More On Derek Hay/Nikki Jayne Nuptuals

No sooner did my last post go up that I got a LOT of emails.

Seems Nikki Jayne is NOT a citizen but Derek Hay is, via a previous marriage to a girl in San Diego who was  a US Citizen.  So is this to get citizenship for Nikki?

One email said:

“The real disgrace is that the feds are going after David Lord,  while this guy is still in this country.”

Gossip has flown for years about Derek, alleging ties to prostitution, sham marriages and even white slavery, but apparently nobody has come forth with any real evidence of it. A phone call revealed that LAPD has had with complaints against Derek but   nothing that could be substantiated.

Derek is one of the most hated people in the biz but he is also one of the most feared, NOBODY who has emailed or called me about him has ever been willing to go on the record.  So until someone does, it’s all just hearsay.

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More On Derek Hay/Nikki Jayne Nuptuals

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