Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape

Apparently theres one out there

JENNIFER Lopez has filed a lawsuit over home videos of her having sex, including on her honeymoon, and nudity.

Lopez, 40, has made the claim against her ex-husband Ojani Noa and another man, Ed Meyer.

The singer and actress claims the pair have produced and marketed a proposed feature film called “How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story.”

Lopez also alleges that Meyer sent her attorney an email stating that he had bought from Noa the “exclusive rights” to “11+ hours of previously unseen home video footage” of the ex couple.

She claims a second alleged email from Meyer to her lawyer described the footage as showing Lopez “in (a) revealing lack of clothing, and in sexual situations, especially in the hotel room footage from (her and Noa’s) honeymoon.”

Lopez is suing the defendants for no less than $US10,000,000.

It is not the first time Lopez has sued her Cuban-born first husband. In April 2006, Lopez sued to prevent Noa, from publishing a book containing personal details about their short marriage, contending it violated a confidentiality agreement.

She and Noa married in 1997 and divorced less than a year later.

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Jennifer Lopez Sex Tape

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  1. He must be running out of money. 🙂

    Just imagine… in fifty years you will be hard-pressed to find an old person without 1) some sort of implant, 2) a tattoo somewhere on the body, and 3) a sex tape. There will be some very entertaining corpses for the morticians of our future. 😀

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