What’s the FSC Been Doing Lately

Same as always…NOTHING.

You would think they would be eager to help Mr Stagliano, or at least use the situation to do a little posturing, but noooo, not a peep from worthless blowhards. While I know Mr Stagliano intends to fight this with his own money he has set up defendourporn.org for people wanting to stay involved and abreast of whats happening but word I get is that the FSC doesn’t even want to talk to him.

L ook y’all the FSC is nothing but a jobs program for a handful of people who aren’t qualified to clean John’s johns. It time to disband this worthless cabal. If they can’t help at a time like this what good are they?

21250cookie-checkWhat’s the FSC Been Doing Lately

What’s the FSC Been Doing Lately

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  1. Wait you forgot the whole fighting piracy nonsense they are doing. What that has to do with Free Speech is beyond me.

  2. Screw Stagliano! I felt bad for him and what he’s going through and felt worse after reading both he and his wife are both hiv positive no thanks to Marc Wallice, who for some reason is welcomed back into porn with open arms. But there is no excuse what he and his wife did having a child years after knowing their hiv status and were selfish only thinking of themselves and not thinking that they could possibly infect their daughter. There, I said it!

  3. Darrah, so what are you saying? Free speech is only for people whose personal lives meet with your approval?

    Regardless of whether you agree with his life choices, I think that Stagliano’s right to free speech should be protected. I agree that the FSC doesn’t really seem to do much these days. The fact that their website hasn’t been updated for well over a year isn’t a good sign.

  4. Yes his free speech should be protected like everyone else’s. And consenting adults should do as they please. But I just don’t take him seriously. From what I read, their daughter is healthy. But after reading that they played Russian roulette with their daughter’s life, anything they do is meaningless to me now.

    And in my opinion, he’s loving the attention this is all bringing him. He probably will never be indicted. And he has enough money to weather the storm. I read at AVN “this is the first time that an adult producer has taken the bold step of creating a Website to encourage support of himself and his company in the face of a federal obscenity prosecution”. I think he thinks he’ll be the new Larry Flynt fighting the government and be some porn folk hero. Stagliano will never be Larry Flynt.

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