A Little More On The HIV Situation

I am told that the list of first generation exposures is way larger than anyone expected at first.  Most were content shoots or private contacts and as such theres a lot of iffyness involved.  for that reason it is good that the name got out, that is the best way to know if you have been exposed.  TJ Cummings, while not a name like James Deen is a somewhat prolific performer who has been in the biz since 1998 and has worked with virtually everyone.

If he did not infect anyone we will have dodged a MAJOR bullet.

Reports that all first gen exposures have been identified and notified are absolutely NOT correct  even the FSC has said they dont expect that to be complete until the first part of the week. (per AVN)

I am hearing there may be some people shooting in defiance of the moratorium, it does seem to me that shooting with a test since Thursday AND a Condom today is safer than shooting with a two week old test and no condom two weeks from now or a month from now.  People have to eat, I get that, it’s gonna bring a lot of criticism but in the end I am MUCH more concerned about people who defy the moratorium and shoot with NO condoms and there is a fair amount of that happening as well, and that is a MUCH larger concern to me.

If you feel you have to shoot use condoms.


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A Little More On The HIV Situation

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  1. I agree that if your health is second place to your wallet because your that desperately broke…then you have a problem. With that said I don’t know of many if anyone who is making $10,000 a week and a good portion would happy to get $2500 a month. I am scratching my head trying to think of an active performer who even comes close to making anywhere near that per month.

  2. @MikeSouth1226 how do you feel about :

    – How soon will it take TJ Cummings to become AHF new poster boy?

    People are pointing fingers right and left but the truth is this is yet another HIV infection linked to a gay past.
    – Derrick Burts ( Did Gay porn and escorting )
    – Cameron Bay ( dated Gay porn performer and gay escort Rod Daily )
    – Rod Daily ( Gay male talent and escort )
    – Sofia DelGado ( close friend of Cameron Bay who dated Gay pornstar Rod Daily )
    – Tj Cummings ( Did gay porn and what else?)

  3. for TJ prolly not long but face it what would you do if you had no insurance and no way to get proper treatment? AHF will get him the best treatment available, pay for it, his meds etc and they wont ask him to be a spokesperson, but he will likely do so anyway because he is thankful that they helped him. He will say he trusted a system that he shouldnt have trusted. and that will be true

    as for crossovers I agree that it increases the risk factor exponentially but you have people in this business who have no problems using them and arent going to stop, so what do you propose to do? Using condoms is the best method to prevent these things.

  4.  “He will say he trusted a system that he shouldnt have trusted. and that will be true.”

    I’m not sure anyone could state it better than this? Good one, Mike.

    There are many performers who understand this, but from the performer comments I’ve seen the majority don’t seem to have even a remote understanding of this last resort testing system which is what bothers me the most. If I thought every performer TRULY understood the testing system then I would consider jumping on the personal responsibility “condom optional” policy of some kind, but it honestly truly worries me that performers get tested and then are surprised and try to blame everyone else when the system actually works.

    If you are upset and worried when the testing system actually works, then you DON’T UNDERSTAND THE TESTING SYSTEM.
    It is impossible to bully other people into being responsible in their personal lives. No one is at fault. Take responsibility for yourself that you chose to have unprotected sex and the testing system is, at best, a backup system. It prevents absolutely NOTHING. It will not somehow save you or protect you.
    The system in place is based on PURE trust and THAT’S IT. The testing system is there as a backup plan to, hopefully, get performers out of the talent pool either before or AFTER they have infected you.

  5. Mike you make good points but I disagree on some.. YES the adult industry should have an emergency fund for HIV infection. If 5 major companies split the bill for TJ’s treatment that wouldn’t even be that much money for them and it’s a right off.

    Now I’m disappointed that you buy into AHF dirty moves of “victimizing” adults…
    Derrick Burts, Rob Daily, Cameron Bay ARE NOT VICTIMS of the porn industry.
    Let’s be REAL. We don’t know yet for TJ but so far ALL the previous HIV infection happened in the performer’s PRIVATE LIFE.
    There’s more hairdressers getting HIV every year than pornstars!
    Does it mean the HAIR styling industry is responsible for ALL the choices hair stylist make in their private sex life ? NO.
    The REAL victims are the girls that were infected by Darren James because those were REALLY on-set infection. Derrick, Cameron, Rod and Sofia are NOT victim. Just consenting adults that made poor decisions for their private life.

    As far as crossover performers you can not publicly black list them that would be “discrimination”. However LATATA could have a verbal agreement to just not send their girls for bi-scenes, tranny scenes, or scenes with cross-overs. That use to work before…

  6. Im not saying AHF victimizes them if you got HIV tomorrow and couldnt afford treatment…in the biz or not AHF will get you treatment. they will do it at no cost to you and you never have to come forward publicly, even if you are in the biz. they will totally treat you and never mention your name, give them credit for that…they deserve it. like the politics of their org or not they DO put their money where their mouth is and The FSC could learn an awful lot from them, including fundraising.

    we dont know where performers get infected derrick burts says it was on set, FSC says it wasnt…Im actually more inclined to believe Derrick but I know one thing for sure The FSC CANT POSSIBLY make that statement as a fact there is no way they can back that up and say where anyone got it…not that it matters…the truth is there have been HUNDREDS of on set exposures, we are very lucky that HIV isnt a very contagious virus or everyone in porn would be dead by now.

    as for crossovers LATATA policy is that for six months after doing a tranny or gay scene you cant shoot with a LATATA girl…clearly they do not enforce that rule, not even for a month…so what are ya gonna do?

  7. Mike, Lacey, what system is that ? Testing is not here to cover bad decisions you make in your private life. ( Rod, Cameron, Derrick, Sofia)

    AHF is just a dirty organization that takes advantage of the mainstream audience fascination for Porn to bring media attention to their organization. Having said that they are damn good at it wish we had people half as good. They play the blame game better than anyone.

    You test every 14 days it reduces risks but not completely if it’s worth it for you do it, if not, don’t. Now if this is like the previous 4 CASES and he got that in his private life please answer this; What does the system have to do with his private sex life? If anything the system worked, it helped him find out he had HIV earlier than in any other industry and he can now get treatment fast.

    Performers are ALL 18+ and in America that’s the legal age where you can vote, and make decisions for yourself. The way testing work is widely available you just to Google it. If some performers do not wish to find information that is widely available you can not force them. Let’s treat adults like adults and stop victimizing everyone that makes poor life decisions.

    Lacey Blake, I have to say you do make some very good points in your description of the testing. However you can’t force talents to understand and see testing the way you do. If there’s a vast majority of performers for whom a 14 days test and no condom is worth the financial compensation then who are you to tell them they are wrong? That’s their call. Los Angeles county itself has more HIV infection cases every year than the adult industry in the last 15 years. It’s tragic what happened to all the performers that caught HIV in their private life but saying anyone but themselves are responsible is just unnecessary victimisation.

  8. Mike you have a thing for AHF and I agree with you FSC could learn so much from the way they handle their business. Michael Weinstein is a lobbyist who will drain the adult business of all its life just to bring attention to his organization. AHF probably has some good people working there but the way they demonize porn is not better than all those Christian extremist that were after Larry Flynt back in the days. They play a really dirty game base on sensational “headlines” and making porn looking like some sort of human trafficking business. I am still shocked you never angle your articles towards that. You don’t seem on the side of the industry sometimes.

  9. I am always on the side of the industry some people dont get that but its true the problem is as Lurking reader pointed out the industry is its own worst enemy. Sometimes, often even being on the side of the FSC is against the best interest of the industry.

    More often than not the best interest of the performers is completely forgotten and I usually try to be more of a performer advocate than anything else.

    Because I say that AHF does something right doesnt mean I am a supporting member, it simply means I recognize what they do right, I wish i could say that the FSC does something right consistently.

  10. @xxxwebmaster

    Your argument that performers are doing this to porn via private life activities goes out the window with agents and producers booking and taking a cut of escorting gigs.

    Porn knew better than anyone else that performers bring their personal lives on set and film…why hasn’t porn developed an adequate method to limit and prevent disease in the industry…on and off set?

    I’m hearing Henry tell Liza there’s a hole in the bucket. Porn knows they got disease…what’s porn doing to fix it? Not buying the autonomous argument as an excuse either…the worldwide beef industry has at least as many autonomous entities who used fiscal affiliations and trade associations on every level to work together when mad cow showed up…Meat eaters aren’t scared of mad cow steaks and burgers today. Not trying to compare performers to cows just saying beef is just one industry who worked together to make changes to successfully limit or eradicate the threat to their existence and came out on top.

  11. @xxxwebmaster

    When I see FSC truly pursuing their stated missions and goals I’ll be singing their praises as loudly as I decry their duplicity today.

    When porn no longer needs AHF to treat and sustain the performers who contracted HIV in the course of their career in porn ..on or OFF set..I’ll chase Weinstein as a hate mongering asshole the FIRST time he speaks against porn.

    Fair enough?

  12. When was the AHF against porn by itself? All I’ve ever heard/read is them wanting condoms. The porn industry has taken that as the AHF wanting to kill porn. That isn’t the case. The AHF just wants porn to stop killing performers. That’s really shitty of them, right? The bastards!

  13. CPanzram LurkingReader you really shine by your ignorance.
    If there was an “ON SET infection” the producer of the movie where the infection happen would be to some extent responsible or liable. OFF set infection have NOTHING to do with this industry. NONE of the last 4 performers contracted HIV on set. PERIOD. As much as AHF would love to link it they can’t so they just blur the line and unfortunately Mike South doesn’t call them on that.

    Like I said earlier if a hair stylist contracts hiv by going bareback with another random guy, you don’t see people saying the hair industry is responsible for this guy’s infection. PROVEN on set infection are the liability and responsibility of the company in question not the whole industry but so far the last 4 cases are all PRIVATE LIFE INFECTION.

    CPanzram Do your research before you type! AHF is using every dirty tricks in the book to demonize porn. Crying performers, Porn “exploits” people, take advantage of them blablabla… typical victimizing bs…

    You do the same but in a dumber way. . Porn is “killing performers” that’s a retarded statement coming from a fanboy who definitely has a very short sided vision of this industry.

  14. Mike South I respect you side with performers that’s one sided but that’s your right. FYI For the record LurkingReader the FSC IS a trade association if you actually read their mission statements. The FSC represents businesses, Websites, companies etc… NOT PERFORMERS. LATATA AGENCIES that take a cut on performers profits at every turn they can are the one supposed to represent performers. NOT THE FSC. AGAIN the FSC’s job is mostly to look out for companies.

  15. “If he did not infect anyone we will have dodged a MAJOR bullet.”

    Point well taken, but statistically completely untrue. It will actually be the case that if he infected someone that would go against the odds and be extremely unlucky. You make it sound in that sentence as though it is the more likely scenario. Statistically that is not true.

  16. Based on a 14 day test you are absolutely true. Definitely no 100% bullet proof testing but that’s the risk some people decide for them is worth it. However AHF wants to take the choice away and decide for others

  17. “Reports that all first gen exposures have been identified and notified are absolutely NOT correct even the FSC has said they dont expect that to be complete until the first part of the week. (per AVN)”

    Are you reading the article wrong or is that info from a different AVN article? They said the test results would be in early next week. They said all first-gen have been contacted. Quotes below from AVN. Please explain what you meant. Misunderstanding on your part or different article?

    “* All first-generation contacts (people with whom the performer had contact, on-set or off, that could have transmitted the virus, within the window of the last negative test) have been contacted and tested.

    * We should have all results of those tests by early next week. We’ll alert you as we know.”

  18. @xxxwebmaster

    I can read, comprehend too…the FSC is a NON-PROFIT entity. In return for that preferred tax structure they are expected to represent the best interests of its members. It is expected that the 501c6 non-profits mission will promote economic growth of its members who will then prosper and support USA society via increased employment, revenues and more all of which are expected to create revenue to the US treasury offsetting and justifying the tax benefits provided via the nonprofit structure.

    The US Constitution, amendments, laws and regulations aren’t a lunch buffet laid out for FSC and the porn industry to choose what they will eat and what they leave for the next guy.

    When they embraced non-profit status they had a duty to pursue and promote their mission….that is impossible when you say one thing to the press and industry at large and use the US judicial system to do another.

    The FSC is duplicitous at best.

  19. @xxxwebmaster –
    “Testing is not here to cover bad decisions you make in your private life. ( Rod, Cameron, Derrick, Sofia)”

    Actually, YES it is!!!

    “What does the system have to do with his private sex life?”

    It has EVERYTHING to do with…Do you honestly think what performers do in their personal life has no effect on the talent pool? Really?

    Just from some of these comments, I’m starting to get the feeling that YOU don’t even understand the testing system?

    Would you mind explaining your interpretation of the testing system for me?

    Oh, and

  20. @xxxwebmaster

    You don’t know who I am.

    Hairdressers don’t have their bosses hiring them to fuck people. Poor argument.

    Without regulation forcing them to do so, who in their right mind in porn would claim that their shoot infected someone? Everyone knows it would be tough to prove.

    Porn does exploit performers. Performers pay for testing.

  21. You obviously have simplified views of this industry that must be explained by either your lack of information or intelligence but maybe both?
    The “fucking” part in your argument is beyond irrelevant. The argument is no matter what you do you are responsible for what happens to you in your private life.

  22. Your argument is confusing at best and mostly a mix of opinions and copy-paste. Again the FSC is no different than the NRA it represents a group of individual’s interests. Performers should be represented by their Agents NOT the FSC… THE END. However for some reasons I can’t explain @MikeSouth1226 is been so SOFT on agencies and LATATA especially…They make money on the performer’s work. They should be representing talents or like Lisa Ann was sayin they may be too busy booking escorting jobs in Dubai.

  23. Go to work on a construction site and try making a choice whether or not you wear a hard hat. Workplace safety isn’t a choice, it’s the obligation of the employer.

  24. “The argument is no matter what you do you are responsible for what happens to you in your private life.”

    Well, that’s stupid. The employers should be taking into account what the talent does in their private lives so their shoots don’t contain diseases. You’re forgetting CALOSHA. Picture a hairdresser suing for getting HIV on the job. You know, because she’s not fucking.

    Adult talent fucks. Hmmm. Looks like producers should make themselves responsible for a lot, eh? That includes what their talent does. That’s good business.

  25. Yes, but you are made aware of those obligations when you enter the field. Performers are aware of the lack of some regulations when they enter. Also, construction workers still die all the time on the job. When is the last time a porn performer died on the job or in direct cause of the job?

  26. Let me assure you LurkingReader isn’t copy and pasting anything. I’ve debated and argued with her before and she knows her shit. Just because you’re not intelligent enough to understand it doesn’t mean what she’s saying is wrong. Anyone who knows anything about non-profits could have said the exact same thing. Her statements actually weren’t an opinion at all. To get a non-profit status there are VERY strict guidelines to be followed in order to avoid paying taxes. (Just to name one thing….)

    She took it pretty easy on you…

    Pssst… the NRA doesn’t just represent the businesses that SELL guns. They also represent individual gun owners as well…

    And, what exactly happens to performers who don’t have agents?

  27. “The argument is no matter what you do you are responsible for what happens to you in your private life.”

    UNTIL you have unprotected sex in your PERSONAL life and show up to WORK on set the next day with HIV from the night before and infect 10 people.
    This is a very real possibility and can happen AT ANY TIME.
    Which just proves the decisions performers make in their PERSONAL lives DIRECTLY affect the industry and EVERY SINGLE person in it.

    Shit, even the A-list stars aren’t that fucking stupid. Since their health is obviously more important than everyone else’s they can require their scene partners to get tested TWO days before a scene. Nice, huh?

    Even the industry knows how risky this shit is, but new performers fall for it everyday and I’m sure the others just sit around thinking how dumb & fucking stupid they are to get into the industry while they walk on set to perform in scenes with a partner who just got tested 2 days ago while the other morons fuck partners with 15-30 day old tests and that’s only if a test is required.

    What can you say? They’re worth more? Their health is worth more? Their pussy is worth more?
    We all know the answer here….

  28. @xxxwebmaster

    When my hairdresser needed surgery on her wrist her shop didn’t say it happened from her non-work activities…..she uses that wrist at home too…wrist surgery for hair dressers is a common injury risk.

    Give me another analogy to justify saying diseases in porn only count of they happen on set….try to explain how producers & licensed agents booking talent for escorting gigs isn’t part of the industry or work related when the performer MUST share the fee earned at escort gig…& please don’t ask me to believe booked escort gigs don’t involve sex.

  29. @xxxwebmaster

    I don’t do copy and paste…I think and write..sorry you can’t comprehend simple English.

    As Diane Duke about copy and paste…like the 45 page piece of crap she proposed to OSHA as industry input to develop industry appropriate guidelines….ask her why she didn’t offer OSHA the pretty health and safety manual she and labor lawyer Karen Tynan developed for the industry as a starting point.

    As to the crap you’re spewing…stick to the point…FSC accepts performers as members…they state their goal of INDUSTRY well being…as a non-profit they have a duty to all their members..not just the INDUSTRY LEADERS with lucrative fiscal affiliation agreements.

    FSC condones and facilitates the industry leading members who set the tone for the whole industry…helping money making concerns skirt regulations and laws isn’t the role of a non-profit.

    Go read my other comments…agencies booking escort gigs need to cooperate with producers booking talent for on and off set gigs, to pay for testing. I’m not playing favorites. Performers need to be responsible for their personal lives too…personal doesn’t equate to off set.

  30. @lacey
    Lol thanks ..great minds think alike. didn’t read your post before responding to xxxwebmaster

    Love how he tried to bring NRA in vs state facts backing up his stance on FSC…we both made membership point. NRA is a true advocate for the second amendment…supporting manufacture, sales, distribution as well as individuals right to carry and more…they aren’t catering to the INDUSTRY LEADERS with lucrative fiscal affiliations at the expense of individual gun owners.

    Isn’t it fun to tear apart bullshit with facts.

  31. @ xxxwebmaster

    Please don’t mix up what I say with the site owner. I’m not soft on agencies and certainly not the ever popular LATATA.

    Your perceptions of what someone else posts and says have no bearing on what i say and stand for.

  32. @erik2690

    Wow you got all the Industry leading stakeholder and FSC talking points down…

    FYI…the construction lobbies out and crush independents who aren’t following labor regs…they got tired of paying OSHA fines and dealing with labor problems on top of litigation caused by non-conformist sub-contractors who did shoddy work.

    Just because performers didn’t die on set doesn’t mean they didn’t die of porn related illness. Asbestos workers didn’t die on job sites either…doesn’t mean they didn’t die of work related illness.

  33. @xxxwebmaster

    Roflmao…people reading this comments page as a related content now and when the next HIV shows up are gonna laugh their asses off at how you tried to say I was ignorant and had simplified views of the FSC and porn.

    Porn is a multi faceted tiered autonomous yet fiscally affiliated industry, who cherry pick the US laws like a lunch buffet, taking what they like and ignoring the rest.

  34. “show up to WORK on set the next day with HIV from the night before and infect 10 people.
    This is a very real possibility and can happen AT ANY TIME.”

    If you look at the rate at which HIV passes from 1 person to another it’s hardly “a very real possibility”. I suppose not immposible, but astoundingly unlikely.

  35. Yes, but the causation there is direct. Where is your massive numbers of direct causation deaths in the porn industry? As far as our factual knowledge, none of these recent cases were contracted on set. If I have FSC points down I assure you it is coincidence. I haven’t been to the FSC blog until 3 days ago, when I looked for info on this most recent case. Asbestos workers were getting cancer and other problems at much higher rates than the general population and the causation was directly linked to the job. HIV rates in porn are not significantly higher than in the general population. And many of the recent cases do not have any direct causation. As in: We know that Asbestos workers % of cancer increased because of their job. We can not say that Cameron got HIV because of her job. Especially if it was past to her by her boyfriend, which is one of the scenarios talked about.

  36. I have actually known people that worked construction and been on several construction sites in my day. As of about 20 years ago there wasn’t an ironclad requirement to wear a hard hat on site. The requirement only kicked in if an employee was doing certain things like working overhead hanging beams or drywall. To make an analogy in porn using Michigan’s comp rules for construction (porn is a lifetime felony imprisonment without parole here so our OSHA doesn’t even deal with porn in the regs, if a claim were filed for a porn act it would go to the State Attorney General for criminal prosecution of everyone involved including the victim) a condom would only be required for anal sex where the risk of HIV is astronomical compared with any other sex act.

  37. I hope Mike sees this. I am curious if this is a discrepancy or if I am not seeing or understanding one of the articles.

  38. @erik2690

    Do you not believe unprotected sex is a direct causation to disease transmission? Do you deny that HepC and HPV are both conclusively linked with cancers? Do you think HIV is the only risk?

    We can’t say the three HIV performers got it on a set, can you prove they didn’t? Did the 1998 workers comp case prove she got it on set or simply that it was likely a result of receptive anal sex with an infected performer?

    Do you know that HIPPA and other health related labor laws allow People to refuse not only their information but to refuse testing of their body for molecular analysis and linking? That if they are known to be infected they don’t need to retest when occupational exposure has occurred. Because of that workers comp doesn’t require absolute proof but likely or probable causative linking.

    Do you not know that the same HIPPA that protects your rights also helps shield employers from liability?

  39. @mharris

    A condom would also be required for treated HIV, HepC and more, lowered risk with reduced viral levels, doesn’t mean the risk of transmission is eliminated or only possible via anal.

  40. @erik2690

    Love your spirit but you are naive. You have no clue how hard industry lawyers have been at work to prevent porn advertisements on tv, www, and print seeking class action participants; Or how every HIV case opens the door they are trying to jam shut, that the HepC over the summer blew the door wide open for lawyers on the other side looking for a big payday.

    It isn’t condoms threatening the industry…it’s the disease condoms are meant to prevent. It’s the industry that refused 1991 federal laws to limit disease. That’s over twenty years of trying to keep the liability doors closed.

  41. I really can’t debate any 1998 stuff. I am a young adult and honestly I’m not going to make it my job to know all the cases. I’m making my arguments based on evidence I look up or at least a solid base of opinion and understanding. At the same time I’m not going to dig into every case, so you may have the upper hand on me. I am not 100% sure that those recent 3 didn’t get it on set, but considering their bf/gf and friend status’s it seems logical and likely that they passed it amongst each other.

    “Do you not believe unprotected sex is a direct causation to disease transmission?”

    Of course, but I think the argument should be framed as unprotected in the biz vs. unprotected in general population. If the % gap is not large in that comparison then I don’t agree with some of the rhetoric that happens. We let general population consent to unprotected sex. If the % gap in diseases is not significant after years in the current system then I don’t totally understand a government mandate. I am mostly talking about HIV in this thread because that is the situation at hand and what this post is about. Also, it’s one of the more serious/life altering diseases from sex.

  42. Your right I know nothing about lawyers vs. porn. I truly don’t. To be honest I probably will not look into that aspect. I like checking in here once and a while, throwing out some opinions and try to find some stats or facts to back those up.That’s kinda it though. I probably won’t ever know too much about the ins and outs of many aspects of the porn biz. So, I have 0 idea about the layering for and against porn. I will trust and cede to you on that subject.

  43. Mandatory testing on all gay shoots would probably do more.

    But I am genuinely curious: why do producers continue to use crossovers? Isn’t there a long line of would be male talent waiting to get in the business? Sure in decades past most of them would have wood problems, but these days they can just pop Viagra like Tic-Tacs and stay hard.

  44. @Toby: The most relevant analog are Hollywood stuntmen: you don’t see the wearing helmets when they jump off buildings do you? Or wear visible body armor or anything else that will break the illusion. All precautions are invisible, just like porn testing, but unlike condoms.

    And don’t tell me that porn is more dangerous – a lot of stuntmen have died making movies http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_film_accidents
    Heck, lead actors like Vic Morrow and Brandon Lee have died on set due to stunts gone wrong.
    You on the other hand can’t name a single hetero-porn actor who has died, even years after the fact, due to HIV caught on set.

  45. @Erik2690

    No rhetoric or spin here….if the data in the industry were available or what was available was verifiable we could actually make that distinction.

    There is no accurate data for on set performers, nor for escorts nor for escorting performers who work onset too, all of who me can be reasonably assumed to have a personal sex life beyond what they do for a paycheck. Although some might be too tuckered out from paid sexwork to seek the same for personal gratification, instead choosing other methods of all the good stuff psychologists and scientists say we get from sex.

    Understood that you were referring specifically to HIV which is exactly why I used asbestos argument. Please if you are a performer…don’t worry about all the laws that started a long time ago…don’t worry about stats to justify and rationalize your choice to work in porn…beyond the fact that you chose your job it’s no ones business why you did. 🙂

    Please focus instead on learning about the here and now disease that is transmitted via unprotected sex. Learn about the ones the industry doesn’t test for too…knowing the signs and symptoms of your risks will be your best way to seek appropriate testing and treatment should it happen to you.

  46. @erik2690
    I’m a great researcher and policy queen, it’s what I like. Not liking some industry policy is a direct result of respecting those who choose to work in the industry. I don’t like that metal workers get burns either but I’m damn glad we have people who choose to be welders.

  47. The big question is what was TJ doing privately from 10/25(his last clean test) thru 12/03 (his first bad test). And why would he still want to do a cam show with Pressley Carter for so little (if any) money.

  48. @eric,
    In 2004 Darren James infected three girls, all within a single 24 hour period. The only reason more girls werent infected is because he didnt have any sex with any other girls on that fateful day. Eric, maybe you can tell Lara, Jessica, and Missy how astoundigly unlikely it was that they got infected all on the same day.

  49. Not a performer. Not connected to the industry in any direct way. I watch porn, that is my only connection. I need a personal stake in the issue to have a disagreement with you on some of these issues.

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