A 4th HIV Positive


According to AHF a fourth performer has come forward to them as being HIV Positive, this one is a male.

As for performer 3, It is now getting around the biz who it is apparently.  I was told she is from Phoenix, and recently deleted her twitter account, which had lots of tweets to and from Cameron Bay, she also made her vine private.

Is it time for Diane Duke to be run out on a rail yet?

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A 4th HIV Positive

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  1. So another male tests positive… which means even more females might. But of course, “no on set transmissions.”

  2. You can rest assured that AHF is getting the names of every company this guy worked for, and all of his contacts.

    Did this guy test at a PASS facility, and if so, why no announcement from them regarding this? This is going to get ugly, really ugly.

  3. I keep hearing people who, in one way or another, insinuate that girl-girl transmission is by some means akin to the odds of winning the lottery. The medical facts kill those odds effectively, and one is always better off when armed with the facts. “HIV is present in female secretions” Though the risk of catching HIV is less when receiving female oral sex, your risk is elevated when giving oral sex. “It is not uncommon for an individual to have several open type wounds or sores at anytime in his or her mouth, many of which they may not even be aware of.” Though the risk is not as high as unprotected vaginal sex and certainly not as high as anal sex, it is still elevated. You can argue all you want, but I’m gonna stick with the CDC version of the truth.

  4. These “rogue” phony agents types are a real scourge in the industry that need to go away.. They are part of of an industry problem also. I always report these scumbags to the department of industrial relations when I locate them. I hardly think they do anything about it. Some of these licensed agents and the things they do are no better. Their practice of double dipping for money from the studios and the talent is blatantly illegal.. Would love to see an article on these garbage men in the industry.. I would be glad to help you write and and give you all the facts that I have..

  5. It’s not like this isn’t a clusterfuck to begin with, but how are performers revealing their HIV+ through different agencies… Some through FSC and some through AHF?

    So, any HIV+ test results are required to be reported to the CDC and then the performer chooses whether to release their results through the FSC, through AHF or just not to release their name at all?

    So, if a performer where to go get privately tested and they were proven to be HIV+ then the CDC would be notified, but the only way other performers would know they are at risk is if the performer bravely came forward with their test results? So, who’s responsible for informing the 1st generation/2nd generation partners? I would assume the CDC? Or, is it the responsibility of each testing center?

  6. So it all comes down to if the person who test + will tell the PASS Medical board who they had sex with, if they don’t tel,l then no one will know. So tell me how is it anyone else’s fault if the person won’t talk? Just wondering.

  7. @lacey,
    HIV+ results are reported to local county health departmentsThe reports must now include the name of the infected person, as of 2009. It is the legal duty of the physician who ordered the test to make the notification to the infected individual, and to do the partner notification, after getting the partner information from the infected person.

    And. you are correct, a performer can go to their private doctor, like Rod Daily did, and not notify anybody of his infection. Fortunately rod came forward. The CDC is not notified of individual infections as a matter of outine procedure.

  8. JW, the fault lies with the lies that the FSC has been spewing about how their system ‘works’ when if fact it does nothing at all. They have successfully convinced enough performers that there is a safety net when their is not. And when members of FSC and PASS are the ones breaking the moratorium, well their is enough fault to go around, even to the agents who are booking performers to work during the moratorium

  9. So, a performers health lies in the hands of the FSC and NO ONE ELSE unless they choose to get tested privately which seems to be useless since most productions will not allow performers to work without test results from Cutting Edge or TTS?

    So, let me see if I have this right?
    1. FSC controls this elusive “medical advisory board.”
    2. The FSC and the “medical advisory board” then owns/controls Cutting Edge Testing/TTS.
    3. Production Companies will ONLY allow test results from either Cutting Edge or TTS which means performers are pretty much required to test at these facilities in order to work. Thereby, forcing the performers and their test results to remain under the FSC at all times. So, the only way an STD or HIV+ status actually becomes public is if the “medical advisory board” or the doctors at Cutting Edge or TTS are ethical enough not to hide them and actually report the results to the county….

    So, if a performer tests positive for anything then no one would know since the performer wouldn’t want it to become public and affect their ability to work and make money… The FSC controls the testing facility thereby controlling what testing results are released and whether performers are clean to work…

    I can’t tell whether I’m completely disgusted or truly impressed with the politics at play here? They have set up an entire system that has no checks & balances and is relatively audit proof since EVERYTHING goes directly through the FSC, which coincidently controls the PASS system who is ultimately responsible for letting performers know who is safe to work with or not….

    No wonder performers would be terrified to go public with their results. There is no reason for them to get tested anywhere else and if they do come up positive for HIV, then the FSC could reasonably just recommend that they leave the industry or retire in order to not go public with their HIV+ status and to keep the industry’s “No HIV+ transmissions since 2004” gimmick.

    Wow. This actually makes the performers who have come forward with their results inspiring. I guess now that performers feel there is somewhere safe for them to go other than the FSC, then they will continue to come forward.
    I’ve been involved in some of the biggest audits in the US and have seen some seriously corrupt bullshit, but it generally revolves around large sums of money without using the health of human beings in the process… damn.

  10. Does anybody know where the nearest railroad track is near the Canoga Park office? She can be kidnapped and then tied to the Nearest High Speed Main Track and run over by a Amtrak or
    a Metrolink train @ 80 mph.

    What a fucking mess and gory that would be to see Diane and her other commrades and maybe Chris Mann and his HIV positive body(NOT cancer) he has HIV and his lover John Stagliano also tied to the Main track of a high speed Railroad that way.

    Buy your tickets for seating near by and that will happen. Guarnteed.

  11. @Lacey:
    I never like to compare someone to Hitler because I believe that very few compared to Hitler are actually as evil as that man was, but with what you just posted I’m sure it would be easy to say that Diane Duke must have the same personality. What the FSC has done are what sociopaths do.

    They’re hiding HIV and Hep C and we know it. If Alex Gonz tested positive for Hep C in 2010 then who was that fucking Amber Rayne in 50 guy Creampie 8? Eric John was there too. So were some others from that Jennifer White shoot. (No 40) The HIV cases are at 4 now, but I’m willing to gamble that the FSC knows of more and what about the Hep C cases? With treatment that is deadlier than AIDS. What is it? 20 years or so you’ll be dead? There has to be a lot of that in the industry.

    Will performers even be told if they were exposed? Cameron Bay was worried about Hep C and found out she had HIV.

    Who is still performing with a Hep C test?

  12. Lacey, youre missing a key element here. Not only does the doctor have to report to the county health department, but the lab that actually runs the test is also legally required to report to the health department. It is a checks and balance system that works very well. I cannot imagine any lab risking their license in order to be part of a scheme to “hide” hiv positive people in the porn industry.

    And this is why rumor and specualtion about hiding positive performers get so much attention. The porn world might eat this shit up, and actually believe its possible, but in the real world it aint never gonna happen.

    Kind of funny that the porn industry will call Michael Weinstien every name in the book, but when performers get hiv they just call Michael Weinstien.

  13. How many more HIV cases are hiding in the woodwork? I recommend a one month shutdown with every performer testing at two weeks out and one month out (I don’t say this off the cuff, either). By then the testing should have caught all cases of HIV (if everyone abides by the shutdown) and we can go back to producing in relative safety. I know I am dreaming if I expect the FSC and companies to actually follow my advice but I think a one month shutdown is reasonable and would actually be enough to catch all of the HIV cases.

    As for the comment on Michael Weinfuck, he is a grade A asshole but at least he does seem to treat all HIV positive people that come to him for assistance. If he wasn’t such a prick otherwise and pushing for condoms in porn (which would NOT reduce the risk) I would probably donate to his organization. As it is society does need an organization to poor treat HIV patients at no cost without being run by an asinine power-hungry prick like Weinfuck.

  14. Lacey, you last post contains some major factual errors that I am sure Mike will be adressing shortly. And there is not a snowb alls chance in hell that any doctor or lab would risk thier license over something so easily proven. After you test positive there are tests that are done as a routine part of your treatment, called cd4, and Tcell tests. All of these tests are also reported to health departments. There is NO WAY that there is ‘non-reporting’ going on here, no way in hell.

    @mharris Everybody calls Michael Weinstien names, until they catch HIV, then the just call Michael Weinstien. Funny how Michael has stepped up and has been treating porn performers for years, and the industry has NEVER provided for a single hiv+ performer.

  15. There are a few problems with your proposal:
    1. It would only work if every single performer did not escort or have sex in their personal life.
    2. Once they are tested at that 30 day mark, then they could essentially have unprotected sex the next day and contract HIV which would mean you would have an HIV+ performer in the pool how could potentially infect every single person they work with and then it would just keep spreading from there during the entire 15-30 days before they get tested again.
    THIS IS WHY THE THEORY OF TESTING IS FUCKING BULLSHIT! I still don’t understand how people are not understanding this? There is a 15-30 day period where HIV could potentially spread like wildfire until the HIV+ performer is tested again…
    As I and others have stated recently, the ONLY purpose of testing is to let you know if you have caught anything… it has absolutely NOTHING to do with prevention!

  16. Lacey, agree completely with your last post. This type of system, in the medical field, is known as a ‘harm reduction program.’ that is, you accept the fact that people will get infected, and the purpose of the testing is to identify it as soon as possible and to contain it as soon as posible. This is NOT prevention, as you correctly state. For what it is supposed to do, the system works, that is quick containment of infections.

    But the industry has replace ‘harm reduction’ and mistakenly calls it prevention. I just have to laugh whenever I see someone saying “You have to get tested BEFORE you can work,” when in reality you go get tested AFTER doing something.

    The testing system is nothing more than the industry bath tub. The porn industry says performers are cleaner than the general public, but in truth they just scub off the disease more often. Why do performers need to go to the industry shower so often, because they’re dirty.

  17. @jilted –
    My comments are pure SPECULATION. I am not accusingly ANYONE of ANYTHING. I feel like this should be a non-issue since my comments are coming directly from my viewpoint of testing industry rules, procedures and strategies.
    But, the fact remains that both you and I are speculating. I couldn’t prove there is non-reporting going on and you can’t prove that the doctors/labs have never not reported a positive test.
    While I definitely agree with you that both doctors and labs are probably beyond ethical and follow every law on the books, there is almost always a possibility present given any scenario. It just depends on whether anyone decides to challenge the system.


  18. @ Lacey: Exactly, The testing in the industry is a joke. A performer can take a blood test today.. comes back clean tomorrow.. go fuck someone…contract HIV.. keep spreading it around until they get tested again in 2-4 weeks… Plus negative test results within the first three months of exposure to HIV could be false…

    The only way this system would work in preventing disease would be for the performer to be tested every day…that’s not gonna happen.

  19. The only other way the testing system could potentially work is you took all performers and tested them at the same time and then kept them all locked in a building assuring no contact with the outside world….
    The thing that I completely don’t understand is HOW DO PERFORMERS NOT SEE THAT THE TESTING SYSTEM ONLY WORKS AT CATCHING ANY DISEASES TO LIMIT EXPOSURE TO OTHER PERFORMERS… But, in one 15 day period there could reasonably be anywhere from 1-100 positives depending on who’s fucking who and who those performers fucked before that….
    It seems like common fucking sense….? Are they brainwashed? Do they just not give a shit? Do they just blindly believe the mantra that “Our testing works!”?
    Well, I guess you could say the testing does work… It lets you know what disease you ALREADY have AFTER you have contracted it… is that their only requirement? “I’m good, just let me know when my HIV or Hep. C shows up. ok? Thanks!”
    Fucking ridiculous.

  20. I totally agree with you. I think the performers are either fucking stupid, delusional or they have a death wish. There is no other explanation. And some performers are even still fighting on twitter about not wanting to wear condoms.. A lot of them are acting like nothing is going on in the industry with HIV. They are out of their fucking minds!!!!.. It’s sad but at the same time you can’t help but laugh at how stupid they are..

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