Thanks Mike!

  86. Riddle me this batman.How many HIV+ performers didn’t escort (gay or straight) vs how many did? AHF needs to aim at the correct target -Mr Sheridan-

  87. If people indusrty knew that person in question was shooting with positive people why was allowed work with people in indusrty that where not positive??? If answers is that no one in porn indusrty care about this fact no matter how much testing took place would stop event from happening becuase porn indusrty did care enough stop this guy from work with people that where not pstive in frist place. If porn indusrty gone set safty protocol not follow them what point have them??

  88. @Billy

    Yes. I agree. However, you are placing blame without knowing where the transmission came from.

    Now, Cameron slept with that reckless guy if your statement is true and how many other pornstars did or those who worked with those who worked with her?

    How does one prevent the risks that can happen from that?

    Condoms and testing. You can’t control what the girls do without contracts stating what they can do. Yeah, they can cheat that, but with signed contracts they can be fired.

    How else will producers not be liable?

  89. Riddle me this how many people in porn indusrty have know about Rod Daily working with positive people than work with straight did want have any body know about that?? After all it would show amzasing lack of responsable on porn indusrty part. It much better if porn indusrty blames Cameron for being hooker that way look bad on her instead of indusrty. No matter how slice this event gone be black on porn indusrty.

  90. Sure its true, a infectious disease MD for 40 yrs and he throws it all away on a lying bitch who on the news had a different story. That’s one thing about someone who lies, they can’t remember one lie from another. Next she’ll be saying she got it off a toilet seat. PS tell Rob high.

  91. Love this site! Just signed up to ask a couple questions, Civilian Jerker here, so I dont know the in and outs, just what I read on sites like this. My question is, how valid are sites like gloryhole swallow? I have a scene on my computer right now of Cameron Bay from a year or so ago with GHS. They say the guys are randoms but I dont know how true that is so maybe you guys can enlighten me. Anyways, she smokes multiple cocks, deepthroat, cum swallow and all. I was just thinking, if they really are strangers, that’s pretty reckless behavior though I do enjoy watching. She said she was always safe in the things she did, which would be total BS if GHS is authentic. Can someone chime in? Have you guys ever saw her scenes with them? She did two for sure, might have been three…

    ( oh and GHS is in Arizona dunno if that matters )

  92. @jw: It’s TRUE!!! Even Mike told me that I was absolutely correct about the info being given to John by Dr. Miao or his staff.

    It was also the reason why Rod Daily decided not to get tested at CET or Talent Testing. So if you want to be an idiot and not believe it ..that’s up to you..


  93. Not sure about the testing aspect…but they do have to keep a record of who took part in the scene under USC2257.

  94. Proxy Paige did that site and had unprotected anal sex with more than 1 guy. The cameraman seemed genuinely shocked and concerned which leads me to believe they aren’t tested. She’s nuts anyway, but you have to be to do that site.

  95. Billy: James Deen has produced. So, don’t take it from Cameron Bay or Mike. In Esquire, Deen says he was filming an anal scene, the actress began to bleed and the solution, to keep blood out of the scene, was double anal. That’s not from Bay, Mike or even AHF. That’s from James “condoms are a violation of my First Amendment Rights” Deen, the fantasy of teenage girls everywhere, and porn poster child for Mr. Nice Guy does porn.

  96. Billy: Condom optional is great on paper, but it’s not the law. An employer has a duty to create a safe workplace. That duty is not limited to employees. It extends to contract employees. There is no exemption under the law for injuries on a place of work for injuries sustained by a contractor. It is the reason that any company worth its salt will not hire an electrician, plumber or landscaper whose company is not insured and has workers comp.

    So ….. condom or no condom, at the very least porn performs who contract a disease have a workers comp claim against the producer who hired them and/or the company that is funding the producer. That claim, if successful, requires the company to pay for the cost of medical care.

    That’s the law. Porn doesn’t like it. I see porn people post things all the time saying these people are contractors, they’re like athletes – they no what they’re getting into, it’s the cost of doing business, or, per the Robbie post – HIV is no longer a death sentence. You can live with HIV. Those all sound good as James Deen saying that condoms violate his First Amendment rights. They are not the law – and, we’ve now had a federal judge say that condoms don’t violate First Amendment rights.

    That said, a workers comp case filed by Rod Daily, Cameron Bay or another actor is not a slam dunk. In order to prevail on a workers comp case, they have to prove that their injury occurred on set. Unless the talent was celibate off set, that could be hard to prove. But the next performer who contracts a disease on-set has a case and that could prove pretty nasty for the industry. Example: Had Lylith LeVay contracted syphilis from Mr. Marcus, she would have had a pretty strong case.

    At this point, there is probably a class action suit against I’m not saying that suit will prevail – defendants win more often than people who bring suits. But there are certainly grounds to bring a suit against Kink.

    Every argument porn producers and executives use to justify practices in porn exist in a parallel universe to any other business on the planet. There is no construction company anywhere in the US that can say to an employee: You know what. We will not discriminate against you if you want to wear a hard hat, steel toed boots, or eye and ear protection. But, hey, its optional. Your call.

  97. Why, when talking about gay performers, do you guys say things like: Billy was a powerbottom. He took any cock he could. And say them in a derogatory way.

    Meanwhile, porn fans piss and moan when an actress won’t do anal and think is so cool that Julia Ann, Lisa Ann, Veronica Avluv and Samantha Samson do five man anal gang bangs and double anal. These are not newbie skanks, which is what people are trying to say about Cameron Bay. These are the stars of the industry. Why is it glamorous if Julia Ann does double vag and double anal and afterwards, with a glowing smile, says: I’m still amazed at what my body can do, but Cameron Bay is a skank for working with Kink.

    When it comes to spreading a communicable disease, the disease does not care that the anus receiving the penis is a man, a woman, a star or a skank. It’s all the same.

  98. Aside from the fact that Cameron Bay and Rod Daily are apparently boyfriend and girlfriend, what do we really know about how either of them contracted HIV?

    I read comments like, he performed with HIV+ talent, so he must’ve given it to her. Somewhere else, I’ve read that they must’ve had a crazy three-way with Sophia Delgado or that Cameron shared a needle with Sophia Delgado. I’ve read that Cameron was an escort.

    But, what do we really know. Is this speculation, or, do we know that:

    Cameron escorts.

    That she had two-way, three-way or any other way off-camera sex with Sophia Delgado.

    That she has ever used intravenous drugs or shared a needle with someone?

    Lots of speculation, most of it to imply that this has nothing to do with porn. But as far as I can tell, including by her public comments, there has been no discussion of how she contracted the disease by anyone who might actually know.

    Until someone identifies ground zero for Cameron, Rod Daily, Sophia Delgado and anyone else who is infected; how the disease was transmitted, including where, when and what acts were performed, it’s all just speculation.

    For example, there is so much talk about gay guys and anal being the culprit. However, I can’t find a scene on IAFD in which Cameron performed anal. The Gloryhole Swallows scenes may appear irresponsible – having oral sex with random guys in an adult theater – but she doesn’t have intercourse with any of them – anal or vaginal.

    So …. the industry needs to know a lot more about who, what, where, when and what they were doing, assuming the disease wasn’t passed on via anal or needle sharing. If it was passed on via oral sex or vaginal sex – ditto Sophia Delgado – that raises new questions.

  99. Would should worry you more is not that he worked with someone who had HIV, but that it’s perfectly OK for a studio to pair them up and/or work HIV+ performers in the first place. Kink should be held legally responsible for something like that.

  100. My question is this:

    HIV test or not, why would any sane person engage is sex without a condom with these people who engage in incredibly high risk behaviour?

  101. Sad truth is there people in porn indusrty that not worry about do thing in porn indusrty that put there health risk long paid to do so art. That goes for both men and woman in porn indusrty. Other sad fact Art there those porn indusrty just do not see STD as issue untill they get one. Most indusrty right now tell most porn actors STD nothing just like cold get treat with pills shot it well go away you well just be fine. Kayden Kross her self said not long ago she knew many people in porn indusrty happly live with STD on Fox John Stossel show claim she knew lots people happly living hiv infected. Before you all say made up go youtube watch old vidoe Fox John Stossel show where she say that. Only other fact most porn star when do porn shot have no clue about person there about fuck. Lise Anna was smart had clue save her self but she more exception to rule averages what takes place in porn these days. The old days where ever porn star knew ever porn star in indusrty been long over for some time.

  102. @jilted –
    Sure, we can invite Kate next time.. but, we may have to make it a foursome because jw seems to really like Kate at this point.
    Hehehe. :-p

  103. “I recommend the industry imposes stringent testing procedures for HIV,” Flynt told XBIZ. “The fact is the number of HIV cases in the industry is insignificant compared to the general public. You are far more likely to get [HIV] dating someone you met in the market than shooting an adult film.” – Larry Flynt

  104. @Lacey-
    We might have to make it fivesome…I think jw secretly loves Rob Black… He’s conflicted. 🙂

  105. Here’s more proof that the FSC REALLY cares about the performers…
    After contracting HIV, Rod Daily said they sent him a check for a WHOPPING $18.05…. Rod thinks it might have been a slap in the face… Come on Rod!!! They sent you $18.05… if they didn’t care …they wouldn’t have sent you anything… you sound ungrateful. CLEARLY they do care.. ( The proceeding message was approved by the FSC and JW) 😀

  106. Now I kind of want to know what the $18.05 was for? It’s not like it was $18.00 even… what’s the extra .05 cents for?
    And, what the fuck can you do with .05 cents anyway?

  107. One of the things I have ragged about on this site – to the point that sensible people would probably rather I just shut up – is that porn operates the way it does because institutions like law enforcement, health departments, labor and government in general, just don’t give a rat’s ass about porn talent. Add the media to that list. Yes, TMZ and the LA papers will write about porn for SCO and titillation, but in terms of taking a stand, they don’t care.

    Exhibit one is the opinion piece in the LA Daily News.

    Now, take this apart. It starts with, if the allegations are true. Note that the news media attended and reported on the press conference, but no reporter seems to care enough to find out if there’s any truth to the allegations about what went on during the Kink shoot. Yeah, there was a press conference; Cameron Bay said this; said it ain’t true; we don’t know but if it’s true, well, that’s not good.

    But, they go on to say: Porn, you better clean up your act. Otherwise, you may really have to use condoms and no one wants that.

    Now, substitute dentist for porn star. Let’s say the allegation is that a dentist wasn’t wearing gloves and cut his finger on the dental work of a young woman. Rather than stop the procedure, it’s alleged he kept working on the patient, bleeding in her mouth without gloves.

    Would the daily news opine that dentists do a better job of policing their own, or the state’s going to mandate that they wear gloves during procedures, and no one wants that.

    My point: If it’s a dentist dripping blood in some editor’s kid’s mouth during a tooth extraction, you can be sure that the Daily News would know every time that dentist had rolled through a stop sign on a deserted street at 2 AM and be calling for his head.

    When a porn actor is alleged to have repeatedly thrust a bleeding penis into the mouth of an actress, the paper says, hey, you shouldn’t do that. You better stop doing that before the authorities make you stop. And we sure don’t want that.

  108. There is only one thing more inaccurate than the mainstream media’s reporting on the porn industry, and that is the porn industry’s own reporting about the porn industry.

  109. “If you care so much why dont you donate?” I guess that question could be asked of every single producer, member of the FSC, and fellow performer. And they have raised a whopping $1625.00 so far, almost enough to pay for about two weeks worth of meds. And 1/3 of that came from one donor.

    And what about rod and sophia, nothing for them? NO THANKS to the porn industry, Cameron and Rob will be taken care of, by you know who. I dont see Kink or Stagliano donating anything.

    Maybe Margold will give them teddy bears. Multi-billion dollar porn industry has come up with 1600 bucks. How dare anyone insinuate that they dont care?

    And for the record, I have donated ten times that amount to pediatric aids groups in the past ten years, and will continue to do so. I also do volunteer work one weekend a month for an MS support group(my best friend from childhood has MS) and every weekend in June and July I participate in Make a Wish and Special Olympics events in southern California.
    How much have you donated Billy?

  110. @BT – Haven’t you realized yet that I question EVERYTHING!!! 😉
    (The sad fact is that I really do want to know what the $18.05 was for?… and then I want to know how exactly the FSC categorized this expense for tax purposes? A charitable contribution? Or, was this some sort of reimbursement? Do they have receipts to verify what they are reimbursing him for? Where are they? I need to see the actual receipts.)
    Audits can really suck. But, if you have nothing to hide then it should be pretty painless. Same goes for non-financial situations also…

  111. Jilted your a Idiot. “I have donated ten times that amount to pediatric aids groups in the past ten years” OK, suuuure you have. LOL. For the record I think your full of shit. Your probably using the computer in a public library somewhere. LOL. Wow that made me laugh. Hey “JILTED” Why don’t you donate your cock to Rod Dailys ass while your at it. LOL!

  112. Xander Corvus is a very dangerous performer right now and
    he loves tranny cock in his mouth and up his ass, too.

    Sandra Mccarthy must be over at Orange County Management be
    very proud of their Male talent. Very proud.

  113. AVN is running a story about Crackworth and Corvus and why doesn’t Crackworth’s lawyer tell him to shut the fuck up?

    He is so damn pretentious and self-absorbed that he feels the need to correct his image when half of the shit he is saying is bullshit and maybe he’s the only one who can’t see it. Same with Corvus. He’s still in the window for HIV. I think Crackworth is more concerned about his image than the safety of his talent.

    Their argument seems to be that these were all off-set transmissions.
    Let’s say that is the case.

    Well, since people can get HIV during off-screen activities then why the fuck would you let them work without protection???? Just because someone got it off screen doesn’t put you in the clear if you are letting them work without protection.

    On set or off set. This is HIV and Hep C. Why would it even matter where it was contracted? The point is to not let people get infected.

    Yeah, you may meet a person at a bar that gets regular tests and sleeps with lots of people at that bar who have regular tests. What if someone gets HIV at home and then goes to that bar? It is the same thing here. Just different venues.

    When you are paying people “consent” can sort of go out the window when shooting BDSM. If the girl wants the scene to stop there isn’t pay. Therefore, she’s more likely to do things she doesn’t want to do to get paid and get future work.

    Fake it Acworth. It isn’t tough. Yeah, that would cost more money, but you’d make a better product and people would be safe as a result.

  114. Billy is a FSC loser. He is the best they’ve got! Such a joke, Billy!!! Jilted knows more than you do, you loser! The days of your lies being distributed are over, billy!!! We know you are a joke and the voice of the FSC on this forum!! You would be a funny joke if people weren’t getting HIV so that porn companies make more profit!! You go fuck yourself, loser!!!

  115. @BT I met James Deen two years ago for a brief moment, but I was shocked to see he wasn’t anything like he presents himself as. He was extremely manic at the time (not sure if he is always like that since I only met the man once) and he was extremely stupid. I was expecting him to be really smart and well spoken. He came across to me as a loser kid. I tried to initiate a conversation twice and he horribly failed at it twice and kept going. It was uncomfortable. I realized I would have to drop to his level to have a conversation. It was a huge turn-off.

  116. Billy, Biilly. Billy!!! Stop insulting commenters here, please? You are making the FSC look even MORE ridiculous than they already appear!!! Jilted knows more about the intricacies in the business than you ever could!!! I wish you would go away if you need to resort to name calling to bully people, you loser!!!

  117. I didn’t say crew. Behind the scenes people meant company staff, at the office, where it does happen. Some girls whore out to whoever wants some.

  118. JW, didnt you see the FSC?Dianne duke statement that Stagliano did not get Camerons results “DIECTLY” from Dr. Miao. They NEVER denied that stagliano had the information, and no matter how he got the information it was ILLEGAL.

    Every waiver to release an HIV result to a third party must contain the specific name of the person recieving the results, and specify the manner in which the results will be delivered, fax email etc, and must contain the fax number or email address where they are being sent.

    The ONLY way for Fagliano to have those results would be with a waiver signed by Cameron Bay, that specifically lists Fagliano as the intended recipient.

    But Fagliano and the FSC would NEVER lie now, would they?

  119. Xander Corvus is one of the best male straight performers in the business.. Obviously you arent in the business and do not know him…he is loved and respected by everyone..I am very proud to have him on my roster!

  120. @sandra
    Xander Corvus made the decision to stick his bleeding dick into a girls mouth. Are you proud of that?

  121. @[email protected]
    LOL. So you are proud to have a performer still working while being in the window period of being HIV positive? 3 months have passed already?

    I’ve been associated with the business since 98/99.

    OC Modeling are shitbags. Sandra just said it. She’s proud of her talent either giving HIV or being exposed to it and still working.

    Before you try to defend yourself Sandra look at what Jilted posted. Are you the bird that Xander speaks of that drops HIV on people?

  122. How about just a threesome — Lacey, Kate and me. I promise my test won’t be 20 days old and will be negative for all VDs. Rob Black can go suck on Lizzie Borden’s tits in the back of a squad car (with their hands cuffed behind them, of course) after they both get arrested for violating parole (I am sure they are breaking some law that would violate them — maybe they will find meth on Rob and Lizzie might possibly be caught “escorting” on the rich side of town). JW is just shit out of luck this time, sorry — maybe Mike will hire you to mop the floor after his next bukkake shoot and his male talent doesn’t show so you get to replace him. 🙂

  123. None of us know the answer to that question, CP. I would hope that AHF would at least pay for a month’s meds for her and assist her in applying for the drug companies free drug programs (Cameron et. al., the forms are available on if you need them, your doctor needs to sign and submit them to the appropriate drug companies) after she shilled for them. I don’t know how AHF’s charity program works.

  124. Hey Sandra Xander Corvus did wrong thing no matter how much you say love him people indusrty love him. There alot people inside out side porn indusrty that are think he his bonehead for what he did. There are enemy of porn indusrty that are line up ready use Xander Corvus as reason what wrong with porn indusrty. His action have brought lots heat porn indusrty that not even close burning out. Xander Corvus destory any creditable about porn indusrty policing it self. No matter who love in porn indusrty he gave porn indusrty enemy ammo it need fight on all kind of issues. Let what happen Sandra when this matter goes to court room and lawyer not gone be fan Xander Corvus grill him over this matter. I well give this Sandra would be unfair not state this Cameron Bay did give Xander Corvus permission to keep going after what happen to his cock happen. No one on at kink set had brains enough say hey wait lets not do this. So there lot blame for what happen on ever one took place there.

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