I’ve been placed on trailer arrest

Hi, everyone, it’s Goddess.

When South told me he was going to Tampa and he wanted me to update, I was thrilled. Then he casually mentioned that he was “upgrading” his site to Word Press. I didn’t pay too much attention to that because I was already busy jotting down what types of junk food, caffeinated beverages and cigarettes I wanted to pack for the trip, and making note of the phone number for the kennel to see if I could board some of the younger offspring. Hey, it’s cheaper than a babysitter.

A few days later, South said, “BTW, you won’t have to worry about driving down here to update.” I said, “OMG! You’re FLYING me down?! Holy shit! Forget how I IM’ed everyone behind your back and told them you were a cheap bastard!” Although, his porn “sets” speak for themselves. “Forget how I said that next to you, Ron Jeremy looks like an out-of-control philanthropist. ” I added, “The seat is going to be first class, though, right? Because I’m allergic to poor people and all their underprivileged ways.”

He dropped a bombshell on me and told me I would be updating from home. My home. He even had the gall to put a positive spin on it. He said, “This way I won’t worry you’ve gotten lost along the way.” Picture it. South is with a hott, young chick. She’s ready to suck his cock and….he’s soft! “What’s wrong, Mikey?” she purrs. “I’m sorry I can’t get it up,” he says. “I’m so worried Goddess has gotten lost between Pennsylvania and Georgia. We’ll try this another time.” Yeah, I don’t think so. He stole the only yearly vacation I ever got. He stole my one chance to see the beautiful countryside. Hell, he stole my only opportunity to flash hott cops. And I don’t care what South says, I don’t think he’s ever forgiven me for killing his cat!

South had the balls to IM me a few minutes ago when I was editing this, and he said, “I’m having lunch with Dan today.” He knows I think Dan’s attractive, so he’s just goading me. I IM’ed back, “HA! I’m having lunch with my dog today. So there!” Damn. I don’t think that made him very jealous.

And now, for your reading pleasure. Check out this story. Be sure to click on the picture and make note of the caption. Kinda makes your ability to write your name in the snow look pretty pathetic, now doesn’t it, guys? I just hope he’s not buying his paint from China…

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I’ve been placed on trailer arrest

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  1. I did indeed have lunch with South. He opted for s very trendy chicken salad BLT wrap with fries. I opted to be more carnal and did the old burger. Beater paid. He’s thrilled that the Canadian dollar is a whole .005 more than the American one — that is until we told him (after he already picked up the tab for the table) that he’d have to drink 200 Buds to get a draft on dollar night for free. Poor little Canuck! Thanks for the meal Beater and don’t talk with your mouth full South you hillbilly!

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