AIM FUCKS UP – Another HIV Positive

Here is the timeline, I got this earlier today

“Thursday (Milf gets test) AIM says she’s clean
FRI Milf shoots b/g scene then later that evening shoots another scene
SAT 1st male shoots gangbang, male’s girlfriend shoots b/g/g
MON AIM calls MILF and 1st male, tells him they made mistake.

All hell is about to break loose, even if he comes up negative now, what about 2 months from now? AIM is paying for his tests but for some odd reason, waiting to contact the second line of ppl they worked with and IM sure those ppl are working this week..NOT COOL”

MILF is 42, no kids, swinger, great body, brownish red hair.. male didn’t remember her stage name AIM refuses to release it.

“There has been misinformation posted on the boards regarding a person testing positive for HIV,” Dr. Mitchell (sic) said in a press release. “There has been a person who has tested positive. There were exceptionally few partners, inside and outside the industry. All partners are currently testing negative and in adult employment quarantine. All required reporting has been complied with, as have the AIM and industry protocols. The investigation is ongoing. This is not a major event.”

Mitchell did say that although the actress was not new to the industry, she was someone who worked very infrequently.

“There were just not a lot of people involved, not a lot of people at risk, and all that have been, have been testing negative,” she confirmed. “If it were something I could talk about, I would.”

Mitchell who is rarely even seen at AIM anymore is married and living near Santa Barbara I’m told.

A lot of people are asking what good AIM is if the can’t/won’t release this info, who knows who all may have been exposed.

This is a major fuck up, the kind AIM is known for.

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AIM FUCKS UP – Another HIV Positive

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  1. You really have to wonder if AIM would have released a statement at all if the story hadn’t been outed on the boards. I think not.

    And as long as we’re on the topic of AIM, why aren’t they also testing for Hepatitis and Herpes?

  2. AIM DOES offer test for herpes, hep, syphilis, hpv and every ohter STD. It is the PERFORMERS who decide what to get done. AIM can only do the tests requested by the patient. That is the LAW. Ther is NO legal requirement for any testing at all, as a matter of fact it is ILLEGAL to require an HIV test as a condition of emplyoment. The AIM system is 100% voluntary. SOme performers do have mmore strict standards than the industry 30 day testing regime.
    For the umpteenth time….AIM does not set the standards, the performers do. It is that simple. Stop blaming the messenger. If youre going to have unprotected sex within a group of people who are having unprotected sex with dozens of partners per month, then dont be surprised when the messenger tells you that you ahve an STD.

  3. The blame with AIM here is many fold. first they initially denied that anyone had tested positive, a flat out lie.

    Second how do you fuck up and tell someone they can work then call three days later and say “oops”

    third yes testing is voluntary but it is AIM that sets the testing guidelines that people use. They cant have it both ways, if they set the industry standard then dont blame it on the talent and AIM clearly has stated that set set the industry standard some companies only accept AIM tests which is a HUGE mistake obviously.

    This isnt about who got AIDS from what practice, It is about who is getting exposed to it because IM fucked up and because AIM wont release any names.

    truth is if the male performer who worked with her did do a gangbang on satirday then the secondary and third exposure risk is HUGE by now, thats the truth AIM is trying to hide and fact is theres no way they can even be isolated much less quaranteed.

    I have been saying it for years…AIM is nothing but a fuck up

  4. Mike,
    read my comment on the other posts. The Poodecer for that friday shoot lied to the performers when he said he called AIM about her test. The test was PENDING.
    The performer was told IN PERSON at the AIM clinic on saturday that she was positive. She was NEVER, I repeat NEVER told the test was negative.

    All this bullshit was started by the producer who is trying to cover his ass because he lied to his perfomers that friday and told them that he checked with AIM and they told him everything was ok. That never happened. Its a lie.

  5. Every single performer who had contact with the infected person was notified BEFORE any of this shit started on these boards.
    Just because you dont know whats being done doesnt mean that it isnt being done. Performers and agents WERE notified.

  6. The lies aout AIM denying the positive tests are coming from those trying to cover their asses because they DIDNT call AIM to get test results before they did the shoot. Dont you get that?

  7. Mike, as far as industrystandards go, there are many performers who have a much more strict testing standard if you want to work withthem. It is the performers who set the standards, AIM is just the tool used by the industry, and performers, to apply those standards.

  8. aim has already lied about this more than once Im sorry but ttheir credibility is zip with me my source is credible given the two options at this time I believe this is more likely to be AIM covering their ass

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