Dear Chasey Lain:

XXX: this ain’t gonna be big news to anyone who knows her
XXX: but you want to know why pleasure didn’t release a current photo of chasey lain when they announced her recent signing to a contract?
South1226: cuz she is BUTT ugly?
XXX: she burnt all her fucking hair off in a freak freebasing accident
XXX: just happened ten days ago

Sources tell me that Chasey is MAJOR fucked up…a poster child for drug abuse.

8680cookie-checkDear Chasey Lain:

Dear Chasey Lain:

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  1. Sorry for bringing up old news but whatever happened to Chasey Lain? Wasnt she involved with Phyllisha Anne and her “union”? Also heard from sources she was ecorting/being pimped out on the cheap? Any truth also she was married to that 21 year old Russian kid from years back that claimed to only be friends with?? Weird how she just completely dropped off with absolutely no mention after appearing on that Netflix documentary in 2017

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