Trinity St. Clair teams up with Low Life Agent Riley Reynolds

What’s a low life agent like Riley Reynolds to do once he gets called out by mainstream media for his abusive behavior?  He teams up with Trinity St. Clair, Miss Ralph’s herself. I mean seriously, could you imagine a better pair to work together than Trinity St. Clair and Riley Reynolds?


Here you have the Carolina Sweets ad for her tour to New York on the popular escort website Eros.

Porn Star Carolina Sweets Escort

Here you have Carolina Sweets clearly listed as represented by Trinity St. Clair at her escorting website.

Carolina Sweets Porn Star Escort


Does it really surprise anyone that Riley Reynolds and Trinity St. Clair would one day unite their criminal enterprises?

Trinity St. Clair teams up with Low Life Agent Riley Reynolds
Riley Reynolds and Trinity St. Clair are partners in crime


Speaking of Riley Reynolds, look at some of the mainstream media outlets that covered his story. And yet he still walks around with an attitude like all the little “teenyboppers” he’s taking advantage of are the stupid ones and in the wrong, not him.

The Daily Beast

Rolling Stone

Maimi New Times

The New York Post

MSN News

The Daily Mail



Mog News

Yahoo News

Yahoo search Browser news


Gold Coast Bulletin Australia

The Florida Record


Slate Magazine


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Trinity St. Clair teams up with Low Life Agent Riley Reynolds

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19 Responses

  1. I am so impressed with and their investigative research. Lately Riley Reynolds appears to be a topic of serious controversy. He does two mainstream Netflix videos that puffed him up to being infamous in the porn industry. Only to have it come back and bite him in the ass!

    He doesn’t realize that every action is a reaction. He will always be his own worse enemy.

    This escorting business in NYC appears to be a detour to the fact he is being in an investigation and lawsuit in Florida? Another way to generate illegal income?

    His long time buddy and recruiter Jason Woolery is working in NYC too with a company called 18Auditions and he also booked Carolina Sweets. He is another unlicensed talent agent who not only books for Riley but recruits Asian women on what I suspect is a temporary tourist Visa.

    Maybe should check him out too? He is Riley’s finance guy we suspect too as his background is finance and he speaks fluent Thai.

    I call him the “yawner” because he was yawning the whole time when he and Riley did their recruitment video with Lexy Bandera in front of the Florida CamSoda house.

    Oh BTW Riley, having someone call my office line pretending to be a DOJ agent, using a phony badge number and name is a federal offense! How creative to use the characters name in Kindergarten Cops film with Arnold Schwartzeneger as their name!

    Don’t worry the DOJ knows all about your attempt to find out about your own investigation. Another Jason name appears on caller ID you idiot! Yes it went full circle back to you, Florida cops are not “kindergarten cops” for the record.

  2. It sounds like Riley Reynolds, Ms. St Whore and their completely idiotic friends need some time in the Miami-Dade or Rikers (NYC) jails. I would almost pay good money to see the look on “I Like To Smack Around Little Girls” Riley Reynolds’ face when he is dragged into booking at Rikers, trying to kick and scream (of course he would be tightly chained — hand and foot) and again when either the guards beat his ass or some gangbangers fuck him up his ass and down his throat — of course shoving at least 20 of his teeth down his throat in the process. There is a reason Rikers Island is one of the most notorious jails in the country and I think Riley Reynolds needs about six months there. BTW, prostitution and escorting are both highly illegal in New York City and State, they are also illegal in all of Florida.

    As for Riley’s friend claiming to be the FBI agent from “Kindergarten Cop”, good job catching that. Most people wouldn’t have. I hope you didn’t give the fake cop too much information before you realized what was going on. Also, you are correct that impersonating an FBI agent is a federal offense, it is also a state offense in every state in the Union and double jeopardy does not apply when both governments prosecute the same offense.

  3. Trinity and Gregg Dodson and another name Charles Lund a public figure and operator of GFE dating, a fishing site designed to data mine .
    Its very Obvious Mark Spiegler works with Trinity also.
    Most of the girls in the screen cap within this article are in fact from Spiegler’s roster more so than Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models .
    Interesting thought I once came across an article where Mark Spiegler and trinity worded together with the infamous Richard Nanaula guy from Malibu California who made international head lines with Trinity at the helm.

    Thought Spiegler was not involved with Escorting

  4. Mr. Harris you certainly have a way with words of expression. Lol! No the fake Federal Agent didn’t out smart me. It was so obvious this man was a phony because agents don’t have 5 digit ID numbers and he also gave a phony business number too.

  5. I am glad you caught that one. I would have caught that one immediately only if he called me on a line with name and number caller ID (which I have on my home landlines). My cell phone only has number ID and does not display the account holder’s name. I might not have given him information without verifying the name and badge number because the call was evidently unexpected but it would have taken a bit of investigation on my part to definitively ascertain that the caller was a phony.

    Good luck Ms. Gandolfo and may Riley and Co. do time in the worst prisons America has to offer.

  6. @Mr Horse Kak – “Thought Spiegler was not involved with Escorting” You are horribly naive to think that. I think at this point everyone knows about Spiegler’s infamous poker parties. Anyone who thinks Spiegler isn’t a full-time pimp is flat out clueless or lying to themselves.

  7. So I guess I’m not the only 1 who realized all the Spiegler Girls who work with Trinity St. Clair.

  8. Spiegs may or may not have “poker parties” (if that one is true and performers like Casey Calvert, Riley Reid, Aiden Starr, Penny Pax and AJ Fuckelgate (excuse me, Applegate) are available for a free or cheap fuck and suck I would like an invite) and facilitate his performers “escorting” careers but aren’t all porn industry agents “pimps” anyway? Being a pimp in and of itself isn’t a problem IMO, the definition of a pimp is facilitating a person’s making money using his dick, ass or throat sexually for money or expensive things and facilitating for a woman using her pussy, ass or throat sexually for money or expensive things. That makes all adult film industry agents pimps IMO and I sometimes wish I could be a pimp (excuse me, agent) myself — just not as dastardly and fucked up as Riley Reynolds. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Hop, you are an ass.

    Jingleheimer, I still want in on the next “poker party” Spiegs organizes in Michigan (actually, Toledo, OH is a safer bet). He has some nice pieces of ass on his talent site that I want to fuck the shit out of. 🙂

    BTW, where are the “violent prison fantasies” in this comments section, Hop? I said I thought Riley and Co. deserved to do time in America’s worst prisons. I did not describe what takes place in them. You really want me to make one up with you as the “submissive” prison inmate and would masturbate to the fantasy, wouldn’t you, you secret pervert, Hop? You will just have to hire a BDSM hooker to beat you into submission, I don’t like you well enough (and you are probably the wrong gender) to facilitate your secret, perverted fantasies. I suggest you go troll your three foot tall, midget, Leprechaun ass to the nearest rainbow and search for your “Lucky Charms” or the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow. You aren’t good for anything else besides being one of porn’s worst mother fucking assholes, Hop and you would do better commenting on Tellitubbies (including gay puppet Tinky Winky), Dora the Korean Chick (excuse me, Dora the Explorer) or Peppa Pig (the kind with big pink noses) videos on YouTube than commenting here at Mike South! Just don’t get drunk or high and try to “play with” Kiki Daire’s pet pig’s big pink and black nose or her curly tail, Hop Sing. Go fuck yourself, Hop!!!!!

  10. @mharris. Do you really want in on that? Because two different chicks that I know of have reported being gang raped as these events. I thought you were better than that man.

  11. Maybe I wasn’t clear — I was trying to be funny (I reverted to the old method of using a smilie to signify that I was joking — that may be a completely outdated practice nowadays and therefore that both shows my age and caused one hell of a faux pas here). I don’t recall hearing about the gang rapes at these “poker parties” or any serious accusation of rape against Mark Spiegler (yes, I am aware of Donny Long’s accusations but no one takes him seriously), with that in mind my remarks were not appropriate. I am sorry, Jingleheimer and am also sorry to those that were gang raped at these “parties”. Free-world rape is not something to be taken lightly (some including most of Michigan DOC’s management argue that rape in prison is just part of a convict’s punishment so I will leave that to other paragraphs and other posts in the interest of clarity).

    As for the gang rapes at these “poker parties”, WTF is going on in Chatsworth????? I get that the adult film industry doesn’t have the self-regulation that mainstream industries have but no performer should be raped (except when in prison and convicted for the most violently outrageous crimes)– whether by one person or by a gang (even on-set).

    At the risk of sounding like a pompous ass I think I am better than raping innocent people. I believe that convicted free-world forcible rapists should get a large dose of their own medicine and then tortured to death in front of the courthouse of the county of conviction — with no chance of lesser punishment. However, free-world rape should NEVER happen. I actually believe rape is worse than murder and even most treasonous acts against my country.

  12. Matthew Harris:

    We know from your past posts that you “fucking the shit” out of anyone is a physical impossibility.

  13. Hop, I bet I can physically fuck the shit out of a chick just as easily as you can — especially considering you are a world-class troll. Remember, trolls are three feet tall, weigh 30 pounds, have microscopic dicks and balls and are usually too busy looking for their Lucky Charms to fuck anything. Most male trolls also prefer the taste of dick (and the feeling of Coke can dick shoved up their asses) to the pillowy softness of a good woman’s pussy. Go star in a Treasure Island Media HIV load or chempig movie and leave the rest of the industry alone! I will now go downtown and get myself some cute, nubile, barely legal, female whore to fuck. 🙂

  14. Going after each other here is lame and petty. Please stay focused on the topics/subjects of the article.

  15. Sorry, Karma. This obsession Hop seems to have to needle me pissed me off and I gave it to him with both barrels. I think Hop needs to go away and leave us at Mike South the hell alone!

  16. M Harris. I live in NY. Gangbangers only care about what flag you fly. Most of the COs on Rikerd fall victim to inmates themself

  17. There is a fair bit of that in Michigan, too, Mr. Big. If someone fucks up a guard here that person is usually tortured (sometimes for days) or beat to death by guards within hours of the incident — so fewer guards get hurt in Michigan prisons than is probably the case in NYC. I do know of two former prison guards that were hurt severely in the early 2000’s guarding Michigan prisoners, my understanding is that their attackers were tortured as a direct result, sometimes it is taken all the way to summary execution and these are written up so the blame doesn’t get pinned on the guards or the state. If they aren’t executed they are tried for the attack and usually get life without parole as a result. Most inmates in Michigan know what happens if they severely injure a guard so they don’t tend to do it. Regarding Rikers Island, there is documentation (and documentaries) describing how bad Rikers is and that rape, torture (by both guards and inmates) and neglect are very common there. There was actually a federal lawsuit filed to close Rikers Island Jail completely because of the terrible conditions there. Making someone a “bitch” to fuck, suck and do maid service for a gangbanger was told to be very common.

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